gold chartToday’s chart of the day examines gold premiums in China in the wake of the April smash.   In late April when Jim Willie stated that physical gold was trading at a massive premium in Asia, many readers scoffed.   As the Bloomberg chart below demonstrates, physical gold premiums did indeed skyrocket in the wake of the cartel’s epic paper takedown, with premiums jumping from $7 to $120/oz!
Premium is a function of demand and supply, and right now you could interpret the high premium in Shanghai as a sweetener to entice the overseas gold supply to flow into China.” -Bank of China’s Qu

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gold chart


Source: Bloomberg Chart of the Day

  1. Now, THIS is a chart if genuine interest! If only we were seeing these charts from thousands of independent direct metals exchanges across the world, with a composite chart condensing the lot.

  2. So where is it now? What does that mean? We saw premiums spike here for a time too. Of course this is indicative of a tight supply chain and off the chain demand…
    YET… we are still obviously capped at 22.50 and at or near 1400, certainly under 1420. I guess I’ll just keep watching the slow motion train wreck and pray some of this good news for PMs pans out while buying every month.

    • boy isn’t that the truth. The average person’s world view would be almost exactly the opposite of what we here hold as true.
      I heard it said very well that the government and banksters these days are nothing less than the equivalent of modern day pharisees from the bible. Most uninformed masses would be proud to see their child as one, but the reality is that they are balls deep in the devil’s work.

    • #Ed_B
      Yeah, that’s actually a concern of mine. Governments are ‘partners in crime’ and it may well be that China is the ‘chosen one’ to foist the ‘New World (PAPER) Currency’ under an appearance of ‘plausible denial’ of bankers engineering the whole thing. NONE of these bastards want FREE PEOPLE engaging in a genuinely FREE MARKET. The ONLY element that prevents that from happening is Honest Money having intrinsic rational value, free of ANY government’s influence.

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