Chart of the Day: Cumulative Global Mintage of Gold Coins 1970-2012

cumulative-mintage-gold-coins-1970-2012Ever wondered exactly how many oz of investment gold has been minted and consumed by the public?  Today’s Chart of the Day provides the answer, demonstrating the cumulative bullion gold mintage by the South African, Austrian, Canadian, US, Mexican, and Australian mints from 1970-2012.
The 6 national mints have combined to produce over 110 million ounces of investment gold over the past 40 years.

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Chart Courtesy Market Update

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  1. I thought about this every morning during breakfast, after the traffic report.  Then thought to myself “I wonder when SilverDoctors will post an article showing gold coin mintage since 1970″.

  2. Great chart! I’d love to see something similar done for silver though.

  3. My Dear Old Pappy once told me, “No matter where you are, there you are!” I then asked, “Pappy where am I? it’s dark in here!” Then Pappy said, “Just feel your way around and if you find my high dollar Silver, just holler!”

  4. 110 million ozs. To put this number into perspective–the US Government says it owns 265 million ozs. of gold.

    • The US Gov says a lot of things… some of which are actually true.  This one, however, seems doubtful.  Just ask the Germans how much credibility they find in this statement.

  5. Which part of these minted ended in recycling?

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