Charles Evans Says Fed ‘is Justified’ in Pursuit of Wiemar Hyperinflation

While we already posted the Chicago Fed President Charles Evans’ CNBC interview this morning in the gold and silver update, Evans’ comments are so shocking that they deserve their own post.

Evans explains the Fed’s dual mandate: keep unemployment low, and ensure inflation targets Wiemar Republic levels.
At least that’s what we heard.
Evans attempts to claim that the Fed is ‘justified’ in attempting to debase the dollar to sub-worthlessness, due to the high unemployment rate.

Evans claims that the only possibility inflation will increase above 2-3% is if the economy recovers, and people bid up asset prices due to the roaring economy.  Until that occurs, Evans states the Fed will continue create new accommodative policies to ‘stimulate growth’.
Folks, Evans has just unknowingly given THE PRECISE FORMULA FOR HYPERINFLATION!!  Back up the truck on all significant dips in gold and silver as it is now time to CONVERT ALL FIAT ASSETS INTO PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER!!!



  1. Another egghead living in another alternate financial universe. Watch gold and silver explode again after a horrible PMI print in 3 minutes…

  2. This guy seems about as intelligent as Gomer Pyle.

  3. Looks, and sounds, like Randy Quaid. All he needs is the plaid suit and we got a movie. Call it “FED Vacation”.

  4. He doesn’t believe a damn thing he’s saying. He’s just parroting that same tired line of b.s., knowing full well the ignorant footballheads will buy anything their masters tell ‘em.

    Thanks for protecting my investment, Charlie! Keep it coming!

  5. I guess he never heard of cost-push as a reason for rising prices instead of just demand pull. 

  6. More MOPE. What a muppet. Of course he doesn’t believe a word he’s saying. Surely, he must know somebody who’s experiencing double digit inflation? How about his housekeeper? Or the poor schmuck who starches his shirts? Pffff.

  7. Now if the average consumer could go directly to the Fed and get a 1% loan to refinance outstanding debt like home mortgages I agree this would help spur growth because it gives everyone more disposable income. 
    The problem is all of this money goes to the banks and they charge 300% to 2,700% markup in these rates depending if it’s a housing loan, auto loan, student loan or credit card.  Plus, they are making the assumption the banks will readily lend this money.
    I believe we already tried the current approach before and it didn’t work out so well for the middle class.

  8. Dinking with the interest rates will not create more jobs.

    To reduce employment we simply need to put people back to work making things, by bringing Manufacturing back to America.  And the best way to accomplish this is to require overseas manufacturers to follow the same environmental & safety standards which we require from our domestic producers.

    It is not only the high labor rates in the US that drove tens of million of jobs overseas.  It is the cost of complying with the bewildering maze of environmental & health regulations which adds a HUGE cost to making things in America.

    • I think that we should also remove the welfare from the system so that this way, people will work hard instead of getting paid for staying at their houses just because they broke their small pinkie finger! The taxpayers also need their dollars back in which they were stolen by the government to pay the lazy people also known as the welfare community.

  9. Evans explains the Fed’s dual mandate: keep unemployment low, and ensure inflation targets Wiemar Republic levels.
    At least that’s what we heard.
    I didnt hear that at all in this clip. 

  10. What good is creating jobs if those employed are paid in near-worthless fiat paper currency where it takes a barrel-full of ‘money’ to buy a single loaf of bread?
    Imagine, if because paper currency has become so worthless, it’s actually more sensible to work in exchange for room and board, meals, the necessities of life, etc.  At what point does this system become slavery?
    And why is the Cartel so desperate to keep silver under $36/oz?

  11. the criminals are taking silver and gold down again in late us trading

  12. Same old trickle down crap that hasn’t worked for years and never will work. Concentrating wealth in the hands of the 1% does zero to boost the economy here in the United States. They invest in factories where wages are $1 a day instead. Double speak to keep the sheeple from catching on and starting to revolt.

    • Supply side economics or Reaganomics is the foundation that created the surplus in Clinton’s terms. You will find out that the real estate debacle in 2008 was the result of Clinton’s policies in 1998 in which everyone became qualified to purchase a home. Again the policies of one President is not seen until they are out of office.

  13. This dude’s small brain is just the other side of the same coin of which the silver bugs whose small brain proclaims silver is going to $200/oz by Dec. or 13 reasons why silver will rise to $1,000/oz in 2013. 

  14. So the option one is that the economy will get better with higher inflation which will make people more poor since they will lose a lot of purchasing or the option two is that the economy will get worst if the US dollar stays stable which will still make people more poor since they will lose their jobs. I guess I’ll go with option one since the solution to protect your purchasing power is to buy physical precious metals.
    Anyway wow! Even Charles Evans is admitting that hyperinflation is a 100% guaranteed event!

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