CelenteGerald Celente from the Trends Research Institute joins Sean from the SGTReport for an in-depth discussion about Battlefield America. Gerald reminds us that in this endless ‘WAR on terror’ we’re not at “war” at all because the real terrorists are the U.S., NATO, the UK and the other “allies” who attack sovereign nations time and time again. Celente covers everything from Benghazi to Boston, so this two-part interview is one not to be missed.

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Part 2

  1. Celente should stay off is bent political rants.  
    He is ignorant of a lot of facts and choses to ignore them because they don’t align with is twisted political world view.   
    He has all the markings of a disillusioned Democrat whose party has been taken over by radical socialists.  
    He has a problem with Rand Paul’s support for Romney – the lesser of two evils who has picked Paul Ryan – the only politician in decades to even think about touching the “third rail” of politics (at least according to the media – the same media who would make sure it was indeed a third rail)   Who would you want some trying to fix the problems that are indeed bankrupting us Gerry? OR continuing with the Cloward and Piven disciple who is loading the entitlement boat better in your mind?    
    He does not know, nor do we, what a Romney admin would have done but his selection of Ryan (and yes he too has his faults – no one is prefect as Gerry wants as he bitterly snipes from his perch) would have done.  But hopefully it would have at least allowed the country to make an attempt at taming the beast.     
    But no one appears good enough for the perfect Celente.  
    Constitutionally speaking, this ship turns slowly.  The problem is without some increasingly tight course corrections, we are looking a potentially very violent course correction through a complete financial collapse, which is exactly what the global socialists have always wanted.  “Never let a crisis go to waste.” We were never really told what “Change” someone had in mind.
    Consider this, long before the world knew who this “Community Organizer” was (BTW look up the definition of the Marxist-Socialist job description and ask yourself why the background of this job was never explained tot he American public), the US Communist party did.
    This was published right after Obama and his ACORN/SEIU minions help steal the Iowa Caucus:

    Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move: It was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle. Marx once compared [the] revolutionary new era of struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary ‘mole,’ not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through.”  

    Frank Chapman – The People’s Weekly World (a Communist publication) After Iowa win.

    So Gerry – you bitter old man, tell me again, why backing Romney was a bad thing – even the alternatives?   Do us all a favor and stick to finance.  


    • Though I strive to remember to stay polite on this site… which is not used to the fisticuffs of real debate…
      there’s only one way to describe a half-wit…. and that’s “half-wit” – and yea – I’m talkin to you JerseyGunner and sockpuppet combinations! You get a lil bitty bit of insight – like Obumma’s a marxist insert – and then you try to make your move to bring back the bacon home to your cozy nest in the other asshole of the body politic! Nice. Not
      It’s over for you dinosauric dudes. Celente has called it right and whether you like it or not… factionary politics is finished. Your warmongering hatemongering sionist tattoo is deader than the future of paper gold. Now get lost back to tel aviv or whatever holes youse crawled outta!

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