Pierre Lassonde, Franco-Nevada: “Very Few People ‘Get’ This…But It’s Worth So Much Money”

Pierre LassondePierre Lassonde is one of the ‘superstars’ of the resource sector.   He co-founded Franco-Nevada, the largest royalty and streaming company in the mining sector.   The company was acquired by Newmont Mining in 2002, and then split off in ’07 at a value of $1.2 billion.   Its current market cap is nearly $9 billion.
On the phone from his home in the South of France, he shared what he feels are some of his most valuable insights on investing.
Mr. Lassonde says timing isn’t nearly as important as recognizing great business models – like Franco-Nevada or NewGold — and being patient. [Read more...]

The “New” Silver Fix & The Powers That Be

The ringleaders of the megabanks involved in the gold/silver fix have all had heavy representation in The Pilgrims Society.   The rest have been and remain represented in interlocking groups such as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg conferences—groups founded by Pilgrims Society members.
Just to make reference to this alleged “new” silver fix, and how bogus it is, I offer this brief report. 
It appears that HSBC, Scotia Mocatta, and Mitsui & Company are the London based ringleaders of the “new” silver fix, along with Thomson Reuters, corresponding to their USA associate the CME Group.   Ever hear about a dog being “fixed?”
This is a mere matter of a group of gangsters who tossed the ball to others in their racketeering organization………..
The more things change, the more they remain the same.

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The World Comments on Ferguson – Egypt Urges Restraint While China Tells the U.S. to “Stop Pointing Fingers”

You know you’ve lost the plot when Egypt, Iran, China and the United Nations all feel so comfortable they have the moral high ground that they publicly chastise the U.S. about events in Ferguson.
Whether or not the U.S. ever deserved the moral high ground it possessed just after World War II, this position has been clearly lost in the eyes of the world, and increasingly domestically as well.   Politicians can continue to repeat catch phrases from the 1950′s all they want. It’s not going to make a shred of difference.
In case you have any doubt what a embarrassment of a Banana Republic the U.S. has become in the eyes of the world, check out these excerpts:

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Think Like a Pirate, Pt 2: Cracking the Saddle Ridge Hoard Mystery

The Saddle Ridge Hoard was amassed from coins during a period which was unique in history.   You see, while gold coins were in abundance, due to the gold standard, it was actually in the very late days of the gold standard.   In centuries past, gold coins were often carried around on one’s person, and physically used for payment to settle larger transactions.  By the mid to late 1800′s, however, this was no longer the case.    The banksters had lulled much of the populace into complacency, by conditioning them to equate a paper bill(the receipt) with the coin itself. 
Why would someone bury over 1,400 gold coins (the equivalent of a generational estate in tin coffee cans? 
Burying one’s wealth, is such a radical act, that it demands a radical explanation, especially during a time where the paper dollars you had were instantly redeemable in gold coin specie.

What could’ve possibly caused someone to take several kilos of gold, and opt literally to hide it away from the safety of their local bank’s vault?  
Was there some sort of catastrophic event at that time which would’ve scared bank depositors so drastically, that they would’ve actually chosen burial over a bank vault for safekeeping?
As it turns out, there was just such an event!

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New Gold Window? The De Facto US Dollar Gold Standard

goldThe one year gold price chart shows that the US has been on a de facto US dollar gold standard for over a year now.
This means that the US dollar gold price has been “fixed” for all practical purposes at about $1,300.
This is big news since President Nixon closed the “gold window” back in 1971.   “Gold window” simply means people and governments can exchange a fixed number of US dollars for each troy ounce of gold.
Now after more than 40 years, the US has re-instituted a new “gold window” dollar gold-standard.  [Read more...]

Marshall Swing on Cartel Slaughtering the Specs in Gold & Silver: “It’s A Time to Kill- An Orchestrated Massacre!”

JP MorganBoth houses of manipulation viciously attacked both gold and silver on Friday.
Guess why price went down after the COT Week?  It’s called “A Time To Kill” speculator’s positions right before price is allowed to go up…
This is too simple, it is an orchestrated massacre and played out with the greatest of mathematical minds who have programmed their trading and HFT-ing to loot speculators at their every turn because speculators,(at least the paper playing speculators) are like sheep led to the slaughter since they cannot coordinate between themselves to take positions and stick with them that would stop this madness.
The Commercial’s goal is to rape, pillage, and sack as much speculator wealth as they can prior to the planned worldwide economic crash of 2015 that destroys all the world’s currencies.

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Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist on Obama: “The Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom in a Generation”

obamaJames Risen is not just a phenomenal reporter, he is also an extremely courageous and honorable American patriot.
His case is a very disturbing one, and it has justifiably received a great deal of national attention.   In a nutshell, the Obama Administration is threatening the pulitzer prize winning journalist with prison unless he reveals the source behind one of his stories.
This is something no journalist worth his salt would ever do, but the fact our own government would resort to threats of incarceration in order to instill fear in the press to prevent it from doing its job is quite telling and extremely dangerous.
Mr. Risen understands this danger more than just about anyone else, which is why he has previously stated he is prepared to go to jail in order to defend the First Amendment from Obama, who he calls the greatest enemy to press freedom in a generation.” [Read more...]

The US Gold in Fort Knox is Secure, Gone, or Irrelevant

In 1950 the US owned about 20,000 metric tons of gold – approximately 640,000,000 troy ounces.
By August 15, 1971 when President Nixon “temporarily” closed the “gold window” that hoard had decreased to about 8,100 tons (Fort Knox, the NY Fed, and other locations).
The US government had been overspending, exporting dollars oversees, and other governments had “cashed in” those dollars for gold.
Forty three years later (since August 15, 1971) the “temporary” policy is still in place, the US government has officially redeemed no dollars for gold, and the US economy has deteriorated. [Read more...]

Human Rights Watch USA – Amnesty International Deploys in America

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.22.40 AM“We criticize dictators for quelling dissent and silencing protestors with tactics like curfews, we’ll certainly speak out when it’s happening in our own backyard.   The people of Ferguson have the right to protest peacefully the lack of accountability for Michael Brown’s shooting.”
- Amnesty International USA’s executive director, Steven W. Hawkins

I’m sure most of you have heard by now of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s decision to deploy the National Guard to the unrest in Ferguson, but what you may not have heard is that human rights organization Amnesty International is also on the ground.
In fact, it has been there for several days now and is quite disturbed by what is happening.
Specifically,  Amnesty International USA announced on August 14, that it had sent a 12-person human rights delegation to Ferguson.

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Here’s How a Distant Relative Could Save Your Life

For most of us in the world, we are born tethered to a single national identity.   The passport is our rope.  It’s our lifeline, and we depend on it wholly. Some are blessed with a strong stable rope, which can enable one to feel secure, travel freely, and do business easily. However, for some, their ropes are beginning to fray from years of being worn down by debt, corruption, and instability. For those with a weak rope, it’s essential to work on getting more as quickly as possible. That means, a second citizenship, which in addition to providing greater safety, can also give you greater freedom to travel, work, and invest. [Read more...]

Think Like a Pirate!

The “Saddle Ridge Hoard”  of 1,400 US gold coins was recently discovered by a couple in California, buried in several old, rusty cans.  The cans were happened upon by the couple who were walking their dog, and when it was all dug up, over 1,400 U.S. gold coins were recovered from them.  Why would someone bury these coins during a time of the classical gold standard?  Ponder this, from the throughout that timeline, up until about World War I, both gold and silver coins could be obtained from any bank by simply redeeming your certificates(your dollars) in exchange for them.
Paper dollars were originally a receipt, a claim, on the real goods: gold and silver. The person who owned those coins, simply could have left them in their local bank’s safe, and just returned the receipts in exchange for the coins anytime they wished.  So, why didn’t they just do that? 
Unless…unless there was a more disturbing reason they didn’t wish to do that.
The shocking answer to what the original owners of the Saddle Ridge Hoard were seeking safety from still has implications for you and your wealth here in 2014….

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War Cycles and The Price of Gold

There are many fundamental factors which contribute to the price valuation given to gold at any time.
At the same time gold is valued by reference to it’s comparative efficacy to other assets as: a non national (foreign) currency, a zero coupon AAA (and better) bond type asset, an inflation hedge, a hedge against systemic risk as per eg collapse or loss during war or catastrophe.
So I got to thinking that it might be interesting to look at repeating alleged cycles in the frequency and size of wars, and interpret those cycles by looking at the behaviour of the gold market during those historic times.
So hopefully for every war cycle there would hopefully be a similar lead up period, and some similarity during it’s crest and decline of current waves when compared with earlier waves of that particular war cycle.
The (alleged) war cycles I chose to work with are the following: [Read more...]

GOLD & SILVER: The Eternal Monetary Couple

Ron Paul goldJust when they announced the end of gold and silver in 2000, both started shining again.
It seems that it is not the death of gold and silver as money that will happen, but rather the death of fiat money. For more than 2,000 years, gold and silver have been used as money under different forms and have outlived any other form of currency (graph #1). We should not ignore also Dr. Copper. Gold and silver are called the eternal monetary couple, but I would also add copper and call it the eternal monetary trio. [Read more...]

As The HUI Turns

As we’ve been claiming all year, gold put in a Double Bottom in late 2013 and is now on the road to recovery and a resumption of its bull market.   Since January, I’ve had a price target of $1500 for 2014 and I see no reason to adjust that forecast.   The HUI has recovered, too, and has already moved more than 30% off of the late 2013 lows.
So, the questions become:
Is that it? Will the miners now roll over and continue their downtrend or will they continue to rally?
The answer is in the charts.

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