Jamie DimonSilver trading over the last 24 hours shows signs of a cartel capping, High Frequency Trading algorithms and actual humans going long.
Real accumulation started at the New York open today and yesterday, only to be met with a capping effort as the London PM Fix approachedwith today’s downdraft representing a classic smash down against stop loss orders, resulting in quick downward price spikes.
To most observers paying close attention to paper market silver trading, these shifts are old news.  But the stark contrast between these trading phenomenon over the last 24 hours are so clearly visible it’s worth pointing them out.


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By Eric Dubin:

Spot prices are derived from futures market trading and Kitco’s 72-hour “spot” charts have always been helpful when attempting to see shifts between regional paper trading centers.  The last 24 hours offer a classic example:





Notice the tight trading band maintained for most of June 17th (red line)?  That’s the sort of trading typically seen when High Frequency Trading algorithms comprise the majority of the volume on futures exchanges.  Given the downward bias, this week’s example shows what most likely are HFT algos run in service of the cartel’s interest.  But check out both the regular and after hours trading in New York for both June 17th and June 18th.  There are visible buy-side upswings at the open of New York trading that deviate from the tight algo-dominated pattern encapsulating New York trading.  Real accumulation started at the New York open today and yesterday, only to be met with a capping effort as the London PM Fix approachedwith today’s downdraft representing a classic smash down against stop loss orders, resulting in quick downward price spikes.  


Keeping tame price trends for the London PM Fix is one of the prime objectives of the cartel.  More physical bullion deliveries are tied to the London PM Fix than any other paper-based price.  But it’s noteworthy that this week shows new long-side interest coming out of New York, and we need to keep an eye on this to see if the trend continues.


It’s also worth pointing out the contrast Kitco’s 72-hour gold chart provides.  It lacks the tight algo-driven pattern the silver chart demonstrates.  This suggests silver algo-trading management by the cartel outside of New York hours executed to cap silver and, in turn, guide gold downward.




Just another day of bogus price discovery…  But fear not.  Bart Chilton is on the case and is “looking at the trades”. 


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    • @JonL
      That ‘Drutter’s Divergence’ IS a fascination observation. Thanks from me too for bringing it to our attention. One point a poster on Drutter’s page raised was that the charts only studied the Mint production-demand data against the paper ‘price’, omitting industrial factors. Still Sprott HAS considered tyhat totality and deduced that both sectors together far exceed current mine output and THEIR divergence is also widening.

    • @TheDoc noticed this divergence too and we talked about it in one of the Metals & Markets shows last month — don’t recall which but it was near the start of May.      Drutter took it a step further by graphing the data.  But if I’m not mistaken the primary bullion dealers are no longer on tight allocation, if at all.  Doc can verify.  

    • Question should be, why Silver dollar coins? Is it because they are deemed as legal tender? does this mean that “Big players” think that the price of silver could go below the price of the coins, that is $1 dollar. 
      May hap its because the figures are easy to obtain. I know as a bullion dealer, that the price of coins compared to bars is massive. If you deal in 1 kilo or over, the price of silver is dramatically less than the price of silver coins.
      I just called one of my Bullion suppliers, they say that production has been decreased, they are manufacturing less bars, but are creating smaller bars, 50 gram and 100 gram bars are the best sellers. People are moving away from the larger 1kg bars.
      I think this means that they are thinking about either a slow down in the market, or that the price of silver is going to go dramatically up, therefore 1kilo bars are going to be hard to sell.
      I don’t know. could go either way.

    • The Canadian and US Mint are both still allocating their supplies to the primary dealers (12 for the US Mint) last I have heard- however the retail demand has eased considerably over the past 4 weeks so that the allocation is sufficient to meet US retail demand for the time being.

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