Caption Contest Thursday!


  1. boy I’m going to love handing these fukkin stooges their asses.

  2. Photographer – “Does anyone have any anti-gas tables?”
    Obama – “No, but Putin does, he’s always got gas.”

  3. Putin thinks to himself, “what a couple of losers.”

    • They are not losers, they are controlled puppets. These are two different things. And they know they can be burned in a heartbeat by their controllers. That’s why they are going to go out and execute the orders regardless of how stupid and illogical they are. They are their to deliver the agenda. Think of them as actors who were given to play a role of a villain.

    • Oh, sorry, forgot to mention what the agenda is. To start a war (preferably WW3) no matter what to cover up all the gold and pension theft, economy destruction, derivatives that are going to kill all the economies, war crimes, etc. Otherwise they all with their controllers will go to Nuremberg trail 2.0. Look at idiots in Israel-they cannot make up a reason to start a war. They even went along with installing Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Can you imaging a bunch f&cks that can’t wait to destroy themselves and take the world with them. This is a bunch of inbred kleptocratic lunatics.

  4. Putin thought balloon
    ‘A toffee nosed malodorous poofter twit and a monkey with a hand grenade’
    ‘Hmm, I am going to totally kill my photographer for putting me next to these two’.
    ‘This NWO Agenda 21 crap is really getting old, that I have to be seen in the same company as these two jackasses’.

  5. “I’ve seen bigger arms on a clock”
    Vlad Putin

  6. Obama saying, “Praise To Allah”

  7. Moe, Larry, and Curly’s Syrian Adventure

  8. Putin “Shot thru the heart and you’re to blame, You give Commies a BAD NAME!”

  9. My lack of God! Vot ze Fuk iz zis Hemmeroid vaving at?  Iz he zo shtoopid zat he not realize zeese peepul cannot shtand him?

  10. I cannot vait oontil I let ze cat out of Shnowden’z bag on zis American dooshbag.

  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, just returned from their triumphant European tour, let’s put those hands together for the three amigos of the NWO, the Amazing, the Fantastic, 
    The Milk Duds!

  12. Seriously creative posts, folks.  So far, this is shaping up to be one of the best caption contests.  Glad I don’t have to be the judge!

  13. Who farted?

  14. What’ll the winner get?
    First prize 2 weeks at Scandals Gulag
    Second prize 1 week at Camp FEMA

  15. From left to right:
    “…buck ‘em”
    “…suck ‘em”
    “…@#$ ‘em”

  16. I can spell it. COW E I E I O

  17. “what’s with the pin on their collars?  probably some cheap ass listening device”

  18. I can kick these two dumbass’ ass at the same time.

  19. What’s With The Dumb Ass Badges On Their Lapels?

  20. Obama thinking…”can’t hold my arm to high, could fuck up my swing”
    Cameron thinking…”don’t fart, don’t fart, don’t fart, hold it in!”
    Putin thinking…”I don’t believe they ate all cheese plate.”

  21. Putin: casual friday, my ass
    Cameron:  I left a fine ass hooker and an 8 ball for this!
    Obama: hey, everyone!  look at Putin, Napoleon complex fo’ sure

  22. Badges?  Ve don’t need no steenking badges!

  23. The Three Stooges without the haircuts!

  24. Obama: “See! My hand is right here! It’s not up their asses! Ha Ha Ha!”

    Putin: “Assclown!”

  25. I like Putin, he real man Da.

  26. A little historical reminder. The 2nd worst month of the great depression  was in 1939. The scum planned to get out of the depression with a war. They have the same scenario planned for the current situation.

  27. Putin:  ”I can’t wait to bend your @ss over in Syria.”
    Obama:  ”Everyone just smile and wave at the cameras.”
    Cameron:  ”Why am I here again?”

  28. Putin: Vich one is the bigger ass?….DAH! Now I know.

  29. And the winner is……

    For ruining the economic strong hold on a global scale with failed attempts to push NGO (New Global Order) down the throats of people without internet access.

  30. Does anyone know how to speak European backwards?

  31. Putin thinks to himself, ” I may look a Richard Head here with these two but I,m the only one with any physical Gold and Silver “

  32. (Thought balloon over Putin):
    Глупый черную задницу
    [Stupid black azz]

  33. Wait let me give you my 2 iron

  34. Putin…”You two look like you got a little bromance thing going on.”

  35. Putin…”Want to see the fish I caught.”

    “It’s Russian.”

  36. Reporter:  Would the person who armed the Syrian Rebels please raise your hand?
    Putin: Idiot

  37. Putin: I still can’t believe the Americans elected this community organizer to be their President!??!!!

    Unlike Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, these MIB can’t be stopped by the Arc Net Shield.

  39. Simon says “Raise your hand if you’re an idiot” … raise your _right_ hand.

  40.  Putin to himself….. (A Royal Pediphile and an African Faggot. Unbelievable. This is the best of the west? These guys are Junior Varsity!)

  41. Cameron’s thinking, “I have a little prick to my right and a shit head on my left. And someone had to ask, Who wants Pudin for desert? NOT PUTIN shit head!” 

  42. Putin “Would someone shoot these 2 clowns”

  43. Obama: I wonder how much longer I can fool the American people?
    Putin: I only wish the people in my country were as ignorant as the Americans. 
    Cameron: what happened to all the blind patriotism? Queen and country. 

  44. Putin thinking:  ”And the score is DICKS 2  BALLS 0″.

  45. putin;  stupid american, all your national parks are belong to us.

  46. Putin: you 2 dirtbags, I got  NoNo for you.

  47. Putin: Next time he does that I swear I’ll drop the nigger on the spot, atleast cameron is trying to look staunch so I guess I’ll let it slide. And where the Fuck is the Vodka and Bitchez anyway….!!

  48. Putin: I know why Obama is so skinny. He takes it up the ass so much he has lost sphincter control of his bowel movements.

  49. Oh great …. here I am being photographed beside Jimmy Saville’s love-child and beside him, a fellatio-aficionado Monkey Man.


  51. Cameron: “Why does he keep rubbing up against me?  God this gets old, but if I don’t keep going along, the Rothschilds will publish all those pictures Jimmy Savile took of me at the parties”
    Putin: “I can’t believe we all work for the same boss.  These guys are rank amateurs.  It’s not fair.  Why do I have to be the GM at the McDonald’s on the shitty side of town?  Oh well, he’s going to make his people as poor as mine so at least we’ll be even.”
    Obama: “Damn, my life has been easy.  I better not let the people find out the truth about 911 and all the other atrocities my bosses are responsible for, or this will all be over.

  52. Pick me Pick me Pick me I’ll groom the stool

  53. Reporter: “Raise your hand if any of you would enjoy running naked on the beach together.”
    Putin: “wtf?”

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