Caption Contest Monday!

Image: Fabian Bimmer/Reuters


  1. This is how the Chiropractor slipped in and adjusted my tailbone and now I have a pain-free spine.

  2. It Looks Like You Don’t Have A Prostate—Did You Change Something Down There? Here—Check Mine—But Don’t Disturb My Wig.

  3. “Let me show you how it feels to be a REAL MAN…  “TAKE IT…TAKE IT…YOU DIRTY DOG!!!”



  4. How many fingers do you think I can fit up Greece’s ass?

  5. I love it when I have US meetings and the TSA goes looking for things stashed in all kinds of cozy places :-)

  6. or…I wanna be like those pederasts back in the Nazi days.

  7. “Now this will work great at the next G-20 summit!”

  8. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Columbia School of Protology.  Maybe she can find the missing European Gold.  Go long on KY Futures.

  9. This one is too easy. I’m not even going to try.

  10. This is the same caption contest over at the Guardian.

  11. “It’s poisonous, so I have to use gloves, otherwise the pleasure will kill me, like it’s killing Greece and the likes.”

  12. Your G-Spot? Sure I can find it.

  13. Ziss is zee austerity glove.  G-Pap actually enjoyed ziss when I reamed him out.  Now is zee turn of zee Spanish and zee Italians. 

  14. This is new. New Spanish banking audit devise.

  15. “May I check your prostate?”

  16. The new chair for the Spanish prime minister, Mr Rajoy.

  17. Ok, really now, does this photo even NEED a comment???? I think it’s self explanatory, you know, a picture is worth a 1000 words……

  18. I vil tickle Mariano’s wrinkled penny wis dis and you vil give Giorgio the hammer over the pickle barrel, hehehehe, money for nuttin hehehe

  19. I Only Have To Use This One Finger To Screw Greece.

  20. Do You Think Obama Can Handle This?

  21. I’ve Always Wanted To Play Doctor, Bend Over And Smile.

  22. I agree with the “no comment” camp. This shot is TOO good, surely it’s been shopped . . . .

  23. See, with this new paper gold glove we can really stick it to those gold bugs!


  25. Last time was only to the first knuckle… Next time, it’s gonna be the whole finger.

  26. See The Power I Have In This Little Finger.

    All I have To Do Is Stck It Into The Rest Of Europe.

    And Watch Them Squirm.

  27. I wiped this of the fan this morning but apparently there’s more on the way.

  28. This should fit nicely!

  29. … gonna stay mum on this one, it’s just too good…

  30. Yep.  Looks like the Euro is a quart low!

  31. “Finger or fist?”

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