Caption Contest Friday!


  1. Look at me, I just got my Beard trimmed. Now I really look profesional.

  2. Buddha Bernanke after smoking some of Jamie’s weed.

  3. I finally just managed to inflate my penis.

  4. Recovery???… Kidding!!!

  5. Inflation is a tax … and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  6. Ahhhhhh, that felt good.

  7. Yeah mon we be jammin… Guess who is under my table? That’s right, Blythe and J Dimon… They takin turns…. Yeah mon…

  8. Greenspan, eat your heart out.  I can speak normal English and still fool everyone!

  9. Bernanke posing for the camera shortly after walking out of an empty Fort Knox.


  11. Ahh…It feels so good not to be wearing any pants.

  12. Yes, I just ate the canary that died in the coal mine.  Don’t like?  Tough S***,

    You’re next!

  13. I wear the grin, You eat the S***

  14. fast forward to the end of the US dollar with Princes – “This is what it sounds like when doves cry” – in mind

    . . . . so this what it sounds like when mugs cry . . .

  15. What an orgasim! Screwing the tax payers jacks me up!

  16. Ben displays his obvious relief after his proctologist advised him that the pain in his behind was only a small paper cut, and not a torn sphincter as he had feared.

  17. Mommy said I was naughty for the way I toyed with people. She really never understood me

  18. After looking at this pic again this comes to mind…

    “I’m hiding the silver…. I’m hiding the silver…. And the gold too!! hehehe…. In my ass!!! YEAH BABY!!!”


  19. Doc was there a winner for the last caption contest?

  20. “Hey people! Give me cookies cause I give you free money! Isn’t that nice?”

  21. LMAO!!

  22. HA! Ha! If They Only New. LMAO

  23. “OMG, It’s GOOD to be King!”

  24. “Good job Blythe! You work great under the table and out of sight.”

  25. mmmmmmmgh, mine smell good!

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