Caption Contest for Free Phyzz from First Majestic

The Doc Needs Your Help in Finding the Next Photo to be Featured as a Caption Contest on SD

This is your chance to win a 1/2 ounce First Majestic Silver Round (and have some fun while doing it).  Submit your photo/poster/image below and the Doc will select one of them to be featured on Friday’s Caption Contest.  If the Doc picks your submission then you will be rewarded with a First Majestic Silver Round.

Don’t be discouraged if your photo does not make the cut.  The Doc may use more than one of the images submitted to be featured on future Caption Contests.  The First Majestic Round is awarded to only the winner of this contest.

 This contest is sure to turn some heads.  Happy Posting!

Congratulations to the winner of the SD Reader Forum posting contest for Wednesday, April 18th.  The winner was StackerX who collected 3 coins on


  1. Congrats on your win StackerX!!
    Another good idea for contest BullRun and Doc! Nice work!

  2. Pump us some infrastructure money Ben, do you hear me?

  3. Smilodon skull on display at the American Museum of Natural History
  4. Avatar of IndenturedServant says:


  6. For some strange reason my pic didn’t load correctly… any ideas?

  7. Ok, it seems photos from our local machines cannot be uploaded for the contest. It needs to come from a direct link from a website somewhere.

  8. Can I play too BullRun? 


  9. Take your 1/2 oz. silver and add to the stack “X”. Congrats.



                                                                 ["Hail Hitler!"]

                                             George Soros is taking on the Bundesbank


  12. Some good photo’s up for the contest… Good luck to everyone…. Got my fingers crossed! LoL… and arms, legs, my dogs legs, and I borrowed my neighbors cat so we could cross his legs too… hehe…

    Happy Stacking!!

  13. test


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