Caption Contest!

Cameron’s Central Bank appears to be winning the quantitative easing Olympics.



  1. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1  Yeah!!! 16 Trillion.  Pop the Champagne! Lets all celebrate.


  3. Participants react as David Cameron locks up Tim Tebow with the first pick of the 2012 G8 Fantasy Football draft.

  4. I have no caption. I can’t think of one because I weep when I look at this photo and it dawns on me that these are our world “leaders”.

    What a sorry lot!

    Wait! Here’s one:
    “YES! Another serf has committed suicide! It’s WORKING!”

  5. Dragi moves to the top of the key, fakes left, he shoots………….and misses

  6. “The G8 was allowed a glimpse of how each of their counties would weather the upcoming banking virus”

  7. From their command center atop the Bank for International Settlements world leaders cheer the roll out of global tyranny.

  8. idiot politicians trying their best to perform the YMCA song without looking like the idiots they are.

  9. The Dow is going down like the Titanic.  Wait! Here comes the plunge protection team onto the field. And ……the Dow is back up to 13,000.  Yes!!! Mission accomplished!!!

  10. Who gets first use of the black sex doll with the gaping mouth between Merkel and Cameron.?

  11. Deeeepa !!

  12. NWO doing the wave

  13. Thanks Silverdog. That video is a favourite amongst some of my workmates at my IT job, we often greet each other with a black power salute whilst saying “Deeeepa”. My Tanzanian mate does the best version. Although I am now no longer able to eat chocolate icecream :-(

  14. Yes! I am not  headed to prison!

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