silver bullet silver shield sbssThe Silver Bullet Silver Shield’s Chris Duane responds to claims that buying silver was the stupidist move I ever made by reviewing the fundamentals and what has transpired in the markets in the 5 years since the Lehman collapse.
Will you be worried about a fiat price correction in 2013 if the entire system collapses?

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  1. The stackers will be some of the only survivors of this upcoming event. The vast majority do not know, or want to acknowledge the truth, let alone prepare for it. Those who cannot afford to put some metal in their stacks should at the very least, be stacking food and water. The food should obviously be that which can be eaten without heating since services would likely go south in a collapse. If you live in the city or have only one source of heat that requires electricity, you should attain plenty of warm clothing, shoes, blankets because even when you can’t heat your home, you can keep heat near your body indoors, enough to survive. We should all be buying now, that which we will need in the event of this happening, since now these things are attainable and after the fact, they likely will not be. If you only have very little money to prepare, buy things like whole lentils, and beans in general since they store well, are cheap and can be sprouted usually, turning your dry weight investment into tenfold in weight and nourishment. Rice is great if you have heat. Water can be collected from the rain and boiled.

    I do see a time coming when paper will not buy much and tangible commodities will be the only means of effective trade, sadly. I truly hope I end up looking silly in the end and these things do not come to pass, but I’d rather be wrong and silly if nothing happens, than to have my family starving and cold if something does happen! I am guessing the majority who visit this site feel similar to the way I do. It all reads like doom and gloom but unfortunately for all of us, that is what is likely ahead.
    May the force be with us all……

  2. Yep, looking back at what NASDAQ tech stocks I sold in order to buy silver related stocks I would agree its one of the stupidest moves I’ve ever made.  Silver has collapsed yet the tech stocks I previously owned have remained strong and gained quite a bit. 
    But go ahead and keep the pumpin’ going.  While I’ll agree that ultimately silver will be a great investment it could be many more months or even years before that happens.

    • “I will be playing it safe!”
      Which really begs the question, “WHAT IS SAFE?”.  In many cases we can do what appears to be safe only to find out later on that it wasn’t so safe after all.  We all make assumptions, look at the situations around us, and then decide on a course of action that seems most reasonable.  Depending on our assumptions, it may or may not turn out to BE reasonable.  But we do need to start somewhere and having some sort of plan for disaster in general is just plain good old common sense.  It’s what our grand parents and great grand parents did without giving it much thought.  They worked hard to lay in their winter supply of food because if they did not, they would go hungry.  A lot of us do the same and for many of the same reasons.  It made sense 100 years ago, it made sense 50 years ago, and it makes sense today.
      I stack silver and even a little gold.  I am happy to have them but they are not investments – they are insurance!  If everything goes to heck in a hand-basket, having some PMs with which to barter, bribe, or whatever may be the difference between being comfortable and not being comfortable.  It could also be the difference between living and not.  It’s hard to say just how serious a disaster will befall us, let alone when it will occur. But we do know this… it is better to be prepared for disaster than not!   One look at all the people who were injured, killed, or lost their homes in hurricanes and tornadoes the past few years should tell us that preparing for such an event is a good idea.  Saddest of all was the woman in NJ who was moaning about “Nobody will come to help us!” on the TV news.  I thought to myself at the time, “No, they aren’t coming to help specific individuals, they are there to help the entire area.  In spite of a lot of good intentions, much of the help that arrived was little and late.  Many had little to no food, water, heat or light for several weeks.  The National Guard units that responded seemed to do better than most others but even they were disorganized.  Events such as this are local disasters but they should also serve as “WAKE THE FLOCK UP” calls for every sheeple out there.  Unfortunately, they have not seemed to do that and people continue to make the same dumb assumption that government will ride to the rescue with trumpets blaring and flags flying.  In your dreams, maybe that is what happens.  Reality, however, is a lot less impressive.
      PMs can be a good part of disaster preparation, although certainly not all of it.  When disaster strikes, we will all need food and water, someway to cook food and boil water, meds, tools, PMs, comms, extra blankets, and security to protect what we have from people who have not prepped.  They choose not to prep, either because they don’t have any spare money for it or because they see no need for it.  I suspect that the latter reason is a lot more common.  It is a fascinating aspect of human nature that those who do not prepare for possible disasters always seem to ridicule those of us who do.

  3. This reminds me of the story of Noah’s ark, whether people consider it an allegory or a true event, he was the greatest prepper of all time and was mocked and seen as an absolute idiot for building a boat for which seemed to have zero purpose.
    Another Biblical reference is that of whether a person builds their house on the rock or on the sand, knowing the a house built on the sand could not survive when the storm came. If ever there was a sands paradise it is fiat, paper money. 
    Just like a Christian who is mocked and spat upon for warning of eternal consequences for earthly choices, so it is with the economic collapse apologist who warns of the dire life changing realities for a person who continues to trust in the current system and fiat paradigm but is also mocked and scorned for doing so.
    It must be human nature to deny or refuse to consider a reality that is outside of experiential circumstances. But those that can it may be the difference between thriving or barely surviving, life or death, heaven or hell.

    • I always felt how hard it was to be a truth teller. Speaking hard truths always results in the teller being mocked, scorned, laughed at and derated, losing most all social respect…. This continues for years…years of long suffering, just like God fearing men. Then in the end, when the blood curdling screams fill the air, the man who warned of these events may be safe, but being made of a different metal than the majority, he does not take pleasure in others suffering, he does not laugh at their starvation, pain, or in Christendom, their eternal suffering.  Ironically it doesn’t pay to tell hard truths, to be alert or prepared, to be wise, but in the end.
      Such a short lived reward, being prepared. An important reward, to be sure, but only pleasant to be alive and well. The good guys never get to party and celebrate that they’re right….. Man…. It sucks being right, and it sucks being wrong!

    • @mikeyj80 Your referring to the insult of the name PowerBall being a gambling name? Insult or factual? Perhaps you feel my definition of gamblers is not accurate? I would argue that and I feel certain psychological profilers would assess in a similar fashion. Can’t help the man about his loss, but due to the fact that he’s looking to bail and recoup his losses suggests he is not a long term investor. The truth hurts, that’s what brings out nastyness. I didn’t call anyone names.
      But good times debating on the opposite end with ya once again Mikey80. I’m sure you being a stock boy trader are sharing his boat. Sorry bout that!  I’d prefer you to be in the s&p when it tanks here soon…. Soon, briefly after the stock market crash…. I’ll be messaging you… Just to make sure your not pondering suicide….I hear that happened a lot in the crash of the 30′s.0P

    • You seem to have lost your way in this thread, perhaps you are the one getting riled up?
      I reread your post and you were right, no insults, just broad assumptions due to misinterpretation of a post from someone you know nothing about.  Sorry for claiming insults when there where none.
      PS, better work on your perceptions, you’re way off on me too :)
      I have no problem being on the same or different side than you or anyone else here, though a small few actually seem to enjoy a civil disagreement without trying to make the other look stupid.  I am here to learn more, and share what i know and any opinions I may have, genuinely looking for discussion.  No more, no less.

    • If I could sell for what I paid then absolutely I’d give you everything I had today!!  Instead I’m stuck in a sit and hope stance.  I’m hoping it goes back up to at least $35 within the next year or two so I can at a minimum be even.

    • Well, you should have never bought silver in the first place if you’re looking to sell at $35. 
      This isn’t for weak hands, you need iron fisted resolution to be in PM’s my friend.

    • C’mon guys, give em a break. I mean, look at his/her user name… Lmao! Powerball! This person is a gambler, and like most gamblers, they lose all their money gambling. Bet ol’ Powerball thought they could get in, bank a quick profit on those sappy stackers, get out in a sad double bagger and laugh at silver stackers while sipping some bubbly on the beach, spending good ol fiat for some fun…. Yep… The wheel was spinning, the ball bouncing, and landed on GREEN.  Typical of a gambler, they say to themselves… “Man, if I can just break even… I’ll cash in my chips and get the Hell out of here.”
      What poor Powerball doesn’t know about themselves is that they will lose their money in another casino. I used to have a buddy that pissed money away, on drink, parties etc. I always thought to myself “why is he so lucky? If I got tips like his I would save and spend it wisely!”
      It was his mindset that brought all of that easy money his way, and it was that same mindset that burnt through it.I’ve never been lucky or a gambler. But I have a 6 figure career thanks to my serious mindset, and a solid household, financially sound, and prepared to protect my family from most emergencies… Because of that same mindset. My friend is a bad bartender, he had yellow jaundice last I heard 5 years ago, he was renting a studio.
      You are what you are Powerball. This won’t end well for you though, I’m sorry to say.  I really am sorry.

    • @Shamus001 aka German Shepard whack job what the hell is your problem?  Quick buck, how about 2 to 3 years of SOLID LOSSES listening to these same pumpers that you defend by fire and brimestone?  I’ve never even known anyone that had yellow jaundice but assuming it’s a frequent problem in your neck of the woods? Nor do I frequent places that serve alcohol enough to ever have a bartender friend.

      Weak hands? When you lose 40% of your investment over a period of 2 years listening to these same preachers, yep your hands do start to get weak. I didn’t realize holding positions for just under 3 years was a short time day trader type of position. Some of my positions are closer to 4 years and barely break even on those at best. How long do I need to hold, 10 years? 20 years? 30 years?

      The market is highly controlled and is not going anywhere soon. End of story!

    • @PowerBall Wow! Must have hit pretty close to the mark for you to get all riled up? Look, Poor Ball, Power, … Balls, May I call you balls for short? You seem to be swinging a pair of them around an aweful lot so let me clarify my position.
      I do not fault you for being a gambler. Every winner requires a loser. When you sell early to recoup your losses, strong hands like myself will benifit. As a gambler you made a mistake most gamblers make:  You pledged money that you cannot afford to lose, or do without for an extended period.  I too invested all of my savings in silver… Physical silver. And at an average of 35.00/oz. 
      Why am I not worried? How come im not whining about it? (Not saying you are, lol don’t want this discussion to embattle forever) because just like a 401k wouldn’t see for twenty years, I have plenty of time for the governments of the world to go belly up. At their current pace, I will not have to wait 20 years. Ive got spare cash around to handle emergency needs, as I did not over leverage myself. I’m not a gambling man, and holding precious metals is the safest play a man can make for long term investments.
      As for yellow jaundice, I didnt plan on holding school today, but it is a sign of a failing liver. The whites of your eyes turn yellow. Do not give me your garbage about not having bars where you live, bars are everywhere in the world. As for my poor friend who drank a lot, it’s a shame, be ause he was a good guy before his drinking be ame a problem, we friends pulled together to support cleaning him up. No man can control the actions of friends, so shame on you for being cold and callous! I’m sure fate will continue to treat you appropriately… 

    • Yep, I agree.  Since he wants to make fun of my name and avatar I can easily do the same.  From his lingo and avatar he reminds me of the bully type or psycho security type. Words like Skin Head come to mind.  Then uses words like ‘grow a pair.’  Truly idiotic and shows a mentality of the high school whack job who thought he was tough and no one wanted to hang with, expect for perhaps a bartender type.  Winning!!  I could go on but just don’t have the time nor care to trade insults with an on-line cyber bully.
      But seriously, I really don’t have time or need to sling many insults at someone I’ve never met unless they open the door first.  Anyone that says they’ve made a lot of money on silver must have purchased back back it was at $12 or $16 an ounce in 2008 (that’s 5+ years ago and apparently these must also be short term gamblers?).  To them my hats are off and wished I was there with you.  Everyone else that has purchased in the past 3 years has basically lost BIG TIME or broke even at best.  What the upsetting part is you have people like Shamus001 which defend these same pumpers which have been incredibly wrong.  Then they ridicule or belittle anyone that dares says a word against their faith.  I own silver and plan to own it for many more years, just never anticipated to take this level of beating then called a gambler and everything else by some whack job.  If he believes that silver is gong to $200 like these pumpers say in the next year then good luck.  I’d suggest he sell his trailer home and double down.

    • As I said above, if you are looking to sell at $35, you should have never bought in the first place. And you are wrong, those that bought at the low of $18/19 are now way ahead. Why didn’t you BTFD and cost average in like almost ALL “pumpers” advise to do?
      Your comments are all about bad timing or blaming someone else for your own actions. Keep stacking or get out. Choice is yours.

  4. I also would like to know what happened to those massive shortages that we all read so many white papers about.  
    The reality is that FED has FULL control and will have it for a very long time.  After all, CFTC already told the whole world that there is no manipulation.
    Personally, I’d love to punch Max Keiser.  I have dropped close to 100k into silver and I am deep in the read now.  Max moved on to peddling BitCoin and not a word about “crash JP Morgan” anymore…. pathetic…

    • Hey volkssturm I hear what you say about Keiser. He’s a journalist and like all of his ilk  “If it bleeds it leads”  Move on to the next story, don’t worry about the past statements and have no regrets. He reminds me of Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, a humorist with a wry twist.
      As for being heavily invested, if had bet money that silver would be $100 today I’d have more money
      Silver should have been in critical short supply.
      It should have been in such heavy demand that the price would have gone parabolic.
      Rigging should have been stopped and seen as a criminal enterprise
      All those things that should have happened early last year didn’t happen and what I put into silver 18 months ago was nothing more than a reaction to the hysteria about silver, some of which I may have created or at least bought into.  But shifting from paper to PMs is something I have not regretted at all.  It’s a good investment and the long pull will vindicate our choices.
      The forces arrayed against us are as formidable as an every built by man. They are based one trading 100, 200 and maybe even 400 to 1 leverage using the ESF and probably China and the BIS to keep the price of precious metals down.  Even Sun Tsu said currency wars can be as effective as bloody ones and often stop the bloody ones due to the effect of currency manipulation.
      But like Herbert Stein said
      If something cannot go on forever, it will stop
      My belief, based party in faith, human nature and the situation we face world wide in the flood of FIAT and debt, this present situation cannot go on forever. And it will stop.  I expect soon and that might  be 3 months to 2 years. I think less than more in that time range.  That’s as close as I’ll get to a prediction.

    • Max stole that phrase from ZH and my friend Lennon Hendrix, who coined the term. That is a fact. I should know, the guy is a personal friend of mine and I was there at ZH a few years ago when he came up with it.
      Max is a pimp. And I have no respect for him or his wife, Stacie Herbert.

    Over on TND and ZH there is a chart of what money will be left in till come October 17 , what the treasury might be able to spend it on and then the next month’s bills and who might or might not get paid.  The analysis is exactly like a family who’s bank account is tapped, income is cut in half and they have to decide which bills get paid in full, paid 50% and which get shoved to the next month
    Maybe this new Benjamin will distract people so  much that they wont see the October 17 train wreck
    It’s going to get interesting as to who is going to blink first. Obama and dems giving in on the crown jewel of Progressivism—single payer health care or the Repubs blinking and signing off on the debt limit ceiling.  In either case it will be an epic fight. The screaming, tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth is going to get ugly.
    If Obama thinks the Repubs won’t blink he is sure to do something really stupid. He’s backed into corner, trapped by his own making, losing on everything he’s proposed in the last 5 years and even the Asian trade conferees are calling him out. If he blinks, his presidency has been and will  continue to be a complete waste.  That makes him a dangerous cat that is cornered and no place to go
    I think he’d pull the nuclear option of NDRP or something equally sinister.  Batten down the hatches, it could get ugly and false flags are just a starter
    BTW  He’s not said a peep about the young black woman who was executed by the capital cops.
    “If I have a daughter she’d look like me.”
    Huh?Crickets chirping
     Where is the outrage you son of a bitch???

    • Silently …I pondered the same thing? Although last I heard they can’t find a gun, HER gun, so there was an attempt to turn this whole thing around… Friends saying she wasn’t depressed or crazy… The whole thing admittedly is strange, but no one has concocted an excuse for the reckless driving, hit and run and evading police…that….sadly was witnessed by too many people to be able to successfully call this a race hate thing.

    • “Where is the outrage you son of a bitch???”
      Therein lies the true beauty of being psychotic.  His outrage tends to be VERY selective.

  6. Sell at $35 to break even, pfffft i wish!, i bought my entire position in August 2011 and paid $44/ounce! Since then i have watched it drop and drop and drop, So i’m either a fool who bought at the top or someone who felt $44/ounce was a pretty good buy! Right now its true i’m battle weary, watching 15 years of savings go down the toilet, wondering if everything i’ve read about this coming “explosion” in PM’s will ever eventuate. When you’ve watched your money go down the toilet for over 2 years and if the chance returns to get it back its hard not to sell up and run, breaking even looks pretty darn good to me right now! Those that bought at good prices will never understand this.Sure i know all the reasons why i bought, but as i said when you watch your money slide down the hill, you’ll do anything just to get it back!

    • @Whodareswins are you holding physical or Etf?  I understand when you look at your paper position and whereas it totaled a value of 118,000 and now it currently states 62,530 it gives a man heartburn.  I’m not unfeeling on the matter because Im outside looking in, three years ago I lost a 120,000 investment, pulling me down -550,000.00. ….Chpt 7 is the only thing that kept me from being an eternal debt slave! They hauled off my sports cars, took my homes equity,pretty much reduced me to 18 years old with spare change in my pocket. Then my 401k tanks afterwards while congress and ppres argue over debt ceiling. I be ame aware of economics, the game, the manipulation, and the volitility of life’s savings. Holding coin was the only investment someone couldn’t wipeout! Whatever it is values at, like an acre of land, I hold X pounds. It will always be X pounds, and like a house, regardless of currency value, it’s something of value that will never be worthless that I can pass to my child, or liquidate for a rainy day. (God help me if that day comes) 
      So my attitude is more of that which a Dad would use to scold his child when they do something stupid, then cry about it later. Learn from your mistakes you know? No one wants to hear a convicted DUI driver complain about losing his license.

    • As long as you have the metal handy, all you are watching go downhill is worthless paper. The SLV is obviously no longer representative of actual metal and in a relatively short time, you will be patting yourself on the back for buying at $44. Years ago, I bought Apple stock at $12 and watched it drop to $7 and sold it in disgust. I would be a very rich man today had I held on for the long haul so everything is relative my friends.

  7. Powerball. I can relate to what you are saying as I got into the physical PM’s investment area late as well. Don’t let some lamo tell you that they are not in PM stacking to make money and that stacking is not a form of investment.They are deceiving themselves.We are all hopeing that our foresight will payoff in the future and will payoff exponentially, relative to other investments we could have put our money into. The problem here lies in THE FACT that we have ALL underestimated the power of those in charge to prolong the fraud and the crime that is being committed even as we speak. The reason I have faith that PM’s INVESTING is a correct strategy(and the main reason I pulled the trigger to redirect half of my liquid assets into physical)is because of what is written in scripture(the bible) about a time coming when people will throw their silver in the street in despair. This points to a time in the future when silver will be of no value. The thing I am fairly confident of is that this terrible event is preceded by a time when silver(and gold) which God has always referred to as wealth, will be being used in our monetary system in the future. The scripture I am referring to is not an allegory or metaphor for money but rather is referring to the physical metal. You are not alone in feeling angry and in doubt about your decision-We all have had those thoughts if we are honest. The fraud going on right now will continue until some form of a collapse in our monetery system most probably. During the interim, the bad guys will appear to have beaten us. Hang in there-Most of us can relate to your frustrations as we all thought that our foresight would have started to have been rewarded by now. Best regards. 

    • i am not into pm stacking to make money.  I am in it to protect money.  
      If i were into pm trading that would be to make money, but buy and hold is protection, in my opinion.

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