Bundy Ranch Shows Necessity of Improving Patriot and or Militia Communications

The US Federal Government has an incredible history of breaking codes and cracking encryption. They have an even greater ability to store an archive all communications, even if they’re seemingly unimportant, so they can analyze them later when suddenly they’re potentially important. They use massive data centers and wire taps supported by every major telecom and technology company in existence today.
Most people already know what I’ve stated thus far. I’m restating it to make a point in the context of modern events.
If you’ve been buried under a rock, I’m referring to the Bundy Ranch standoff.

An SD Original Contribution:

Its possibly just the tip of the iceberg of a second American Revolution. Heavily armed BLM rangers closed off a massive area of Nevada land, tased protesters who were demanding to know why heavy machinery was being utilized for cattle corralling (turns out they were destroying improvements upon the land), and eventually several days later a face to face standoff with hundreds of protesters who refused to back down to the Federal government thugs. During the entire standoff and for multiple days prior, the BLM sought assistance from the DHS to place snipers on hills surrounding the protest encampment. Eventually, due to heavy pressure from many parties involved, the properly elected sheriff intervened with his own deputies and helped defuse the situation by escorting the BLM off site.

The background on why and how the situation came to be isn’t that important for the story, you can read about it on your own. Many people are cheering “victory” but I don’t know if we can say its been a complete success yet. The Federal agents infuriated the people of Nevada. They insulted pretty much every American with their “First Amendment Zone” pens and they closed off Nevada’s public land to Nevadans under false pretenses.

But the battle isn’t won. The DHS got massive amounts of intel from this operation. There have been reports that this operation was leveraged to gain intel on militia communication, command structure, composition, and offsite support. Every vehicle on site had its plates run through multiple databases as undercover DHS agents walked through the parking areas with their cell phone camera recording plates, bumper stickers, and any readily apparent gear. Every single cell in the region was tracked, calls were recorded, Internet communications sniffed, metadata downloaded, and possibly even phones backdoored through OTA updates.

The intelligence gathered, hypothetical or not (as Snowden has proven… its definitely not hypothetical), is a serious advantage and upper hand to the Big Brother militia which not everyone always agrees with. The evidence collected may likely be utilized to detain, imprison, or frame law abiding people of the great nation of the United States. The people who are on the receiving end of this information have a history of criminal acts against all nations of the world and not just Americans. Many of them are indeed criminals and treasonous to not just their country, but to all of humanity.

Its time to protect communications. No digital communications should be unencrypted! No, I’m not saying to make sure you have “https” in your browser to gmail.com, I’m saying ALL email you write to people should be encrypted and possibly cryptographically signed (depending on context). There is no excuse why you cannot utilize software like GPG and train other people on best practices for communications. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing an email to the neighbor next door asking if he wants to go out for lunch, it should be assumed its gonna be read now or when you’re red-flagged for being a freedom loving American who dissents with the government on one or more issues. It will be recorded and read.
Even if you use GPG to encrypt every single communication and assuming you’re computer or phone has not been backdoored, they will still know WHO you talk to. They can build up social network maps indicating that you’re some arbitrary X-many degrees of separation from some higher value target they want.

If you’ve got an android based cell phone, turn off OTA updates and install an independently verifiable operating system like CyanogenMod. It comes with “WhisperPush” and make sure you enable it. Install ChatSecure as well: https://guardianproject.info/apps/chatsecure/ Learn how to use these technologies.

Obviously these are all effectively point to point communications techniques being protected thus far. Another interesting technique of communication that most people never think much about is Steganography. See software like http://www.openstego.info/

You can write your message, encrypt it with GPG, then use openstego or another piece of software to obfuscate it and hide it as something else before posting your next major announcement on Twitter. The dummies of the world will think you’re just posting a picture of your cat, but those “evil” freedom loving Americans that have the know-how and knowledge of the private encryption key will know you’re not talking about and it won’t be about your feline friend.

And every freedom loving website (this one included) should post their public encryption keys and get trusted people signing them to build a web of trust. If I’m talking gibberish to you, then you better get cracking! Patriots are going to need secure communications channels to disseminate information. Publish your public keys! Sign other people’s keys if you can verify them first hand!

Be very careful who and what you publicly communicate when gathering with seemingly like minded individuals at protests, rallies, or local militia gatherings.

Operational security starts with you.


  1. Encryption is fine but we should not be waging a “covert” war against dishonesty and corruption. What defused the situation in Nevada was the TRUTH! It was actually outing an operation that relied on secrecy and obfuscation to succeed. We are in a war of words and ideas, to try and hide those words just damages our cause. Let ‘em listen…..maybe they’ll learn something about freedom and liberty.

    In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
    -George Orwell

    • If you are referring to this government learning something through words you are delusional!  This government and Harry Reid are corrupt and need to be faced with the same army they bring to the fight.  My concern is the people in law enforcement not seeing that what they are doing to their fellow Americans is wrong.  Turning them against this government especially Holder and Obama is the solution to taking back this country. 

      In the time of war and corruption, fight back with a stronger forced!


    • @MFLTucson , you wrote this?
      I salute you, Sir.

    • Covert channels are critical in any war.   The way wars are won is public opinion and believe me, getting information disseminated to reveal truth sometime requires covert operations.    Ie secretly recording Nuland talking about destabilizing Ukraine or CIA director getting caught secretly meeting the Nazi coup leaders in Kiev.   These are examples of criminals, but the reason we know about them is failure of the USA’s covert channels. 

    • @Not Sure
      I agree.  The truth is a powerful weapon against the forces of darkness and getting the truth out to the masses who only have the MSM as their source of info should be a top priority in any conflict between an over-reaching government that ignores its own constitution and the patriots who demand that the government abide by that founding document.

  2. well said gentlemen
    my preferred mode of communication is a locked and loaded battle rifle, pistol and plenty of ammo, ready to bring to bear on the enemy.
    the patriots and founding fathers had warrants for their capture and death penaties on their heads if captured
    Molon Labe.

  3. Wow how exciting… some of the pseudo militiamen got to ride horses and carry guns on a real live “mission!”
    Too bad the agents didn’t take the bait and start shooting, as they were clearly threatened with violence, so we could see the yahoos scatter in fear (rumor has it “our hero’s” were bravely planning to put women and children out front to protect themselves)!
    So the Tea Party, Faux News, and Glenn Beck have a new “faux hero” in a cowboy hat (Yea Haw), and all the wacko’s jump on board to cheer on the crazy old guy that refuses to recognize the government of the USA… and is clearly breaking federal law.
    But, that’s OK ’cause he’s not “breaking into” the USA… a US federal law requiring swift and severe punishment of the brown skinned perpetrators with “cantaloupe calves” …lol!

    • SRV, are you, too, involved in the solar fields Hizzoner Reid wants to cash in on at the expense of a land rights holder of generations?
      “Clearly,” the law is on Bundy’s side. The government, however, is following its police powered lawless but grabby pattern of recent past, and says that the law is whatever it says it is. Typical. And perfect for Dirty Harry.
      If you want a better understanding of what’s really going on, you should find better pundits than Beck, Faux Noise and … uh… which TEA Party are you talking about, BTW? The one grounded in America’s Realiberal founding, or the faux one that trots around with a narcissus mask on?
      If you think the FEDS were threatened with violence, I pray you never own or carry ANY kind of weapon. Being there is not a threat; drawing down or threatening to do so in the next moments is a threat. Kinda like what the FEDS did to Bundy… and do on a daily basis to the rest of us a little less overtly.

    • Hey scumbag, those women VOLUNTEERED to be out front and were ready to fight. I would have done the same. Would I have been scared? Yes but also resolute in the fact my death would bring about a public uproar that would be heard around the world. MOLAN LABE lock and load and carry lots of extra mags!

    • Let me set the record straight on something. If was ‘Sheriff Mack’ that said it was a strategy to put women out front, not Bundy. Mack and Stewart Rhodes of OathKeepers arrived AFTER the shit was decided, when patriots put their lives on the line and were willing to die for the cause. They weren’t out front helping to negotiate, they were too busy with photo ops and Mack had a very important ‘Tea Party’ meeting to attend to the night before instead of talking sense into the brain dead county sheriff, I kid you not, ask him yourself, so whatever ‘strategizing’ Mack was doing, was trying to figure out how to get on TV and get in the media spotlight. Those two are douche bags. Rhodes doesn’t want to rock his money train of 40,000 OK annual subscriptions or whatever it is so he never does anything controversial anymore…the Oathkeepers went UNARMED from what I saw…I don’t know what they were planning to do other than throw softballs. So you want to berate the one shopkeeper, Bundy, who decided to stand up to the MAFIA and not pay protection money any longer to run him out of his own business, after the Mafia ran out 52 of his fellow shopkeepers and he was the last, then you might as well just lie down right now and go meekly into the light, it’ll be easier that way.

      MaryB: You are absolutely correct. It happened ORGANICALLY. There was no ‘strategy’. Two of my best friends were women there and they didn’t hesitate and would’ve taken a bullet for any of those cowboys. The cowboys led and the People followed. The militia showed up to assist in taking care of an issue that the local law enforcement failed to do…now we’re hearing about all of the corruption.

    • Good image @MaryB.  I shrunk it a little to show it all…

    • I may have a source for that flag in the near future.

  4. Doc, I was pretty interested by the fact that feeds were getting cut. A dependency the truth seekers/purveyors will have to eliminate is the one depending on conventional internet/cell comms.
    Then we get into the world of bypassing jamming signals and hardening against electronic/electromagnetic attacks. This is going to be a pain in the butt.

    • I don’t know if the feeds were being cut, but we were certainly speculating about it. Some folks phone batteries drained very quickly. Cell reception in that area is spotty to begin with, I was using text as my primary means of communications even though I brought a crap load of HAM gear, I didn’t have time to use it things happened so quickly.

    • W0, interesting. Two different alt media outfits were reporting problems with feeds. Perhaps it was just remote situation, but there were also reports that the cell towers were shut down. Of course, if cell phones are looking constantly for a tower, or if the tower(s) are distant, it runs the batteries down in a hurry. Hmm. THAT part was probably just the way it is–which probably is the thrust of what you were saying.

      Commenting on other comments, of yours and others… I’m not a proponent of physical action. What we need is info and further cultural awakening. That will be all the ammo needed. My opinion, but that’s what I think.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m not soft on the issue; I think that Reid and conspirators need to be LEGALLY severely penalized, and that said penalties need to become precedent to many further actions against rent-seeking psychopathic “authorities” at every level of govt and their cronies. This applies to the Banksters and their affiliates, and their myriad manipulations of every market and every industry of consequence.

      There can be no doubt that “they” poison our air, water and food, education, public information, PM and food and credit and oil (and every) markets, are overtly causing the destruction of our economy–not just in the US but worldwide. The People need to understand this more broadly than they do now before beneficial change can properly occur. …in which case, it will happen rather organically, without the need of (much) force other than meaningful laws being enforced in a meaningful manner.

      If efforts in the area of legal action against these Archon wannabes fail, it’s more proof to add to the awakening. It needs to be highly visible, and I am convinced that more and more, this will mean technical people in the alt media mix–to assure connectivity (digital or analog, wired or wireless) and as the attempts mount to stifle information, skill and knowledge in EW countermeasures will also be necessary.

      As I said, it’s gonna be a pain.

    • I think everyone generally had issues with reception…it is off the beaten trail. I had TMOBILE and my data never really worked, I could only use phone and text message, and those were periodic as well. I think other providers fared better.

  5. This new Federal Army we’ve seen deployed in Nevada is quite troubling.  However, we are kidding ourselves with bravado if anyone thinks we, freedom loving Americans, can take them on.  Remember, George Washington was successful because at that moment in history both sides had equal firepower i.e. muskets.  Today it’s a different story.  We have rifles.  They have drones, helicopters, and armored vehicles.  We lose.  So, the solution is not revolution.   

    • You don’t lose, you overcome. There is no other choice…you don’t approach these things with defeat ever crossing your mind. There is ALWAYS a way, there is always asymmetry and I don’t assume the military will stay loyal…people will rapidly switch sides, you see this in virtually every conflict.

    • We outnumber them 100:1, will not fight a normal war, it will be hit and run disrupt attacks from just a few people at any time. Okay who do you launch on? 3 people who may not be the subjects, 3 people who may have melted into a city crowd already? Take out a thousand innocents to get 3 people? How many drones can they put up at once? You do realize the size of the USA and that they would be lucky to cover .1% of the ground via drones and satellites. Start swatting entire towns off the map and 10 times that many people will join in the fight to toss the government out. Feds will lose hands down.

    • And yet, UglyDog, the tribesmen of Afghanistan also have some very heavy military hardware aimed at them and simply refuse to give up.  That country is the size of Texas.  The US and allies have been there for, what, 10 years, without a solid lasting victory.  While that is a decent sized country, the USA is a whole lot bigger.  Asymmetric warfare favors numbers and determination… and patriots vastly outnumber any group of federal thugs.  Yes, such a war would be long and bloody.  The casualty count in the US civil war of 1861-65 shows that we ARE our own worst enemy… at times.

  6. Ugly Dog  I worry about that too but between the fact that we have 50,000,000 shooters,  200,000,000 fire arms, hundreds of billions of rounds of ammo, we, the gun owners of the US have more people in our ranks than every army in the world combined
    If the US government decides to declare war, it’ll be Americans shooting Americans, not seen since the Civil war.
    There are 10,000 of us to one Praetorian.  We know where they live, where their families live and where they must congregate to assault us
    Assymetrical warfare done by soldiers and jihadis in the MENA area has proven to be a trap for modern armies.  Theese armies have to be supplied with long supply lines in-country, easily disrupted with the contents taken easily.  Our military has been downsized, worn by 12 years of foreign wars. It takes 4 people in the military to supply one soldier.  That means that, at most an army might be able to to field a couple of divisions in one area. 
    The US is 3,000,000 sq miles with a population of 315,000,000, 20% of whom are well armed. This is a huge country, not one well suited to land battles due to the size, as well as the ‘friendlies’, people who would support the front line troops, offering their services as the resistance This means the numbers and logistics just don’t work.
    As for the leaders, they are extremely vulnerable.  They live amongst us (like the movie They Live).  This is extremely dangerous to their wellbeing. We know where they work and where they live. There are no bunkers deep enough to hide them

    We could shut down the government with a tax strike and withholding our business and activities with the governments. That passive resistance would be  It would be a harsh and painful turning but we will win.  A total strike against the government, active and passive resistance, would weild a devastating blow to the power of this thuggish lilliputian Praetorian class. The up armored waddling fat bastards in the BLM might be able to wrangle a dognut but up against a group of patriots, they are outmanned, outclasses, outskilled and just out of it. The reason the BLM ran is that they were in deadly danger, in danger of being wiped out to the last man. Hell, even a four eyed fat man like me could be a soldier in this citizen’s army. Fill your hand, you son of a bitch.

    If this is the best of the shock troops that the Nazis can send, then send them. They will be dealt with. Their option is to come over to the side of the patriots, be taken as a prisoner of war or suffer the consequences of firing on Americans in the American heartland.
    As for tanks and MRAPS. Like Willie of the Stars and Stripes once said, “I’d rather be infantry. A tank is like a rolling foxhole. It tends to draw attention to itself” Imagine sitting in a mechanized foxhole in the Nevada desert when it’s 125 degrees.
    I helped train some of these people, the BLM gunsels and security guards. These people are former cops and military and DAMN, they just don’t have the chops to take on We the People. Thay are just not that good. Bullies, yes. Soldiers, no.
    Their skill levels are such that of the 28 that went through the class, my trainer only spotted two that might be worthy of an invitation to train with him. That may sound picky but there is an art and a science to handling a fire arm skillfully. Most do not possess it and most in the classes do not. The heart must be there too. I did not see that. More like Unionists squabbling about the boss, work hours and schedules.
    Remember what I said before
    Picture a one legged monkey standing in a hammock having sex with bag pipes. That is what some of these people look like
    Then picture 30 of them trying to get out of a bad situation.

    • Excellent points you about summed it up AGXIIK. Those BLM guys…the main BLM agent, Agent Love, definitely looked like Blackwater/XE merc. He tried to lay out government terms and the People dictated to him what the terms were, there would be no negotiating, no terms, the time for that had passed. He was told you will stand down, open that gate and let us through to collect our property. The agents understood the gravity of their situation and you could taste the fear…they most certainly would’ve been wiped out. I thank God nothing like that happened, but the resolve was there to go all the way if needed…government paid thugs aren’t willing to die for the government, patriots are willing to die to oppose tyranny. The BLM asked for a 30 minute cooling off period to disengage, and asked those that were armed to move back….we complied and the 30 minutes took approx. 3 hours before the cowboys were allowed through to retrieve the herd.

    • “That means that, at most an army might be able to to field a couple of divisions in one area.”
      Military experts who have commented on this generally state that a large US city cannot be controlled successfully by less than a division of troops.  So… which 2-3 cities will they try to control?  The other 99.99% or so of the country will not be under their control.  Moving troops and supplies by either rail or road will be quite… hazardous… IMO.
      Of considerable interest to me in all this is that the sheriff of Clark County Nevada, Doug Gillespie, was very interested in this being resolved peacefully.  He seemed very comfortable being in a large crowd of armed patriots and talking with them.  While Bundy chastised the county sheriff for not disarming the BLM people, that’s not really something that he can do.  The governor of the state of Nevada could do that via his state national guard troops but it would be an act likely to foment violence.  It may come to that but let’s not any of us be in a rush towards it.  It really is a last resort in defense of liberty and justice.

    • LOL, AGXIIK. Interesting.
      Adding to that… Look at Ukraine. Yes, it’s a CIA-prompted “rebellion” and when Ukraine soldiers get sent to the front to fight Russia… they defect. Bing, bang, boom.
      Our armed forces are more attuned to their oath of office (and that it’s to the CONSTITUTION and not the exsting power structure or their commander if in defiance of the Constitution) now than they have been for a long time. Despite BHO’s efforts to litmus test out all of those who admit that they wouldn’t take up arms against Americans, plenty are still there.
      Moreover, officers who issue or further such orders risk being arrested on the spot by their underlings–perhaps with a third eye being opened up. This is a factor I haven’t seen touched on here, but it’s a real factor. If BHO sends the mil to kill Americans, it will be a mess. … for the military internally even more than for the citizenry. And over the last years, the pretexts they’ve used to get troops to do things they shouldn’t do are being exposed as frauds–any story they tell the military to try to get them riled up to fire on Americans is likely to be met with skepticism if not all-out, “Bullllllship!” This doesn’t eliminate the Lon Horiuchis of the bunch, but it might… eventually… if the Lons continue to uphold tyranny and defy the Constitution and all lawful comportment.
      And thus we have 2.6 billion rounds of ammo in the pipeline to … among others, the USPS… FDA… FEMA… etc. “Practice” rounds, my grass. Hollow points aren’t used for practice. But even at that, the BHO special army, there are many there too who are clear on their oath, which is not much different than the mil-spec one.
      I agree that the hold TPTB have on things is getting mighty shaky. But that won’t keep them from frantic flailing that will create great harms.

  7. It’s too late to be clandestine. It’s all about survival. They know all they need to know to take down the rally point.

  8. Well, if bravado was fire power, WWII could have been won by just the few on this thread. But……..it’s not. All battles, all wars are won by logistics. A few points to ponder:

    Of the millions of guns and shooters out there, how many do you REALLY think are going to be fighting WITH you……AGAINST you………or simply just not show up? Better figure that one out before you saddle up and join militia.

    And, the battles will ALL be assymetrical. Ever see what a Daisy cutter does to a large group of people? Or what about Puff? Remember those? They’re still around and it means a few guys in an airplane can wipe out thousands of “combatants” and never have to see their faces.

    I’m NOT trying to disuade you from your mission, and sure, some of the “enemy” will not fight against civilians but also don’t DELUDE yourselves that this is a slam dunk. Once the first shots are fired, you won’t be starting a revolution….you will just have started the 2nd American Civil War.

    And for @MLTucson; you have to be able to convince your neighbors with words and ideas before they will draw guns in your favor.

    • Those aircraft weapons may work against a pitched battle but militia will be using small squad hit and run tactics mostly. Armed column suddenly gets hit by snipers who are long gone when slow government response gets there.
      Very few gun owners are going to side with government, yes many will not fight but they will provide material support, ammo, replacement weapons if needed, spot to hole up…
      And the revolutionary war involved maybe 10% of Americans at the beginning. By the end that had increased greatly. Spies and enemies will not get treated nicely in a war, turn me in and face certain death when my goup wipes you and your slave family off the earth so you can’t reproduce again

    • I hear you Not Sure   this is something I plan to discuss with those in the know and in short order.  
      sagebrush rebellion and Oath keepers are a focus of mine now and I will be getting together with them.  

    • @Not Sure
      I understand your terms daisy cutter, and Puff.  I`ve seen Puff in action several times. When Puff arrives on the scene, The tide of battle changes almost instantly. A few orbits around a target area, not much left but count the dead. I understand your warning about groups.
      Rest assured that capable veterans are watching.

    • You can spend a lifetime going over the various hypotheticals…every situation is going to be unique. A cruise missile drops on your head, well I guess you’re battle is over right? I think people inherently want to do the right thing, you just have a few sick Satanic bastards at the primary controls and those guys need to rooted out.

    • Okay you just dropped a cruise missile… on how many fighters? Got 10? Wow $1million per fighter and the supply of cruise missiles is limited because the first things I would do as a resistance fighter would be to bomb those plants into rubble.

  9. Good old fashioned ham radio to the rescue, learn morse code, it can even get through the crap left by an EMP. For short range local comms and the ability to use the local ham repeaters in an emergency buy a case of these and make sure every member has one that is pre programmed with frequencies you will be using.
    have a comm officer who knows how to program these on the fly, keep spares in an emp proof can. The next step up but still man portable is this
    gives shortwave capability, pack a tuned antenna or two made of lightweight wire to toss in a tree or just wire and an antenna tuner. 5 watts on the right band can be heard around the world, on 20 meters during the day it will provide continent wide coverage plus it has a continuous receive from 100 kHz – 56 MHz, 76 – 108 MHz (W-FM only), 108 – 154 MHz, and 420 – 470 MHz letting you listen in on world shortwave broadcast and local AL/FM broadcast.
    Make a code book and go by it until compromised then toss it and move on. There are still spy transmissions in 5 letter/number groups on shortwave bands(infamous numbers stations) and they have yet to be decoded when the information sent is current.

  10. good information Mary. I’m new to this but friends have access to large scale ham equipment  I’ll mark the references you provided.
    One of my jobs is to scrounge.

    • Those handhelds cover ham, FRS, gmrs,  and some public service that hasn’t gone P25. Kind of an all in one radio that will work across the board, and at $35 each no reason for every team member to not own a pair

  11. Whiskey Zero  From your words I gather you were in the thick of it.
    I saw a pic of Commandante Zero aka SAC Love.  He looked all bad ass and tough.
    Maybe he is—but when face with near overwhelming odds, fighting for a merc paycheck might not be all that its cracked up to be
    Now I know why I stacked heavy in PMs and PB.  Both will be used in the fight.
    think anyone will fight for silver? 

    • Yep, I was in the thick of it. Turning point in American history IMO…I think we realize this in hindsight

    • @WO, Thanks for standing up. I was hoping and praying that this would be resolved in the favor of the people and ranchers of Nevada without a shot being fired. It was. For now, at least. This how this country was made…..speak up, stand up and don’t back down. Don’t be quick with violence but don’t let the thought of violence deter your resolve.
      Thank you.

    • I saw many instances of groups getting down on one knee, praying for protection and a peaceful resolution. There was actually very few uniformed militia. There were just enough ‘overt’ militia to send a clear message, and that is all that was needed. What I saw was HUNDREDS of armed patriotic Americans with a purpose. No one ever pointed our weapons at the agents even though we were targeted by snipers, there were also militia snipers taking up positions on the overpass above us. People approached with their HANDS UP willing to die…I’m not kidding, women as well up front, unarmed and ready to take a bullet.

    • @WO, Just a little tactical advice which you’re probably aware of, the next time they come out (and they will come out, if not there than the next land grab. The chinese want to be paid.), they will bring crowd disbursement hardware. Both acoustical and micro- or millimeter wave. Dress appropriately (carbon fiber cloth and solar blankets). The horses will be most vulnerable so you’ll probably have to leave them home. And mercs are involved so it can get ugly with those creeps.

      ALL eyes are watching this. And now there are calls for Reid to be investigated. Maybe, just MAYBE, there will be some justice in this.

  12. Mary B   Hindu Kush—the breaker of empires  No one every came even close to conquering Afghanistan
    In Pakistan, every drone that kills someone creates 100 patriots who want to join the jihad.
    It would be interesting—sort of—to see an American Jihad. Like you said, kill some innocents and these thugs will create 100 or 1,000 new patriots ready to fight
    One thing about Americans.  We have a charitable forgiving nature.
     But rub our fur the wrong way and we are  fierce and indefatigable.

  13. I don’t think most people realize how fragile the Cartel is at this point…once the dollar dies/collapses, how do you pay your thugs and mercenaries your armies? They’ve painted themselves in a corner a long time ago and could only double-down on the propaganda, fraud, and lies. Now the time to pay the piper has come, it’s been a long time coming, and the victory will be oh so bittersweet because in essence we will all be collateral damage…fortunately for us here, we have diversified out of the dollar.

  14. Bingo Bango Bongo
    Obama’s home’s the Congo
    While Harry Reed, with friends in need
    Sells patriots out for a song-O

  15. Gary North makes my point about publicity vs physicality in a great way: http://www.garynorth.com/public/12340.cfm
    Also, he provides a great map that lays out percentage of federally owned lands in each state. Pretty telling.

  16. Best SilverDoctors thread since I don’t know when!
    And here is the best quote:
    Government paid thugs aren’t willing to die for the government, patriots are willing to die to oppose tyranny.
    Anyone here remember a fellow by the name of Jim Morrison?  He said, “They’ve got the guns but we’ve got the numbers.  Gonna win yeah, we’ll take it over!  This was said in protest of the Vietnam war, but remember – what is old becomes new again.

  17. Here is a good view of the ‘Mexican Standoff’ It’s kinda a cliche, but it was literally just after high noon.

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