Blythe Masters to Lead Regulatory Affairs at JPMorgan Chase

The face of JP Morgan’s alleged silver manipulation has reportedly been chosen to lead JPM’s regulatory affairs office in addition to her role as head of commodities.   Apparently Mr. Dimon feels the need to ensure Bart, Gary, and the rest of the CFTC toe the line regarding the nearly 5 year old investigation of silver manipulation.

Blythe Masters, Head of Global Commodities at JPMorgan Chase, has been given the additional assignment to lead regulatory affairs for the corporate and investment bank. 


While continuing to report to James Staley, Head of JPMorgan’s Investment Bank, Masters will also report to Barry Zubrow in her regulatory role. Zubrow has been head of the bank’s corporate and regulatory affairs office since January.

“Having her in this role will be critical to helping us drive the business’s strategy in light of changing regulations,” Mike Cavanagh and Daniel Pinto wrote in the memo obtained by Bloomberg and confirmed by JPMorgan’s Jennifer Zuccarelli.

Read more here at Blythe Masters’ personal blog:


  1. I guess this means no swan dive for Blythe :-(   .

    • CFTC Commisioner Jill Sommers deseerves her share of loathing when it comes to corruption and market manipulation. She fought to cancel public input on position limits. Her credentials for regulating commodities if you can believe it, are a Bachelor of Arts degree from some nameless university, and being an intern for Bob Dole.
      When Gensler, Chilton and Wetjen appealed the position limits rejection, Commisioner Scott Omalia penned a crybaby retort of how unecessary position limits are.
      Commisioners Jill Sommers and Scott Omalia are in my opinion, some of the most despciably corrupt regulators around. 

    • regardless of her devilish deeds, i would not kick that woman out of bed…

    • MrYuri, you have GOT to raise your standards, man!  Jamie may be banging her in his office but that alone should tell you ALL you need to know.  Best you get some help with your avoidance skills.  ;-)

    • Being setup for the fall when silver gets away from them.

    • I’m with MaryB all the way on this one!

  2. Hey Blythe, f*ck you and your 212….
    Her phone # is 212 834-5677… cheers fellas!

    • The voicemail did say “Blythe Masters”

      Sounded like a bitchy type, also. :D

    • Is it actually Blythe Masters’ phone number? Others said that the voice-mail said “Blythe Masters”. If the area code is 212, then that means Blythe Masters lives in New York, at Manhattan because it is the area code of this area. 

  3. 10-4…! Saving that! I’ll call when this thing is over and it’s payback time!

  4. holy sh*t I winced and threw myself back when the page loaded and I had to see that silver-short wearing witch..
    her and jamie should report to the nearest fire and die in it.

  5. Karma, Blythe, Karma.  You are obviously an intelligent person.  You should contemplate what lies ahead for you when you get your just rewards.  Its not gonna be pretty.  You have made countless people suffer pain and hardship, and you will pay.  I hope I can witness your pain.  It will be welcome therapy.

    • She has contemplated that over and over again and is tortured by it.  See her last interview on CNBC on silver manipulation.
      Stop the tape frequently and look at the micro-expressions of despair and horror on her face.  She at times looks
      to be peering into the infinite depths of Hell… 

    • But hey relax and look on the bright side! The silver manipulation made by JP Morgan allows us, the silver buyers, to buy more silver cheaply. We are now able to afford a precious metal that used to cost a lot during the Antiquity.

  6. 1st – Manipulate Silver
    2nd – ?????
    3rd – Profit

  7. Blythe?  Swan Dive?  Nah, White swallow for that girl.  Knee pads optional

  8. I actually had that bloomberg magazine issue w Blythe.  I wish I hadn’t thrown it out  :p

  9. Cougar written all over her face.

  10. With the bite radius of a Lamprey eel

  11. I hate to say it Fellas but the Witch is one nice looking woman but the inside is a F**king disgrace and now she’s in control of Regulatory Affairs, give me a break. The only thing she’ll regulate is the Manipulation of our PM’s
    By the way, if you have seen my video then I need to change the color of my hair. Lol

  12. Why don’t you boys take a couple minutes of your day and leave a nice comment on Blythe’s blog. I’m sure she would be thrilled to hear from you. Make sure to tell her I said Hi. Cheers !

  13. @The Doc’s inductive logic is spot on.  It’s fair to assume that Blythe’s new, additional job function will facilitate JPM’s effort to make the CFTC “…toe the line regarding the nearly 5 year old investigation of silver manipulation.”  Additionally, this “promotion” strongly suggests that JPM considers its derivatives market desk activities in need of careful attention due to known problems.  Think about it.  JPM has a sizable and fully capable legal team and normally, there would not be any business logic what so ever to divert the attention of a critically important manager of one of the bank’s large profit centers.  It would likely please Dimon to just have Blythe continue raking in cash, serving the interest of supporting the fiat system and simply left alone.  The only logical reason for the need to pull her into the additional role of regulatory “diplomacy” boils down to the fact that no other human alive better understands the mess that Blythe has made and that the mess is starting to fall apart and is attracting more unwanted attention.  This is just one more sign that the end game is near.

    • Couldn’t agree more- who better to explain their derivatives to regulators and not trip over her dick in the process?
      She invented the things, so its her mess. 
      Good analysis, FW.

    • Even if JP Morgan does its best to avoid the attentions from the people due to the big financial mess cased by them, people will eventually know the truth as the fiat currencies lose more values and when there would be commodities shortages.

  14. They don’t necessarily own the CFTC. They own the whole damn (in)justice dept!

  15. She is a little sexpot. I would line up for her anytime. Nice lips too..Oh Blythe come to Daddy..

  16. One of my construction buds writes this on his hardhat:


    He’s a bit more like the occupy Wall Street crowd, but
    a good Guy nonetheless.  I think the armed homeless 
    should visit Blythe and Jamie D. and show off their weapons LOL 

    • The picture’s size wasn’t well adjusted. Here’s the picture again with its size adjusted to the comment box.


  17. Rockets Your Not Going There Are You? Not Salems Lot!!! Funny. I Would Have My Cross & Garlic..

  18. “Regulatory Affairs”

    aptly named 

  19. Yeah, let Blythe Masters become the Head of Global Commodities at JP Morgan Chase so that she can manipulate all the other commodities with paper crap. Their manipulations will soon end as hyperinflation hits the USA or when there’s a commodities shortages.

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