Wall St. Pirates of the Obscene: Blythe Masters

In commemoration of yesterday’s ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’, WilliamBanzai7 has created another masterpiece, this time depicting JP Morgan’s head of commodities Blythe Masters as a mermaid enchantress apparently replacing Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Carribean 5:
Wall St. Pirates of the Obscene

From WilliamBanzai7:



  1. I dont see her gills.

  2. That is just nasty   No wonder the Harpies drove sailors mad. 

  3. Thanks Doc, 
                      My fantasy of mermaids has been ruined for life 

  4. The face looks like a man’s face with long hairs and with a mermaid’s body.
    Conclusion: That is one disgusting mermaid!

  5. Why did I look at this right before bed?

  6. THAT is supposed to “enchant” men to their deaths?  Holy s***!  She’s a lot closer to Medusa than to a beautiful mermaid!  Add some snakes to her hair-do.  lol


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