Black Tie Activists Crash Investment Banking Awards- Recognize Barclays Banksters for LIEBORGATE ‘Innovation’

A group of black-tie anti-bankster activists recently crashed the Investment Banking Awards by making it on-stage and presenting Barclays executives with an award for LIBOR manipulation innovation.  Perhaps next year the activists can recognize Blythe and Jamie for innovative manipulation of the silver market.

The Investment Banking Awards are the Oscars of the financial world. Dished out for so-called ‘innovation’, some of the world’s richest bankers gather together to congratulate each other on devising ever more creative ways to make obscene sums of money.

One of 2012′s most profitable scams was the bankers’ ‘innovative’ approach to a key interest rate called LIBOR. Virtually every bank at the event was involved in illegally colluding to rig LIBOR, ensuring that they would always be the winners in the multi-million pound bets they were making on the markets.

When we noticed that this money-spinner had been overlooked in the ceremony, we decided to show up and make sure the LIBOR-riggers got the recognition they deserve.

Full clip of the activists presenting the award (and then immediately being ushered off-stage) below:


  1. I saw this on Max’s site, all I can say is God Bless you Kids for what you did. What a GREAT  and courageous job you did.  True Patirots!!!!

  2. I don’t know your names but AWSOME job!!

  3. That was a rather impressive and delightful accomplishment. I can’t congratulate that wonderful little group enough! Smashing good show!

    • Pat, I didn’t notice if anyone from Barclays accepted the award. It was disgusting watching them just smirk as the truth looked them eye to eye!

  4. If i could i would give those kids a big hug,God bless

  5. they should have had grenades to toss out to those smiling sociopaths…
    but its a start….maybe next time…. 

  6. That was awesome!

  7. Really courageous. Well done !!

  8. Hard to embarrass people who have no conscience. It was however, amusing and hopefully causes someone to take the story further to a complete revelation as to the facts and the truth behind the actions of these dishonest bankers.

  9. These intruders also deserve an award for giving an award to Barclay so that this bank would be ashamed of their scam. The reactions of the executives from Barclay are funny! Their faces = Priceless :D

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