Bix Weir: Take Down of the Federal Reserve System Begins

Bix Weir is sticking to his guns regarding a take-down attempt of the current fiat debt system by the ‘good guys’, claiming that ‘everything is exploding for the bad guys’, and that ‘the Federal Reserve is falling on their own sword.’

We’ll believe it when we see it, but Bix’ thoughts and analysis is provided below for your own discussion and thoughts:

Bix Weir

In an interview last weekend the “Good Guy Insider” gave a brief update on the pending take down of the Bad Guys. In this interview Drake said to expect something to be leaked out of the Federal Reserve sometime midway through the week. Here’s the interview and the Drake conversation is right at the beginning:

So I was watching for something related to the Federal Reserve and AS IF RIGHT ON CUE revelations came out about the Fed hiding massive amounts of information on their meetings during the 2008 financial crisis. Here’s Dylan Ratigan (part of the Good Guys) exposing the info.

I will address this further in this weeks Friday Road Trip.

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EVERYTHING is exploding for the Bad Guys.

It may seem a bit confusing that the Road to Roota Theory shows the Federal Reserve working to take down the Banking Cabal and yet, on the surface, they seem to be working with the Bad Guys.

My take: We have come to the time when the Federal Reserve falls on their own sword.

Ron Paul is about to get a GREAT BIG BOOST in visibility as he pursues these latest revelations!

It’s all going as planned…


Bix Weir


  1. If you subscribe to his website for a small fee, you will get all the secrets revieled!

  2. Good guys – Bad guys

    who gives  flying $%ck when the


    get off scott free & do NO JAIL TIME

    I want to see these Fraudsters do serious jail time for all the money they have stolen & the live’s they have destroyed

    Can the SEC & CFTC ever grow a pair & do something other than BLOW smoke up our collective A$$

  3. Yeah and if we do what we have talked about time after time on the Silver Doctors site, which is pick up phyz regularly and add on the paper sales we can pick up a little more phyz rather than pay the small fee… Maybe there is some worth while stuff to read, but it will not change the facts… Add to your phyz stack and hold… Add what you can when you can… And squirrel it away… Do we really need to pay someone so we can do what we have been doing? 

  4. Sorry for getting of topic…
    What’s with the whole good guy bad guy, meet me next week for the secret crap… If you have something to say and a way to take the bad down, just do it… Whats with all the drama BS

  5. I used to say things like “End The Fed” because I was still living a the delusion that guys like Ron Paul would become President. Sadly, Alas and Alack, as long a we have an un-collapsed country, we will live in slavery to the beckon call of the Federal Reserve.

    Only a MAD MAX scenario will change this. Since we all don’t want to see this alternative, I feel that any headline announcing the demise or the hope of demise or the over-throw, etc, of the Fed is just done for purpose hype.

    This is also one of the reasons why Dylan Ratigan probably could no longer contribute to that Shill Network CNBS.

    Even Dylan fails to point out why the Fed is not required to reveal anything. Private agencies do not need to comply with any public or constitutional demands. They make their own rules and as such are immune. We are slaves to an entity that has no accountability whatsoever. Move Along Buy Your Silver –End of Story. 

  6. I’ve recently subscribed to Bix’s Road to Roota Letters, and although I was highly sceptical at first, a lot of the stuff he writes makes absolute sense. I am not 100% convinced that the “good guys” according to him are really the good guys, because the bad guys always pretend to be the good guys when their fiat Ponzi and other schemes run into difficulty and mass resistance, but the stuff is surely interesting and up to date.

    The workman is worthy of his pay, so I won’t bad mouth him for asking a subscription fee. A lot of research goes into his updates and articles… Why should he work for free? Will you work for free?
    Us silver bugs should rather band together than looking for bones of contention to share among ourselves. We will not all agree 100% on everything, but it doesn’t give any of us the right to be a dick.
  7. I like Bix; but, I automatically like anybody that’s my height.

  8. The rotten at the top is a reflection of the enablers in the broader body of those governed by them. Until there is collapse the majority of people will not change whether at the bottom or the top levels and even then there could be a long period of volatility. That’s just my gut feeling. I think Bix is too optimistic. I have met people who even seem to think some supernatural event is going to save the planet. I am not saying it’s wrong to be optimistic but tempered with cold analyses of the facts. Nobody can rule anything out but I’m a numbers man and the numbers tell me this planet is due a cyclical wake up call/ mean reversion. Bad stuff can and does actually happen. I found that out already.

    Keep stacking your coins and seeds, foster good relationships, give help to others (the antithesis of the modern day, let the government help them attitude) and prepare emotionally for it. Be kind to those the Matrix dwellers albeit they can be frustrating I know. A good temperament will make sure your assertions hold the most possible weight in peoples determinations. It’s coming. I don’t know what else anybody can do.
  9. I’ll reserve my thoughts on the subject until I learn more. Interesting though. All Metal Construction has the right idea. Do your preps, help others (but be wary), foster good relationships, stay safe and protected and keep stacking.

  10. Wake me up when it hits CNN or something…until then it’s pure fantasy.

  11. So sorry for speaking my fuckin peace…. I wasn’t attempting to ruffle anyones feathers..
    My point plain and simple is we are going to add to the stack and hoard it away and I personally would rather spend any extra money on more phyz, cause the end result will still remain the same… Stack and hoard… I don’t work for free… Nor should you or anyone else… If people want to pay to view his work then there is nothing wrong with that… I just will not be one of them… So if that makes me a dick SO FUCKIN BE IT…

    Happy Stackin!!

  12. Danno We’re all dicks to some extent, so don’t take it personal. My plan was also to use the subscription money to stack more phyz, but then I got hooked on Bix’s stuff. Peace.

  13. Danno 

     I don’t think anyone took offence at your comments. It’s good to vent. 

     The Silver Doctor voices have really upped their game with this new site and the incentives that Doc and Bull Rn have made available. The contests are fun. Lots of people take time to contribute good info.  As for the sites that ask for coin, I subscribe to more sites than I can count but that my  own weirdness—I’m a self confessed info junkie who can’t get enough data. 

     The great part of this site is we all opine intelligently and with respect for others opinions, even when the diverge at times. It’s pretty clear that a person can get enough data to process without spending a penny for the info.   The issues with our opinions, and I don’t regard it as a problem, is we are in such uncertain times, with events coming at us on a daily basis, that an opinion that seems certain today is countered tomorrow with new info. I’ve been forced to rethink my long held beliefs (the red pill works)

     The European situation has changed so quickly that to stay current we have to be on the posts early to get a handle of what is  shaking.  To me Bix is one voice amongst many.  If we data sift all the silver speakers it is possible to get a good handle on what may wash up on our shores.  be safe

  14. Yeah we are… I shouldn’t have taken it personally…. I got ya… Happy Stackin!!

  15. I hear ya AGXIIK… It’s all good….

  16. That shitty song they made me listen to for 3 friggin minutes before Bix made me stab my eardrums out. It also crashed my browser. Coincidence? I think not.

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