GATA’s Bill Murphy joins AltInvestors to discuss the latest gold take-down, which Murphy describes as the largest manipulative take-down of gold that he has ever seen.
Murphy’s thoughts on gold are below:



  1. Ask The hunts brother’s about silver/gold cartel .. I my eyes they were the True bad asses in calling out the evil prick scank bag licking “cartel”  I think Sprott man up on these bitches too . one word towards Premiums “scarcity”

  2. If you keep your eyes on the GLD there’s been 42 tons moved out since April 17.  7 days, 6 tons acg a day.  SLV saw well over 4 MOZ exit.  Maybe these are phony numbers, maybe not, but that sort of movement is telling and where it’s going in not disclosed.

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