Bill Murphy: The Gold Meltdown

GATA’s Bill Murphy joins AltInvestors to discuss the latest gold take-down, which Murphy describes as the largest manipulative take-down of gold that he has ever seen.
Murphy’s thoughts on gold are below:




  1. Ask The hunts brother’s about silver/gold cartel .. I my eyes they were the True bad asses in calling out the evil prick scank bag licking “cartel”  I think Sprott man up on these bitches too . one word towards Premiums “scarcity”

  2. If you keep your eyes on the GLD there’s been 42 tons moved out since April 17.  7 days, 6 tons acg a day.  SLV saw well over 4 MOZ exit.  Maybe these are phony numbers, maybe not, but that sort of movement is telling and where it’s going in not disclosed.

  3. Shortages in STL are fading away. Premiums are still up. Heres Proof This is the “phyzz market” for the lil guy here. They got Ag junk, Eagles2013only, 10 Oz.bars… This shortage appears to be possibly as simple as an inventory phenomenon, mentioned by host.

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