Bill Fleckenstein: Hold Tight To Your Gold

hold tightPity the wise money manager these days. Our juiced-up financial markets, force-fed liquidity by the Fed the other major world central banks, are pushing asset prices far beyond what the fundamentals merit.
If you see this reckless central planning behavior for what it is – a deluded attempt to avoid reality for as long as possible – your options are limited if you take your fiduciary duty to your clients seriously.
Bill Fleckenstein of Fleckenstein Capital has a difficult time seeing other assets to own besides the precious metals. There are confidence bubbles in stocks, bonds and the fiat currencies that will break – not may, but will – and when they do, he sees no safe harbor for investment capital save gold:


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  1. Interesting interview. Especially starting from 2:30 to the end of conversation.
    What I like the most is starting from 3:26 (it’s about Chinese) quote: “at this point of time THEY WILL TAKE ANYTHING IS OFFERED TO THEM at the stage as we understand it” :)

  2. Summation:
    CM: So outside of GOLD, do you have any investment areas, sectors, ideas that you think make sense in this environment?
    BF: Not really, I think that is the most sane way to protect ones self against these irresponsible and financially destabilizing policies.

  3. Well fiat is going to way of the dodo. Not many are going to trust a currency anymore after the western banking system collapses that isn’t backed by something.

    • Prior to and during the Great Depression, millions of Americans saw the banks for the nakedly greedy wealth-sucking leeches they truly are.  In the years that have passed since then, these cretins have been busy rebuilding their reputation as honorable business men and women.  Unfortunately for all concerned, they are still the greedy wealth-sucking leeches that our parents, grandparents  and great grandparents knew so well.  As the fiat scheme unwinds, their greed will know no bounds and their grasping for the wealth of others will know no shame.

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