Bill Black on Why Jamie Dimon Will Not Be Prosecuted For Explicitly Violating Sarbanes-Oxley

DimonDespite the long list of violations already committed by JPMorgan Chase over the past several years, CEO Jamie Dimon added one more to the list. The executive explicitly violated a federal statute that has the potential to put him in jail for decades. The law violated can be found in Section 906 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which aimed to reform accounting practices and protect investors. RT’s Meghan Lopez asks William K. Black, associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, why Dimon nor any other fraudulent have not been charged for their crimes.

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  1. Starting this clip with a sound bite from POTUS SHINOLA De PINOCCHIO makes clear that Dimon is Top and Elite Member of the Worldwide Liars Club. 
      Liars, thugs, banksters and politicians hang togther, watching each other’s back.
    Dimon will be 2 hours ahead of indictments and court time, jetting in his G5 to a country providing safe haven to criminals like him, with no extradition treaties.   Much like Mark Rich. 
    He’ll be pardoned by the president in the next go around of Get out Jail Free Cards served up to unworthies.

    • Indeed he will, AG… for a price!  ”Justice” IS for sale by the Obamunists, so gather up your millions, evil do-ers, and prepare to pay through the nose for your ticket to freedom.  No better case of this exists than for Jon Corzine, a man who did everything that Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff did and then some but who got away with it scot-free; not because of the circumstances of his case but because of his close association with the current administration in DC.  They decide what the law is and who gets thrown under the bus for their transgressions.  Yes, it IS good to be king but it is almost as good to be the king’s buddy.  So, while Bernie rots in jail for his misdeeds, Jon gets to jet around, spend his ill-gotten gains, and enjoy a high and ritzy lifestyle.  Now, is that JustUS or what?

  2. Banks ARE the government so why would any of the big guys go to jail? They will toss away a few little bankers here and there as bait to keep the sheep happy thinking something has been done to fix the corruption when in fact it just gets worse with every year.

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