In his latest market update, Trim Tabs’ Charles Biderman states that If the U.S. government were subject to the same laws, such as Sarbanes Oxley, as is a public company, Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner would be guilty of financial fraud. How can I make such an outrageous claim? Simple, it is the truth.

Biderman’s full rant below:


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  1. It’s no secret, it’s been known for years that government passes laws but then exempts themselves from those laws or just ignores the law altogether. For example  the min. wage laws that congress exempted itself from. But these are criminals and consider themselves abbove any law! Right now Speaker John Boehner is systematicly removing (purging) all fiscal conservatives from key finance commitees in order to remove all opposition to the next round of financial crimes coming out of Washington.

    • Boner is a jack-wagon. I keep hoping that the SOB loses his Speaker’s job because he is a walking cluster-f*** as a Speaker.  Looks to me like on every issue that is important, Obammy just bitch-slaps Boner until he gets what he wants.  We’ve seen this movie before and it always ends the same way, although the posturing and other trivial / useless crap that goes on before a “deal” is made differs slightly from time to time.

      BTW… Boehner is a German name and so is Boehn.  Everyone I ever knew whose family name was Boehn pronounced it as “bone”, hence my phonetic spelling of this turd’s name.

    • Exactly! Previous presidents such as George Bush and Bill Clinton have also committed acts of financial fraud. They all deserve to be killed to avoid more corruption in this world.

  2. I love Biderman’s commentary.  I refer to it as “bare-knuckles economics”.  This is the essence of what is important to most of us in economic terms after all the BS has been distilled away.

  3. Barack Obama should also be guilty for not respecting the US Constitution. Look at the NDAA law that Obama signed, it is unconstitutional. As for Timothy Geithner, I don’t even know how he became an economist and where did he learned his economics lessons.

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