Open Letter & Petition to CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton
Petition Background (Preamble):

CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton has claimed he stands for honest markets. We, the undersigned, call upon him to read the open letter below and take the only appropriate action remaining. Mr. Chilton: Resign, become a whistleblower and take your rightful place in history.
Click here for The News Doctors’ Exclusive open letter to Bart Chilton calling for the CFTC commissioner to resign and become a whistle-blower on the manipulation of gold and silver markets:



  1. Unfortunately, Bart Chilton has no power to act even if he wanted to. The CFTC has almost no authority to do anything to enforce existing commodity law. Brooksley Born resigned in 1999 over that very issue. She wanted to stop the Wall St Banksters and their derivatives trading but was forced out by Greenspan, Rubin and Summers. Arthur Levitt (SEC head) later said she was correct and that he should have listened to her.

    • well said BOP. The thing people don’t understand is that these guys are acting scripted parts, and Bart is a damn fine actor. He acts the part of the good person who wants to see that right is done for sake of the little people, but that his hands are tied in ways that, if he divulged them, would end him. Look at his face in this picture, doesn’t it say all that? The benefit of having Bart act this part, is that we will believe that he is doing all he can (and don’t many people believe just that?), so that we accept the situation, which we implicitly have done, because it is impossibly difficult to change it, with 99% people swallowing all the propaganda. So, we accept for now, and wait for the SHTF, at which time it has been programmed that right will be done, Au and Ag will reach their real value, and finally those damn meddling bankers and Wall St will be dealt with appropriately, and we can all live in freedom thereafter. A good person with his hands tied. Bravo, great show, whatever your real name is ‘Bart’.
      Just like the fake pics of Obama, and all the others, with just the right expression to go with whatever story is current .. all scripted. 1000′s of images all ready for whatever story segment it is necessary to use next.

    • @undeRGRound
      “Owen Wilson can play Mr. Chilton in the movie…  ;)”
      He’s a pretty decent actor but his hair is WAY too fine and limp to ever match Chilton’s stand-up-by-itself mane.  Of course, those Hollywood makeup artists can do just about anything with such problems.  lol

    • @Chief I get the impression that Bart Shillton is a good actor too.
      @undeRGRound ,LOL, Owen Wilson indeed, great pickup. Shillton is a great comedy act too. I like the one where he acts like he’s going to slay a dragon on Wall Street, it is a great joke, though he needs to dress up like St George when he goes to work or ride a horse through the lobby at JP Morgan swinging a sword. That will make the act semi believable ;P
      Delphi Technique is a mighty fine tool for fleecing more suckers than would otherwise be the case. The Bankstaz can squeeze every last drop out of the masses of plebs by keeping them thinking that there are honest people in positions of power that CAN and WILL make a difference and provide some social justice … and they promise … and promise … and promise, but it never comes.
      IMO, the CFTC is just another extension of the Banksta consolidation of world wealth. You have to keep as many suckers playing at the table/game as possible for as long as possible, no successful Ponzi scheme is complete without frequent injections of hopium to make the punters think that they have not been suckered.
      A captured ‘regulator’ NEEDS to act like the hooker with a heart of gold; it comes with the job. Just like Arthur Levitt and his dreams about hindsight, these people have all been hookers with a heart of gold, and they have all taken their payment for services rendered to the banking criminals … peas in a pod are banks and regulators. If the CFTC was a ‘regulator’ then it would have actually regulated something or shown real teeth, but a tree is governed by the quality of its fruit, and I gave up on this tree a long time ago. Miracles don’t happen in the US anymore, only hopium injections with no actual delivery of hope. Hopium and Change … change from Freedom to Fascism; at least Obomber delivered on his promise in some kind of way.

    • @Bay of Pigs (not directed 100% at you, but…):  The CFTC does have the power.  It just doesn’t execute it.  Brooksley Born getting shut down by Greenspan et. al. only proves that those men and their institutional base and higher-ups in the oligarchy had more power to force a shutdown of Born’s efforts.  Notice, I’m not proposing the CFTC do anything.  I’m proposing the necessary information to catalyze change be liberated and placed with the public.  This is a slow process.  LIBOR scandals are out in the open now, but not much change has happened yet.  But the more that these things are outed, the heavier the burden of maintaining the matrix becomes — and the matrix will decay *if* good people like you stop being cynical and start working towards educating the masses.  It’s happening.  Repression rising is also happening.  It’s a race.  Like it or not, I don’t – you don’t – have the ability to not pick sides.  When good people do nothing, that is a choice — a default choice in support of the status quo.
      Politicians and agency bureaucrats over the long-run follow the will of the people.  They do not lead.  Leaders are followers.  This petition can create the space where Bart Chilton will have a bit more safety in coming out – especially should he ask for the help of the American people directly.  The America people would respond, Mr. Chilton. 
      On at least two separate occasions Mr. Chilton said he’d make public disclosures if his agency did nothing.  Mr. Chilton could in fact be the right type of person to come forward.  Maybe not.  But creating the space for him to be able to do it is what this is all about.
      People power shaped the Obama “care” debate this month and if anyone reading these words think that happened only because tea party and conservative Republicans stood-up, let me tell you, it’s way more complicated than that. 
      People power shaped the strike-Syria debate this month.  It wasn’t just Obama fumbling or Putin the chess master impacting reality.
      Real change can happen, even in systems as corrupt and as oligarchically controlled as the United States.
      I suffer no illusion.  It could take years for these corruptions to see the light of day.  But I know what will happen if good people do nothing.  There will be no renaissance of any sort.  All the justifications and bemoaning of those that come on message boards bitching and complaining about how the world is controlled by an oligarchy, controlled as a new world order and on and on will only become a self fulfilling prophesy.  The oligarchy is indeed powerful.  But they’re not building a police state because they think it’s cute.  They’re building it because they know we have more power than they do.

      It’s in your hands, people.  Do the right thing.  Even if you think it’s pointless, you’re spending more time reading these words than it would take to sign the petition.   Get on social media and spread the word too.  Get on ZeroHedge and tell them to link to it.
      - Eric Dubin
      “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.
      * * *
      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”   ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 

    • Thanks Eric. Great post. And yes, I am doing all I can to spread the word. Kind of frustrating the last 10 to 15 years, but I won’t give up, or ever give in.
      Peace and Aloha brother.

    • @undeRGRound
      “yo, man, It’s HOLLYWOOD!   we can handle dat!”
      Indeed it is and yes we can.  Disintegrating silver atoms… the most powerful physical force in the known universe!  lol

  2. I think Bart Chilton is doing the best job he can.  Why should he resign his Federal position and career?  For what?  He has done the best he can.  Period.  The laws that allow the Dept of the Treasury to manipulate markets were set up in 1934 or thereabouts and there is nothing Mr Chilton can do about that.  Maybe you should be calling for the politicians who created the legislation or that support this leglisation to resign? The Dept of the Treasury has zero transparency and owes you nor I any explanation for why it enters the markets.  Period.  Yes, its screwed up but it is what it is.  You can also expect the Feds to stay in the PM markets and continue to do whatever it is that they feel like doing.  And, they are outside of the law.  Period.  If I knew what I know now about this I would have never invested in silver.  Or, at least I would have invested a lot less.  Very discouraging I know.     

    • PK, I’d say your investment will be just fine. IMO the real value of Silver is higher than any level the
      CRIMEX has seen since 1980, most likely. But we will have to see a complete system reset to realize 
      this, most likely. I have a large sum in a 401A right now, that if I could access it, I would BUY, BABY, BUY!
      Regardless of current price. But lower is better, for new investment. 
      I see that it will probably be a crash which liberates the PMs.

    • Bart ”Banker Shill” Chilton, is the UncleTom/BenedictArnold of the Silver Market. His goodcop facade is stale. Dont bother sending him a petition. Dont waste your time on this. Just like when we all dutifully chimed in for position limits. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED. Chilton would make a better mall cop than a whistleblower. At least then he could window shop for hair product while on the beat. As it is, he simply enables bankster corruption. Get Lost Bart Chilton.

  3. @Pollokeeper This is exactly what they want us to think. Nothing can be done. This is the way it is. This way of thinking helped in big way to get us to the situation we are in right now.
    Well on another note I would like to know which asset class would you invest in if know prior what you know now. Would you keep cash, gamble on stock market, properties … I rather stay in PMs. The change will come. There is no other option possible. The system is unrepairable without major reset.

    • @henasau when I entered the silver market I was looking at the fundamentals only and I drank the coolaid.  I was unaware of the law that was in place since 1934 that allowed the Treasury Dept to actively manage all markets.  I don’t think most people were aware of it.  Even though it was right on the Treasury Dept’s website.  If I had it to do over again I would have invested in land or real estate here in Panama.  Panama is booming and the right choice of land or property is proving to be a good investment here.  No biggy.  I now have to wait for the system to reset before I will break even on my silver investment.  I firmly believe that managing the price of gold and silver is now high on the radar for the Treasury dept, using funds in the Exchange Stabilization Fund.  Polititions will not change the law anytime soon because it will be presented to them that this manipulation of markets is a matter of National Security.  And, it is an easy argument to present.  The dollar is in big trouble right now so desperate times require desperate measures and suppressing gold props up the value of the dollar.  We are also backed into a corner with QE.  We have to buy TBonds from China.  If the Fed does not buy them who will buy them?  The deal is that we will buy the TBonds to maintain control of interest rates and China gets to use the funds to buy gold.  China gets something out of the deal.  It buys us a little time.  It buys China gold and they still need a lot of gold.  China loves this manipulation thing that is going on.  We buy China’s TBond’s and then we top it off by discounting the price of gold all in one sweet package.  Life doesn’t get better for the Chino’s than that.  What do we get out of this deal?  Just a little more time.  How much is anyone’s guess.  As far as Bart goes, none of this is his fault.  He will keep his mouth shut.  He has no other choice.  He will not jeapardize his pension or his career.  I don’t blame him.  

    • @Pollokeeper
      I am aware of ESF and 1934 regulation allowing government to rig the markets. Saying that I can’t see this can go for much longer. The system is braking up rapidly as we speak and accelerating. The masses are waking up too.
      I hear what you are saying about land in Panama. For us westerners it appears to be attractive but when sh&&t will hit the fan I believe the prices will get a hit too. You will have time to buy it with your appreciated silver. I am in SA at the moment. I spent a lot of time in Colombia and Ecuador, as a tourist though. I can see the prices for land has been bump up by expats from US and Europa. No surprise a lot of Spanish here too. On top of it you are running third party risk. Lets say new president will decide to change the law regarding land ownership.
      Bart?? Only certain type of people will held this sort of position and I am not very fond of them. I think they all will pay the price when the time of reckoning will arrive. 
      As far as China/USA sweet deal  - maybe? But this can only last while current system in place. We have USA/Japan/Europa all held just by a shoestring. 
      So I am much more comfortable with silver. No third party risk and the fundamentals will win eventually.   

    • @Henasau  Your points are well taken.  However, silver is not a good investment if a person got in at too high of a Price which is my predicament.  I have to live with this fact and wait the wait.  You are right, the system will not correct itself.  It has to be reset.  If things stay the way they are now silver and gold will stay suppressed.  No one knows how long the system can muddle along in its present condition.  Some say a taper must eventually happen.  Maybe in 2014, that somehow, QE cannot last forever.  I don’t think anyone knows how long the QE can stay in place but the QE is what is holding our TBond market up.  Tapering cannot occur without severe consequences and I do not believe the Fed has the nads to pull the plug on it anytime soon.  I have learned to not confuse inevitable with imminent. It took me awhile to learn this. So we wait.  I believe that our waiting game will be agonizing and longer than most people think.  I wonder sometimes what in the hell we are doing.  We are watching a historic transfer of wealth happen right before our very eyes.  All of our gold is getting on airplanes, being melted down by Chino’s into Kgm bars, never to be seen again by Western eyes.  Great strategy huh?  Oh well, I do believe it is ironic.  All the foreigner’s moving into the US right at the dawn of its transformation from its former greatness to its future as a banana republic. 

  4. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if people in Chilton’s position are required to sign secrecy agreements with the government under direct or implied threat to him and his family.  I’m sure powerful people would not tolerate a whistleblower from this position as it most certainly would be called a threat to national security.

      The F’ed Govt. right now, and for the past 2 decades at least, has used a doctrine they call 
      MILITARY SECRETIZATION  to steal and shalve any and all major Energy and MPG (mileage) 
      patents. This is an easily proven point, the man who beat the USPTO is named Thomas Valone
      and he was a whistleblower, and he got his job back, and back pay! But he was fired before he
      brought out the misdeeds of the Patent Office. They are more careful now…

  5. These guys will all be well taken care of for taking hits in the public eye. They are doing the dirty work for the politicians that don’t do their job. All the alphabet agencies responsible for overseeing the financial industry are also responsible to congressional over sight, but none is ever forthcoming from our illustrious elected officials. Instead all fingers point at the financial institutions, and MSM makes sure of that! Never point fingers at politicians in Washington D.C. because remember, they are always investigating things to get to the bottom of dirty deeds!  Remember Andrew Brietbart blowing all those whistles and pointing fingers where fingers needed to be pointed? Getting ready to release damning Obama videos. Heart attack and plop, over he goes at 42 years of age….His coroner was just getting ready to release the autopsy report when, of all things, he was poisoned. He too rolled over and plopped off. Darn, just starting to get somewhere! Remember John Wheeler? Probably don’t, his name doesn’t make much news. I believe he was a descendant of the well know civil war confederate cavalry officer Joe Wheeler. John graduated from West Point and was in the military consulting business. He was getting ready to blow the whistle on some kind of political skulduggery going on a year or two ago. He was found dead in a land fill back east somewhere. Apparently life was to much for him and he crawled dazed and confused into a dumpster and plopped himself off…..sheesh, and Bart turning whistle blower? Boy….And I think somewhere it is written, and so it will be ala JW, that market manipulation is allowable legally by ‘the proper’ agencies…..

  6. They are about to change the whole rules regarding margining of futures positions, set for a vote in Oct.  All in the name of customer protections they wish to reinterpret the commodity exchange act to which trickle down effect will mean customers will have to supply 2x margin with their brokers.  All well and good until we have MF Global or Peregrine repeats.

    Don’t think they have real power? This would be a game changer and not a good one for mid to small business.

    • Hi Mikey! 
      OK, so you mean DOUBLING the current Margin? It is nearly 20% (18 comes to mind) so that would be like 35-40% 
      margins… Or are you saying have a 200% MARGIN? Talk about a GOLD STANDARD! That would take reall Cajones 
      to want to trade in a rigged market like that! IMO NO ONE would be in that game! Unless it’s a JPM or larger sized 
      trader, and has true immunity in cases of market upheaval, or mistakes LOL! In other words, the small player LOSES 
      again! But you did say that… I agree. 

    • @underRGRound
      Cme is not doubling the margin requirements, but cftc is changing the way they interpret the commodity exchange act which would in effect require brokers to ask for 2x current margins in order to remain in compliance.  up for vote in a month.

      This is bad for small businesses with small credit lines that want to hedge, say a country grain elevator, With only a moderate amount of storage capacity may require a margin line of 1 to 2 mln dollars, on deposit with the fcm (jp morgan, abn amro, etc etc). Now if they approve these “protections” the required margin amount jumps to 2mln-4mln. There are reasons for this, but none that make much sense, and the problem is that, to date, nothing has been done to ensure the customers money is safe with the fcm, or to ensure that the customer has a stronger position in the instance of a fcm bankruptcy.

      To bring this to the lowest common denominator… if this were enacted prior to MF Global or Peregrine then their clients would be out 2x more than they are today. Customer protections my eye!

    • Correct, and that money is sitting with the same brokers playing largely by the same rules as prior to MF Global.  
      Remember, the cftc is not legislating a 2x margin, but if they vote their rules into place that is very likely to be the ultimate effect,

  7. Hey Wombat – good stuff above. I know the bottom end of this section of comments are getting side tracked(LOL) but you make good points. And thanks SD for standing up. Many of the PM gurus out there lip sync their concerns. I do watch most of them back down hiding behind it’s just a money thing, and avoid pointing fingers where they need to be pointed to uncover the deeper crap driving this madness today. It is a  people thing that has corrupted the money thing, and until the people thing is dealt with the money thing will only continue to get worse, and as the money thing gets worse, so goes the people….. Right On! Keep this page front and center……

    • @BigTom
      Spot On, Big Bro! 
      We need to clean house, starting with Congress in 2014, and the White House… 
      No Fat RINOs or Benghazi Bi-otches! 
      it IS a PEOPLE Problem! Needing Solved by WE THE PEOPLE! 

    • @BigTom: All revolutions, including peaceful ones, rise on the back of 10% of the population, give or take.  Our numbers are already past that tipping point.  Anyone stuck in the mode of cynicism or fear or analysis paralysis is not living life. 
      Andrew Brietbart, for all we know, could very well have kept on doing what he did even if he knew years before he’d be whacked.  There comes a time when everyone must decide:  live or pretend;  integrity or lies.  There will come a day when enough people decidedly live in integrity and without fear.  When that critical mass arrives, change for the better will occur.  I believe we have arrived at that testing point in history and all outcomes will be known within a few years.  But we’re here, folks.    Even if this thesis proves incorrect, not accepting it at FAITH’s value and operating by it — living in truth — robs souls’ of the very meaning of human potential and the value of living.  I think Andrew Brietbart understood this.
      * * *
      There are good people in the NSA. 
      Look at what happened with the military this month.  Rank and file on up placed their images on the net, declaring they’d not serve in Syria.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told pResident Obama attacking would be a very bad idea. 
      The signs are everywhere, and I suspect you see it too, BigTom.  The sleeping giant that is the American public is beginning to awaken.  Resist cynicism, move past fear.
      If enough people just suck it up, live without fear, and STAND for what is right, this entire paradigm of oppression will come crumbling down just as what was seen with Eastern Europe and the Soviet Empire.   Sadly, it may take another economic crash to really get consciousness electrified — or an outed false flag that backfires on its sociopaths authors (TPTB already know pulling off another 911 will have unintended consequences they will not be able to control).  Time will tell.

  8. In Russia  Pussy eat you.
    I heard the name Lonnie Anderson mentioned.
    In America you eat pussy. 
    Bert Reynolds was a real DA for dumping Lonnie. 
    Now for the serious stuff
    Flying Wombat is right.  We are in for the long fight  Another poster quoted Eric Hoffer.  Hoffer said that the ‘enemy’ uses the weapons  against us that  they fear most. 
    What do they fear?
    So they use lies
    So they use fear
    So they use intimidation
    Imagine the if a million Germans lining up to hear Hitler speak and started laughing uncontrollably, pointing fingers at this runty little psychopath. When then?
    In the vein of Solzhenitzen, there are 3 kinds of people
    Sheeple who live and die by the dictates of others
    Partizans who live and die by their own actions
    The Oligarchs who are mortal and can be killed
    When one or a handful of people can terronize* a million people the fight must begin. 
    This is as good a place as any.
    *terror and tyranny

  9. For you, Bart.
    We’re setting sail to the place on the map
    from which no one has ever returned
    Drawn by the promise of the joker and the fool
    by the light of the crosses that burned.
    Drawn by the promise of the women and the lace
    and the gold and the cotton and pearls
    It’s the place where they keep all the darkness you need.
    You sail away from the light of the world on this trip, baby.
    You will pay tomorrow
    You’re gonna pay tomorrow
    You will pay tomorrow

    Save me. Save me from tomorrow
    I don’t want to sail with this ship of fools. No, no
    Oh, save me. Save me from tomorrow
    I don’t want to sail with this ship of fools
    I want to run and hide right now

    Avarice and greed are gonna drive you over the endless sea
    They will leave you drifting in the shallows
    or drowning in the oceans of history
    Traveling the world, you’re in search of no good
    but I’m sure you’ll build your Sodom like you knew you would
    Using all the good people for your galley slaves
    as you’re little boat struggles through the warning waves, but you don’t pay

    You will pay tomorrow
    You’re gonna pay tomorrow
    You’re gonna pay tomorrow

    Save me. Save me from tomorrow
    I don’t want to sail with this ship of fools
    Save me. Save me from tomorrow
    I don’t want to sail with this ship of fools
    Where’s it comin’ from?
    Where’s it goin’ to now?
    It’s just a It’s just a ship of fools

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