Barclays Chairman Prosecuted for Fraud “Customers are to blame”

Barclays Chairman prosecuted for fraud has stated that ‘customers are to blame’ and will solve Barclays’ problems by charging all customers for accounts.


  1. It is pretty simple. Either take your currency out of the banks and convert to precious metals or move your currency or digital currency into the Credit Unions. However, it still does not mean your NOT being ripped off. The only way to profit from these greedy bastards is hold your own worthless currency and purchase precious metals. Also if your metals are being held by a third party a depository? You may want to think and take them out and have them in your own possession. Silver Doctors posted an article not to long ago about how, owners of MAY hold their coins without taxation. Print this out and keep it.


  2. “Customers are to blame.”

    Wow.  Classic example of elites speaking to other elites through the media.

    From their perspective, customers are to blame because their herdability and gullibility are dropping — like the values of the banker’s currencies.

  3. This report was one of the related videos displayed at the end of the “customers are to blame” piece (thanks Doc)… Niall Ferguson with the cartel double-speak smoke screen on Libor. No surprise here, just an example of the cartel’s comprehensive control… makes you wonder if we can ever put a dent in their absolute domination.

  4. Why couldn’t the Sky News analyst be brave and just say it: “Barclays customers are about to pay for banking fraud”? Just a few seconds of off-piste analysis.

  5. Folks had better get straight in their heads that they can’t own banknotes! Specie money can be owned because it’s value is held in Law to be intrinsic, so when you exchange it for goods, titles also pass. Title to banknotes stays with the bank! They don’t SELL them, they LEND them. Banknotes aren’t properly money, they’re more accurately understood as ‘trade facilitation instruments’, invented by banks and in which they retain ‘intellectual property’.

    Once this is all squared away in one’s mind, it becomes crystal clear that bankers have a Lawful right to charge for one’s use of their property! Lots of OTHER things become clear too! But, that’s for another thread.

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