ukraine bank runAs the US & EU prepare to level economic sanctions on Russia over the Ukrainian crisis (& Russia threatens to retaliate with economic sanctions of its own against the dollar and freezing all US assets) a bank run appears to have begun in Crimea as citizens lined up Thursday to withdraw funds from Ukraine’s largest bank, Oshad. 







  1. So it begins! These folks get it, Cypriots didn’t even have a chance. It’s a fractional reserve banking system there too. The first to come get their cash. The rest cry because they believed bankers are honest people. Then they get mad and ask the revenuers to take from those who went to the banks and got theirs out. Their hording cash & how dare they, we didn’t get ours we want theirs.

  2. No Shert Shelock. Someone forgot to tell the banksters this is what happens
      Wait’ll the Unicredit Bank account holders start their run. Whoo hoo.
    This is going to get really dicey  And give Putin another reason to step into the UKR to ‘protect’ the Russians in UKR

  3. Bank runs at Oshad bank?
    They should rename that to ‘Oh-Sh!t Bank’
    Not very funny to the  folks standing in those long lines.
    Good thing bank runs can’t happen here in America.
    Oh sh!t

  4. Bank runs start as bank jogs  
    Be sure you are in front of that pack.  Ooops   I used that forbidden word  RUN.  
    But in this case when it’s your money at risk, uhhh—   be sure to go faster than amble.
    If you don’t want to run, hire a rickshaw.
    It adds so much class and wow factor, you’ll be in the bank and out before anyone else realizes that you got the last of the deposits.

    • @AGXIIK
      “…you’ll be in the bank and out before anyone else realizes that you got the last of the deposits.”
      That would be good because the moment they do realize that, you’d best put on a real burst of speed!  ;-)

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