Trump is surrounded by Neo-Conservative swamp creatures.
Dr. Dave Janda welcomes Eric Dubin to Operation Freedom for a gut check on Trump’s first 100 days in office.  It’s not pretty…

FBI Director James Comey’s letter broke half way through recording this Sunday’s show.  This is turning out to be one of the most insane elections, ever.  Eric Dubin makes the case it’s going to get even MORE insane the day after the polls close.
General Paul Valley outlines why he think Trump will carry the day and surprise pundits.
Rob Kirby underscores the financial market ramifications.
What does Tuesday hold in store?   Dr. Janda’s latest “Operation Freedom.”

crashPhil Kennedy sat down with financial and geopolitical analyst Eric Dubin to discuss the Fed’s failure to raise interest rates…again.  Eric explains that financial markets have levitated on artificial liquidity and 2017 will be the year market participants give up their blind faith that central bankers can support asset prices, indefinitely.

Ron-PaulIt’s not The Fed or even Fiat Currency. 
In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Eric Dubin, Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul reveals what has been America’s GREATEST mistake…

BREXITIf necessary, the vote will be rigged to reflect a “remain” outcome.  In fact, this isn’t even a legally binding referendum.
The PTB will win this battle, but they are losing the war.  Slowly, people are waking up…

vaccineRemember the kerfuffle over “Vaxxed”, and its April 24th Tribecca Film Festival premiere that was canceled?
Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s credibility was targeted as an attempt to discredit the film.  F. William Engdahl is back with the latest:


Eric Dubin is back, discussing the new correction in gold, silver and miners, and whether Wall St money managers are buying the dips.
Eric breaks down the Fed’s attempt to talk up the possibility of an interest rate hike in June or July to keep the US Dollar Index from collapsing, and create demand to buy US Treasury bonds.  Just another Central Bankster Magic Trick???