The #AskJPM debacle that JP Morgan cancelled earlier this month due to embarrassment and humiliation regarding the mountain of questions they received in regard to their criminal actions provided a gift to all of us: The blueprint to rein in criminal banking behavior by the banksters.

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sic semper tyrannis

  1. I don’t get to see too many bankers in my daily routine. As far as they are concerned I prefer to use as little gasoline in my life as is possible.  I also prefer to store my wealth in assets that are not dollar denominated.  I don’t eat gmo foods and I think I’m preaching to the choir again.  There’s lots of stuff a consumer can do.  Financial activism is what it is called.  Putting your money where your mouth is so to speak.  get some

  2. I just saw a video that made a really strong case that the banksters are merely the accountants of the real king pins, being the Rome based jesuits. That’s about as conspiratory as it gets, but reality usually turns out more bizarre than popular CT.

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