Antal Fekete Issues a Gold Backwardation “Red Alert” For Collapse of Fiat Currency

alertIn this interview with Karen Hudes, Professor Antal Fekete discusses the “red alert” for collapse of fiat currency – gold backwardation as measured on spot and futures markets, an end of bullion leasing in July 2013, and disappearing gold from the Comex market. A power transition model, with 95% accuracy, predicts that gold in the global collateral account, “cloaked in secrecy” is coming out of hiding for its legal beneficiaries–humanity.

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  1. Good spot for an interview. Maybe the Jesuits will let old Karen in on where the quintillion tonnes of ww2 era gold was stashed so when the white hat bankers and the extraterrestirals ( nordics ) from the intergalactic federation of light show up to save us we’ll have running around money.

    • Better spot would have been inside the house or have someone sign language the discussion so at least we could hear what he was saying…you now what i mean. Everyone one knows exactly where the repository of world gold is. For those who dont please note that it resides inside the Earth in an opening located in Baffin Bay. Or is it in the cavernous recesses of Blythes schwing schwing ??  No matter im sure we all can expect to be raptured up into the heavens when the time is right…or not… pass me that bottle of Belvedere would ya?

  2. Spot on CD….you can’t trust those Reptilians (extraterrestrials).

  3. Hey Silverdoctors, save me a box of gold, will yah?

    I am willing to STRIKE the metal while it’s HOT!!!

  4. What happen to the professor prior to making the video? Maybe he couldn’t find his socks or they are all in the laundry so now he thinks that the supply of gold is in a similar condition. Not only is the supply situation complex, the information is also incomplete to make pronouncements like he did in the video.

  5. Didn’t see any “documentation” at, yet. Perhaps she’s using a dialup connection from a payphone near the airport. I’m sure she’ll get to the bottom of this though…
    I couldn’t even listen to the last 5 minutes of her tantrum.

  6. Great Karen H. NICE Interview. 

  7. Love it “Good Money disappears from circulation and Bad Money takes over.”  Well I have my good share of the Good Money. Keep Stacking

  8. that’s right Charlie   Gresham’s Law.

  9. Not documents (=paper) can prove the existence of gold. Only gold proves the existence of gold.
    Besides I don’t see how this huge stash of gold could change the current situation of the fiat currencies. At best it would buy time and depress the price of gold for another couple of decades.
    The non repayable dept will likely collapse the price of fiat currencies a lot earlier, no matter how much gold is held in some secret vaults. The promises of fiat currencies will be broken at some time, which results in loss of trust and flight out of these currencies, resulting in hyperinflation. I don’t see how the mind wizards of the TPTB can prevent this (even though they have surprised me with their capabilities on several occasions).

  10. All I can say about Kahudes is:-
    If it looks like a nut.  Sounds like a nut.  Then it is a nut.

    • BINGO!  She what happened when the Prof strayed off her page…she start shouting at him and agruing with him.
      Did you notice she appears to be talking about more gold than is typically cited as existing in the entire world?   
      I am not sure the Prof is all that credible to begin with but put those two together and break out the tin foil.   

  11. Saving the planet, one person at a time.  Karen Hudes has a big heart and a big task.  God Speed, Karen.

  12. An interesting observation on most of the comments on this thread – the accusation of tin foil hats has come full circle.  We have SD readers placing these hats on other well meaning gold bugs, out of the box people who are in a similar, but perhaps different camp.  I don’t think people have learned much here, sorry to say. It’s always easier to point the finger at other people and call them heretics, despite being called a heretic oneself, by even more mainstream people. Careful of the karma you create.

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