In this interview with Elijah Johnson, Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital discusses the end game of Obama’s destruction of the US dollar (an event that has been in progress for 100 years since The Fed was created in 1913), which Barnhardt claims will see China taking not just the US’ gold in exchange for its debt, but vast amounts of US land as well.
If Barnhardt is correct, American’s will soon have new landlords.

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  1. Never thought we would wake up here.

  2. Hey you chinese fvckers – you just TRY to come and take my land and my gold!

  3. Congratulations, You have won the blue pill.

    But you have lost our National Parks & Monuments in the mean time.

  4. If we give up land for debt, I hope it’s California in the first step!

  5. I personally like boobies and silver, nothing more, nothing less.

  6. Some people should stick to Religion. I love Ann Barnhardt, but like many other “know-it-alls”, when they leave their field of expertise and start talking about politics you get all kinds of wacked out, fear mongering ideas. At one point I remember Ann talking about the need to recapture the East Coast after it falls to some unknown invader or the US breaks up into pieces. Same goes for Jim Sinclair, Turd Ferguson, etc. Not that I’m any expert, I have no sure ideas what politically the future will bring, and not afraid to admit it. 
    I pray for the United States to survive and believe it will and eventually prosper as we solve this crisis. 

    • Actually, the US breaking up into several self-governing autonomous regions is not that far-fetched if the US Fed Gov / dollar / UST bond system collapses.  Various regions of the country have a great deal in common, so would naturally gravitate to one another.  I live in the US Pacific NW, so understand that we here have a lot in common that is not recognized by the current state borders and political entities.  Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern California, Western Montana, and perhaps parts of Northern Nevada could easily become a region of its own.  I vote for the name “Pacifica” to be applied to this region.  ;-)

  7. So, we are supposed to believe Ann Barnhardt ran a hedge fund and then because it became so difficult to make money, she just quit and launched a career ‘exposing’ the bad guys !!????  This is ludicrous … what are the chances that someone would make such a move in life?? Ludicrous too are the stories of the other ‘whistleblowers’ on the circuit now, that just appeared whenever they did (Karen Hudes ‘from the World Bank’, Naomi Prins from Goldman Sachs .. yeah right). And, what is AB saying? That China will be our landlords !!!?
    It’s propaganda, like so much out there. If you look at, you get some insight into the bullshit that ‘they’ want us to take seriously (some truth on this site, like 5%, but 95% troll activity – but it’s a good overview of all the deception out there – Fukushima, BRICS moving away from dollar, aliens, zombies, etc). And, one of the consistent themes out there is that China will somehow take over USA (chinese soldiers seen in Arizona, chinese tanks seen transported through mid west, China buying land in USA, etc). This is complete bullshit, because we know that the REAL threat to the USA is a one world government, where the US is levelled against the average of the world, and that is a huge come down. And, how does China buying US land fit with a one world government???? It doesn’t. And, don’t we also hear of news of the UN (future OWG) de-arming the world … now THAT is scary and real, and Obama is softening us up for just that.
    Sure, there is plenty to be afraid of, but surely it’s better to be afraid of the threat that’s real, rather than being afraid of the one that isn’t.

    • She owned a commodity brokerage not a hedge fund.  She closed it down after the integrity of the system was rocked by the MF Global scandal.

    • @UglyDog … sure, that’s the PR.

    • Chief how do you know China ISN’T in on OWG?  They are keen to the whole “top-down” approach are they not?  Surely they would run their own kingdom free and clear, but it is in their interest to be at the top of a OWG considering they have the most gold and most productive capacity.   Look, I don’t even know what to think about Ann B after reading her for a long while, she’s pretty out there, but don’t be so quick to dismiss any premise out of hand just because it came out of her loud mouth.   Our govt does work for the benefit of foreign interests above domestic ones, so don’t underestimate the Chinese nor the madmen in power.   I heard another poster make a point about her being a fake.  I doubt it.  Flakey, yes.   Very entertaining to listen to usually, I love it when she wigs out.   

    • “And, what is AB saying? That China will be our landlords !!!?”
      There is an old saying in banking, Chief.  It goes like this:  ”If you owe the bank a million dollars, they own you.  If you owe the bank a billion dollars, you own them!”.  So… what happens when one country owes another country TRILLIONS of dollars and can’t pay it?  I don’t know but it is bound not to be good.
      When the MF Global theft occurred, Barnhardt realized that there was no safety in the commodities business and that unscrupulous  people could and would steal their clients and anyone else’s money.  Rather than expose her clients to that form of legalized theft, she returned their money and closed her shop.  In my world, this is called integrity.  It is probably THE most rare commodity on Wall Street and is not to be taken lightly.  But then, maybe that’s just my humble opinion.  :-)
      Does Barnhardt have her issues?  You bet!  We all do.  Some more than others.  But they do not prevent us from gleaning tidbits of very useful info from her comments.  Not that we have to believe every word she utters.  Far from it.  But there are useful bits here and there that we should not dismiss because of her obvious faults.

  8. Just got back from my bank after withdrawing more cash to put in my safe. The couple before me withdrew a substantial amount also. My bank is COMERICA. Been doing savings and checking with them for over 20 years. Funny that there were only four employees in the bank and employees all Asian and never seen any before. None of the personal bankers that I have dealt with in the past years are there any longer. Must be a real clue that the countdown is afoot. The bank has a lobby size of at least 15,000 square feet and could now operate out of the size of a two car garage. Further funny, the single clerk at the withdrawal window ran out of two denominations of Fiat that I requested and replaced with bills of lesser denomination to equal out the total amount I was withdrawing. Yes there is a lot of hype folks, we can take or leave some of the articles here, but if you are no fool and pay attention to the rhythm of negative actions in the world, then you must know that Hell is coming and that you are no fool, but many fools post here.

    • “The “bank has a lobby size of at least 15,000 square feet…”
      REALLY?  It has a lobby that is bigger than 150 x 100 feet?  That would be a helluva warehouse, let alone an entire bank, let alone a mere lobby!  lol
       Yes there is a lot of hype folks, we can take or leave some of the articles here, but if you are no fool and pay attention to the rhythm of negative actions in the world, then you must know that Hell is coming and that you are no fool, but many fools post here.”
      Indeed, Ranger.  The fools here are few and far between, thankfully, but by their comments, we all know who they are!  I agree that some serious crap is about to befall our parade and that we all need to be preparing for it and battening down the hatches.  In spite of the hype, much of which is geared to get people off their dead asses and moving, there is still much that we can learn from the comments we read here and on other alternative news web sites.  But… as reasonable and rational people, we also know that we need to have our BS-filters FIRMLY in place.  This is a lot like mining for gold, where we go through tons of worthless mud, sand, and gravel to harvest a few small but precious nuggets!  ;-)

  9. Ahh yes.  Listening to Ann always makes me think someone has been forgetting to take her lithium.  Go ahead darling….just stop paying your taxes.  Maybe when you’re in jail we won’t be subjected to any more lunatic rants.

    • Maybe you need a pill to correct what you said.  Ann has no taxes to pay, as her income has been reduced (intentionally). Further, she is correct to call for a tax strike, as this government does not represent the people, only itself. 
      And besides which, if the Federal Reserve can conjure money, why should anyone pay taxes or repay debt? Let the Federal Reserve just conjure it in or out of existence.

    • LOL, Mr B. Absolutely well said.

    • @Chief Chief of what?  It is quite difficult to follow your posts.  You seem to get your facts crossed then make fun of someone providing a correction.  Sorry, no credibility.  I will be sure to skip your posts from now on.

    • @Ordinary Joe … it’s called an opinion, Joe, and they sometimes incite resistance from the koolaid brigade.

    • @Mr.Boompie, you do realize civil disobedience is the best way to effect societal change right?  You know why cannabis is becoming legal again, it’s because tens and tens of millions of people DO IT ANYWAY.    So don’t ever shit on anyone who thinks we shouldn’t have to pay these ridiculous taxes dickweed.  OK?!

    • There’s no need to get our butts in an uproar, people.  We can disagree without becoming disagreeable, can’t we?  There are those who hold this ability to be the essence of civilization.  :-)

  10. Expert in religion?  More like under the deception of the devil in need of fervent prayer.
    The Bible calls her “church” the Great Whore/Mother of Harlots. Anyone disputing this, study Scripture or read “woman rides the beast” “two babylons”, the jesuits, or so many other books that are filled with facts on this false religion that has become the richest institution in the world, achieving this through selling indulgences (as if priests can forgive sin!), mass cards to “get out of purgatory free,” refusing priest to marry (so their families could not inherit the land).  Actually, you don’t even need to do that, just read the Bible and it spells it all out.  Here his abrief history lesson from Mike Gerdon’s website:
    In Genesis 11:4, the people said “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens. Today, there is another great city with a great pagan tower that thinks it is the only way to heaven. Vatican City has a 4000 year old pagan obelisk or tower in St. Peter’s square. This obelisk comes from Heliopolis, Egypt, where it was built by a Pharaoh in 1835 BC in honor of the sun god. It was brought to Rome in 37 BC by the Emperor Caligula. Pagans saw the obelisk as a symbol that represented a way of communicating to the divine. This is just one of many examples of the pagan influence of Roman Catholicism throughout its colorful history of idolatry and abominations. Most of the church of Rome’s wealth has been acquired through selling indulgences as sin offerings. Priests offer the “body and blood of Jesus” on their altars for a price to get loved ones out of purgatory. The selling of God’s grace was the spark the ignited the reformation. The history of Roman Catholicism also includes the persecution and murder of millions of saints. Thomas Aquinas taught that heretics (non-Catholics), must “be severed from the world by death.” Then there were eighty consecutive popes, beginning in the thirteenth century, that created or maintained the cruelest means of torturing heretics (non-Catholics). On August 24, 1572, St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in France. approximately 100,000 Protestants were murdered by orders of the pope. Blood flowed like a river throughout the entire country. By the end of the 17th century and into the 18th century, roughly 300,000 Huguenots had to flee France because of persecution by Catholics. This is why France is a godless society today. All told, the RCC has killed fifty million through the centuries. Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote, “Roman Catholicism is the devil’s greatest masterpiece. It is such a departure from the Christian faith and the NT teaching that her dogma is a counterfeit, she is the whore. Let me warn you very solemnly that if you rejoice in these ecumenical approaches to Rome, you’re denying the blood of the martyrs. There are innocent people who are being deluded by this kind of falsity and it is your business and mine to open their eyes.”

    • You overlook the simple point that no man is perfect, all are sinners, only GOD is perfect. So of course there are many mistakes, sins, errors, whatever you want to call it in the Church. That does not mean the religion is false.

  11. If I hear any more about Benghazi or Fast & Furious from people like Ann, or the repeated use of the word “regime”, I’m going to puke.  I’m not even a fan of Obama, or a supporter of US foreign policies for the most part.  Just don’t expect me to crawl into a hole with some crazy ass woman with a pink assault weapon who has to eat acorns to survive.

  12. J Lee-You miss my point.  There was ONE who was perfect=Jesus and He and His Spirit warns us in the Bible against false teachers who proclaim a different gospel than the one He taught.  I am far from perfect, but am being perfected as I submit more to Jesus every day.

  13. I read Ann’s blog several times a week. It’s refreshing to see someone who walks the walk and talks the talk.  Yes, she is arch, strident and a religious zealot.  Heck, I’m a former banker and recovering AH.  There room for all kinds of folks in this world.  So I can accept her stridency to get to her message
    FYI  I would stand on the firing line with ANN if TSHTF and weapons went hot. She is a first rate shot,  knows the value of precious metals and using  lead futures to help assholes get to their no-future.  But that’s the way  I roll  I like people with stones, male or female.
    Ann closed down Barnhardt Brokerage when MF Corzine Glowballed their clients. Her client were farmers and she helped them hedge risk from cattle sales thus protecting them from price swings. When she saw that MF stole segregated client funds, she knew firms the likes of MFG could do the same to her clients and she said No Way to that, closed her business and possibly saved her clients from more theft

    She’s working for a janitorial firm, cleaning big box retailers and working for cash.  I like her moxie and reading between the lines, I think she has much to say in her statements.
    As disclosure, her essay about staying in stock brokerages and pension plans, along with Warren Pollock’s revealing investigation into Fidelity, was one of the pivotal reasons I dumped that brokerage, went to physical metals and went all ALL IN GALT on prepping as I could. Her statement was “If you can’t stack your assets into a bunker and protect them with your battle rifle you are at risk”  was a good rallying cry for me.  I did and am perfectly capable of protecting those assets and my family.  Better that than trusting my assets to some pimpstick asshole broker. 
    The last 2 years have seen  theft of pension plans in Hungary, Poland, Cyprus, Spain, Argentina and Venezuela.  Ann predicted that and was dead bang on accurate.    Other countries are in the gun sites as I think or pension plans are in danger in  America.  I can see how it’s easy to disagree with Ann but  she knows first hand what it’s like to get rotoscrewed by TPTB   I pray for Ann’s safety and well being. 

    • Right on, AG, and well said.
      Ann’s comments to us are that we should all be laying low… keeping ourselves and our wealth below the Fed Gov’s radar.  If they can’t easily see us, they also can’t easily screw us… and if they do see us, they will most certainly screw us.  Repeatedly.  Been there, done that, and didn’t even get a lousy T-shirt in return!
      Going Galt is something that we both have done in our lives, so the suggestion from Ann that this is a good idea rings true.  The one great weakness of the current regime (sorry, Chief, but this word DOES fit), is that it can be attacked from within, using its own rules.  The Russians actually showed us how to do this.  They simply stopped producing in excess of their own needs and that lack of production eventually collapsed the USSR.  It will do the same to the USA.  And for MANY of the very same reasons!  This is a form of individual economic warfare that can be used against a MUCH larger opponent and can be quite successful.  Unlike the use of violence that the Gov can and will push back against, they have no way of pushing back against people who have gone on strike and who only produce just enough for themselves and their family.  By doing this, we leave little or nothing to be plundered and shared with those who make little or no effort to support themselves; which is to say the mooch class, a large and growing voting block among the Obamunists.  Those of us who have tired of running the economic footrace while dragging these people along for a free ride have had it.  No mas!  Limiting our incomes, rather than making large sums of money that attracts the Gov and their sticky-fingered thugs, is the way to go.  It is surprising how comfortably one can live on a reasonable amount of money, if it is properly managed.

    • On Ann’s views, I am reminded of this quote:
      “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”
      ― Arthur Schopenhauer

  14. Sorry Ugly Dog 
      Commodities Brokerage===not Hedge fund   1 hour in the DA hat.  But her name is Ann Barnhardt.
    I stick with the rest of the story  She did close her business down due to the MFG debacle.

  15. No worries  sometimes I dont fully understand others posts  But I enjoy your posts.  Whether we agree or not, you make me think, take consideration about my stridency and check my sources and accuracy.  That’s the good thing about this channel  We play off each other’s thinking and become more educated  I remember when you were questioning Fukushima.  It is still a dark hole and what is being issued by the various voices, it is a moving target.  Time will tell on that situation

    • Fukushima is probably the biggest environmental disaster in human history, it doesn’t even get any news coverage whatsoever.  Nothing is being done about it.   It’s a total FUBAR.  TOTAL NEWS BLACKOUT.   Fiddling while Rome burns. It’s a perfect example of how tightly controlled and propagandized all mainstream news is. TOTAL CONTROL.  Have a nice night everyone!  Will silver go up or down 75 cents tomorrow?  lol

    Christmas spirit dies on Obama’s watch; ornament-hawking White House gift shop goes bankrupt
    n another sign of the tough times in Washington these days, the White House Gift Shop, long run by a nonprofit group that helps uniformed Secret Service officers and their families, has gone broke.
    The Secret Service Uniformed Division Benefit Fund, which traces its roots to the 1940s and for years did business as the official White House Gift Shop, lists more than $600,000 in liabilities in a pending bankruptcy petition in Washington.
    The fund — which operated independently of the White House and Secret Service, and was not a part of the government — disclosed tens of thousands of dollars in assets consisting mostly of Christmas decorations, as well as such trinkets as magnets, puzzles and paperweights, many valued at just a few dollars each.
    The price of more than 140 Democratic and Republican mouse pads is listed as “???” in court records, while 10 unsold copies of the book “Adams’ Alligator” go for $8.48.
    The bankruptcy petition, filed in June in a case that remains active, doesn’t explain why the fund went bankrupt in the first place, but court records reveal a recent history of tax troubles and litigation

    Read more: 
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  17. Just a snippet of information on the Fukushima radiation dump.  It’s estimated by serious research that 78% of the entire corium of reactors 1-3 flowed into the Pacific.  That dump consists of Cesium 137, Plutonium and Strontium 90.  If that much radioactive material went into the Pacific that represents 900,000 Terabequerels of contamination. By way of getting a handle on that massive amount of radioactive material, 2000 bequerel dose over a 4 hour period is generally considered a fatal dose
    The math on the total dosage is pretty staggering.  That total load dump was 900,000,000,000,000,000 bequerels.  That’s more than the Japanese debt in Yen.  In other words this is 900 quadrillion bequerels. The world population is 7,000,000,000.  Each person’s total dose from Fukushima is about 128,000,000 bequerels.  nuff said
    Ed, is my math correct?

    • I buy carrots for the bunnies here in the neighborhood.  Every night I throw out 2-3 pounds.  I buy them from Albertsons and WallyWorld.  The carrots I get from Albertsons have been looking really strange with some of the deformities I’ve seen.  Then I go to WW and get PERFECT carrots.  I just looked at the bags so I can list them here:
      Albertson’s carrots are from Grimmway of Bakersfield CA
      WallyWorlds are from Garden Fresh of Greeley CO
      Now that’s where I live.  Other stores may get their carrots from different places. 
      OK.  I’m gonna try and avoid CA produce from now on.  That radiation is probably getting into the California produce already.

    • Yes, math is correctly rounded down to the nearest Mega-Bequerel. 
      You Avoided Math Nazi. He looks disappointed…

  18. Well I must say words of praise for all you commenters on this thread.  In the early days of SilverDoctors, when Doc would run a thread about Ann Barnhardt, half the comments were from the guys stating they wanted to hump her.
    The SD crowd has since graduated (and many of the @$$holes have also left) and the above comments range from agreement to Ann’s viewpoints, to calling her a religious whacko, to illuminating her integrity.  This latter characteristic of hers can not be denied.

  19. Silver Hawk  I will hazard a guess and say that you are buying GMO carrots. Doc and others have displayed the warped and mutated looking veggies like Tomatoes and carrots that are GMO variants.  The damage they do to the disgestive tracks of animals like rabbits, pigs and other critters is both terrible to look at and generally fatal.
    As for the Fuukushima radiation, there is a very distinct increase in radiation in both sea flora and fauna, including strontium 90 and Cesium 137  The cross ocean flow is building in strength and the amount radiation that flowed to the sea from the 3 corium China sydrome reactor meltdowns went through the containment vessels. 
    Once it was apparent that the entire reactor cores disappeared into the earth, the only place for the radiation to flow as down hill through the underground river aquifer into the ocean.  From there it’s flowing along the northern and mid pacific currents and if it hasn’t arrive on the west coast, it is expected to hit something in 2014.  The pelagic fish like tuna are irradiated from their time spent hear Japan. They arrive on the west coast and work into the food chain so we might be eating something that has much higher levels of radiation than occurs naturally
    I am not normally a picky eater, usually drawing the line at a sign that says “Road Kill Sushi–All you can Eat $10″  But now I might run my geiger counter over the salmon plate, just in case

    • I’m currently developing a smart phone App that converts the on-board 
      Tesla Meter (mag field strength) to a Geiger Counter   :D  
      Looks like it may need a bolt-on, thru the earphone plug, and referenced to the Tesla Meter readout  :(
      The cost just went up by a factor of 50

    • @AGXIIK
      Haven’t heard of GMO carrots.
      Just Corn, Wheat, and Soy Bean so far.

      And I read that animals won’t touch GMO anything unless they’re starving to death.
      and my rabbits are not starving by any means.

  20. Silver Hawk  I pinged startpage, a proxy to google that conceals investigations.  Startpaging GMO carrots produces some interesting results. Since 1993 on , starting in the Netherlands, the GMO-ing of carrots was for disease , fungi and other factors. Check it out.  I don’t know much about the net present and specific effects but anything GMO is suspect in my mind   Doc has done a good research on this, sending me a couple of notes about the nature and effects of GMO veggies as well as their effects.  If a carrot looks, tastes and grows in a normal fashion , checking the label for wierdness is a good idea.  Going into some research as to who grows with GMO or not may take a little intel but it is worth it.  I am transition from the usual stuff to organic, less animal proteins, workng on the BMI and body weight (less lbs on the replaced joints.  I have a group of friends who are complete vegans, except when they make BBQ, love that balance, so I am moving more to the organic, vegetarian menu but still enjoy a bit of chicken fish beef etc. 
    That was a good catch of your regarding the look of carrots from two different stores. The big box retailers but from lower bidders who probably get their produce from GMO oriented growers.  GMO does produce large crops, like steroids produce large muscles.  But large crops are not always the best. Quantity and quality do not go hand in hand.  My diet tells me less but of higher quality from the nutritional standpoint is best. At 61, me body should get better attention.
    Let us know what you find in your explorations

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