Ann Barnhardt: Get Completely Out of the System, Total Collapse is Coming!

Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital warns Elijah Johnson to get COMPLETELY out of the system, there is a total collapse coming!
Barnhardt, who backed up her talk by closing her own futures brokerage to protect her clients in the wake of the MFGlobal client bail-in by JPM,  discusses the total lack of rule of law for the political and banking sector in the US, and why Americans must unite to abolish the Federal Reserve system.
Ann Barnhardt at her finest on the urgent need to get (completely) out of the system:

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  1. This lady is backing up her claim(s) by her actions to do what she professes!  For the nay-sayers out there, lets say she’s wrong. Fine.  No problem, right?  However, lets say she’s right (which she IS), then those of you who either ignored her warning, or procrastinated about taking evasive action stand to lose a substantial, if not all of your investments.  Not much of a choice it seems to me.

    • There is a difference between procrastinating and having a measured response.  Not being an all-or-nothing sort, I am converting paper investments into physical gold and silver over time.  My biggest reason for this is to avoid giving Uncle Sugar half of the wealth I have accumulated, which seems an excellent idea to me.  He gets more than enough of it as it is without engaging in a force-feeding frenzy.
      I like what Ann has to say and see a lot of truth in it.  But neither she nor anyone else can tell us when the system will implode… not even to the year of its occurrence, let alone its month, week, or day.  There is a saying in investing that goes like this: “The market can stay irrational longer than most investors can stay solvent”.  I believe that this applies to the current situation in that the market is likely to continue running quite a lot longer than most of us think is possible.  
      Any number of people have said that they are surprised that the market has not imploded by now.  There is more strength there than many realize.  I can well believe that the eventual end of the current economic system will be a spectacular implosion that destroys a great deal of wealth and plunges the whole world into war, chaos, and poverty.  At the same time, I can also believe that this is not imminent.  Soon, perhaps, but not imminent.  Things WILL be happening, though.  Increasing volatility, national and regional wars, partial economic collapse in some financial and geographic areas, currency shenanigans, etc. will all be on the menu.  Times will, indeed, be interesting.

  2. how can embracing poverty work out “very very well.” ?     END the FED.  

  3. Ahh come on. The DJI is up @3500 points in 2013. Like, now what? If it crashed, we will just be at January 2013 levels…no prob. 

  4. Hey Ann–Where is the outrage when I have to subsidize your backward superstitious beliefs?? I pay taxes. Your church should pay taxes. Governments have always forced us to pay the taxes that pay for things we may feel are immoral, like wars. This is nothing new. The only answer is to have less government. This way you vote with your pocketbook. You are free to support whatever charity or church or product or service you see fit. This unfortunately is not what most people want. Most people want security over freedom. In the end we’ll have neither. I have a feeling I will be subsidizing another activity I don’t approve of and that is paying for your room and board in prison as you pray on your rosary beads.

    • @hookshot,
      Not sure where to begin.  Who cares if you pay taxes?  Is your argument that if you pay taxes, so should everyone?  Who gave you the moral right to impose your beliefs on others?  Why is the initiation of force, as long as it is for something you believe in acceptable?  Why should her church pay taxes?  Is it also your argument that because the government has always forced us to submit to taxation for things that are morally objectionable that it is somehow given a pass for evil due to the duration of time it has been commiting evil?  Why is less government the only answer?  Why is not no government a possible answer?  Why does it matter what most people want?  it shouldn’t.  Sounds to me that you are arguing the Statist position. 
      Really, what it sounds like is you are arguing that force happens and we have no choice.  I like the below argument better.
      Statist: “Force is a fact of life.”
      So is rape. That doesn’t mean it should be accepted, encouraged and institutionalized.

    • hromano—I feel pretty comfortable in stating that given the opportunity most people will steal if they feel they can get away with it. Most people are even dishonest with themselves hence we have all these crazy religions that promise eternal bliss. I believe you voted for Ron Paul in 1988 as did I so we are both longtime libertarians. I don’t believe the human race can function peacefully with “no” government. I believe in democracy with a strong, strong constitution that people take seriously. I don’t believe the government should subsidize any activity including churches. Let the free market of ideas and commerce sort these things out. Government is unfortunately a necessary evil. The legal theft that is perpetrated by special interests through government should not be tolerated. The human race is not capable of living in a world of no government force. You and I might love such a world. The problem is the other 7 billion inhabitants.

  5. I enjoy listening to Anne and her revolutionary tone. I agree with her on most things, but I believe she is wrong to just get out. We have seen huge gains in the markets since I first listened to her and have slowly converted to physical. We have a model to get out of the markets, but that isnt yet. We will also short the market on the way down. If  there is no physical at that point, we will buy a different asset  class. I also think she is wrong about gold and silver as fiat. She needs to read some Jason Hommel articles. He gives a pretty convincing argument for silver being God’s money for folks. But I really do agree with most of  what she says and my wife wants a pink AR15 because of her Lol.

  6. Simply astounding. All that good worth of separating of Religion from State, and yet you listen to loons like this who preach about your constitution, who then go and mix personal belief with the actions or inactions of the state.
    Still, what you expect from someone who announces her freedom with a pink Rifle. 

  7. Maybe off-topic, but where else to share this little snippet from a news story about a bank robber?
    The FBI’s special agent in charge in Jackson, Miss., said records showed the suspect’s cellphone was in Atlanta, Phoenix and Tupelo at the time of each incident.“  (Linkey: )
    THEY always know where you are, and where you have been when you carry your smart-phone.  And what makes you believe THEY can’t track you in your late-model, GPS-equipped vehicle?
    Nowhere to run…nowhere to hide.

    I think the lady is wrong about gold being fiat currency.  Fiat means a government decree, “let it be” means a market choice. In the definition she is wrong. Second of all, labour is commodity and the one who trades this commodity should be able to choose the equivalent at his will, not someone’s fiat.  And this is why the income tax is logical absurdity. Back in the day when America was America you could work and get paid in barter, windows for the house you are building. But of course one cannot pay taxes in windows. So the crooks came up with paper money scheme and fooled everyone for 100 years. Of course taxing paper was much easier. Another thing I always wanted to touch but kept forgetting. Pretty soon you are going to figure out that Bernie Madoff didn’t steal money from his clients, it was just an untraceable transfer of money out of the country. I can’t forget smiling Spielberg as he was told he lost almost all his money. Remember the first law of thermodynamics that energy doesn’t disappear, it is just changing  from one form into another. It applies to money as well. Money doesn’t disappear, it just changes pockets. Think logically. Those elites are not stupid, they knew the country is going into a very dangerous turmoil, they knew the capital control is coming, they knew all the US citizens will be treated as run-away plantation slaves and their capital around the world will be tracked, taxed if not confiscated. So they came up with a scheme to “loose” money on this side and gain it on Cook Island’s side (or any other place for that matter). Why Cook Islands? Because they already have silver backed currency, while we are listening to Ann Barnhardt.

  9. BTW, I have to give credits where it’s due. It was my wife who first figured out what happened a week after Bernie Madoff’s scandal surfaced in the news.

  10. Doesn’t she, and many others, claim it’s all going to collapse about once a year.  I love the New Year….always so much future doom!  Of course they’re always right……heck, right now I’m counting my $5K gold all the ‘guru’s’ predicted!  Yippeee for me!

  11. Be Not Afraid to me does not mean to get out and kick ass.  Gold, Silver, Fiat? I don’t think so Anne. Yes I agree with you 100% on not looking at Gold and Silver as the solution to all our problems and with dependance on them only. Also I’m definitely not out to be generating  a return or profit but Survival Only. Keep Stacking

    • @Marchas45
      “Be Not Afraid to me does not mean to get out and kick ass.”
      It doesn’t?  Heck, Charlie, I figured you for a real ass-kicker from way back.  Once everything collapses, you will be a laird with a castle and everything.  Kicking ass is part of the job description.  Your serfs will expect no less than the best protection you can give them.  It’s either that OR you use your stack to once again establish banking as an honorable profession.  Yes, that could be it… Charlie the Templar.  ;-)

    • @Ed_B Never let your enemy know how strong you are (I’m Never Weak) and I don’t need to kick ass as they will be kissing mine. Also you got it right Ed, I Carry the Cross. Keep Stacking

    • @Marchas45
      “Never let your enemy know how strong you are…”
      Agreed.  Tactical info like that is best only shared with ones brothers and sisters in arms.  :-)
      “I don’t need to kick ass as they will be kissing mine.”
      LOL!  Now, there’s an image.  :-D
      “I Carry the Cross.”
      Many of us do, Charlie.  But it is good that we strike a balance in our lives with it and do not get carried away to excess with it.  I’m sure that you don’t but some do.  Like anything else in life, a little religion can be a very good thing while an excess of it almost never is.

  12. Ann “Chicken Little” Barnhardt, Wow is she nuts!

    • No, Eaglesteel. You are nuts. Since you are wrong about everything, I am absolutely sure that Ann is right. Getting out of the system is the right thing to do. 

    • @mexrph , @Eaglesteel correctly called the November drop in PM prices before it happened, so no – Eaglesteel is not wrong about everything.
      Ann Barnhardt is a rare individual and she deserves credit for standing up to what she believes in.

  13. Lord Have Mercy!! Ann Barnfart Turns Me On!!!

  14. It’s easy to criticize Ann for her strident stances. 
    Strident and fanatical as some may find Ann,  I agree with the majority of her premises and statements, not so much due to her sternness and stridency, though certainly in part due to that stance,  but because much of what she states now she stated over 2 years ago. I do not follow all of them however
    She  shut down her business to defend her clients against being MF Goballed. That was a gutsy  move which impoverished her.  The IRS stole what little she had in her bank account due to her tax strike. I think she missed an opportunity to remove the $20,000 snatched from her account
      She could not bear to go back into the only business she knew.  She devoted her adult career to that business which, if continued, would have placed her clients in harm’s way so alternative careers were poor at best.  She spent time working for cash as a janitor at Home Depot.  She now accepts donations to help her with the expenses of maintaining her webblog site and what modest lifestyle she enjoys. I contibute to that site.  Maybe others can help Ann as well.  These are non-deductible for tax purposes. They are gifts and don’t require a church passthrough.
      She and all those others who reported on this multi billion dollar theft have been proven right.  The thefts go so much deeper than MF GLobal than can imagined.  Cyprus is a classic example of theft.  10 other countries have stolen private retirement accounts.  Bail-ins are part of the banking fabric. Incessant spying on the people is commonplace.  The crony capitalist fascist government ensconced in DC is proof of this. 
    Shortly after her first big essay and video on these subjects,  along with some really good analysis by Warren Pollock. compelled me to get out of Fidelity and convert my IRA in a bullion based personally controlled Self Directed IRA.  
    Most of us who relied on the pundits and essayists that wrote on these subject were at least 2 years early in getting out of the investment system and into physical.  I owe Ann a debt of thanks for this and other instructive lessons that I use daily no matter what the value of my stack at the present time.   And no, I am not a religious person–more of  a sinning heathen–but I am happy that Ann prays for all of us and she means it. 
    As for her M4,   I might suggest she get a better flash supressor.
      The holographic optics are meager 1 X power. 
    While I’ve seen her on video varmiting and target shooting with a scope and she’s dead bang on,  I am firmly convinced  calibers .223 and 5.56 are better suited to a 3-5 x scope to put the rounds on target.  She would be the type of person to lead a platoon up the hill and bring them back.  I’d go with her on that charge too.

  15. Guys, the chick has an AR! Come on. Most chicks have no idea what one is much less how to pop your cabbage with it. 

  16. andymal   I would not want to be downrange of Ann’s AR.  She is a crack shot.  Country girl’s are like that. 

  17. Oh I know, that’s what I meant. We live in west Texas and routinely take out prarie dogs with our .204 Rugers out past 400 yds. A .223 or 556 nato is a good all around cartridge. My wife and I have been getting proficient with our .40 .380 autos.

    • Nice! @Andymal
      400 yards on a ‘dog is a pretty good shot! 
      OK, Here’s one for ya Andy… Bad Andy… lol
      If I used 45 grain frangible in my AR, would it be close to a .204 Ruger? 
      Speaking of ballistics and trajectory mostly, but wanting your thoughts.

  18. andymal 
    I’ve wondered about the smaller orphan calibers like the 204 and the 17. It is a Texas thing regarding the unusual calibers?
      Over the last few years I’ve tried to winnow out the odd calibers in my collection to about 8-10 of the most popular ones in pistols, rifles and shotgun—but you know how that goes. 
    Getting rid of a firearm because is a bit  odd. It’s  like selling off a pet because they don’t quite fit the family mold. 
    The 223 is interesting to me—very small and fast but not a great deal of stopping power down range.  We were zeroing 2 M4s at the range, using hard steel targets.  The steel was slightly dented but the target frames were peppered with spall from the shattered rounds, even to the point of meltiing spots in the aluminum frames. It was an interesting effect. 
    That small round does not give me great confidence if I needed to handle a soft skin target like a vehicle but it must be nasty on organics.  My preferred blaster is the 7.62×39.  100,000,000 commies can’t all be wrong.
    I heard hog hunting is popular in Texas.  What is the best caliber for that hunt and are the hogs edible?
    PS I just acquired a 40 cal and now know what all the fuss is about. No wonder the FBI took to it. It is a very nice caliber and accurate within 50 yards. The 380 is a great conceal carry with a good 95 gr PD round.

    • @AGXIIK
      Speaking strictly about my research on a .17, it is for greatly enhanced range over a 22LR. The available bullet grains are 15, 17 & 20, but 17 is most prevalent. The most extreme kill I have seen listed was a bobcat @ 225 yards. Most small game and varmints are not gonna crawl away from any hit with a 17HMR. I have a Savege 93 with bull barrel  ;) I bought this mostly because of rarity of the 22LR and it was a good purchase! Walmart has decent cheap ($17) scopes for 22′s that should work. Still need to sight it in.
      .204 Ruger looks to be possibly the ultimate varmint round, near .223 power and very flat. I would draw a hard line and put 204 below it and .223/5.56 above it, and call it the battle line. Below the line, varmints and game, above the line, SD and battle. But I am sure a good shot can make a .204 quite deadly…

  19. Wow – I love this brave woman!

    • take a number LOL! 
      She’s quite popular here. IMO it is a combo of 3 things:
      1. Nice Looking
      2. Spunky, Sassy Attitude
      3. that PINK AR! 

  20. I could have sworn that over 72 hours ago there were more than 400 g+ followers.  Some people can’t hang with the siege. Savages.  All of them.  

  21. It seems to me the best way to implement Ann’s advice is to liquidate all US assets and leave the county.  If all the wealth is transferred out and the producers leave, the system will implode on itself as only the takers will be left.

  22. funny you should mention my plan    that is actually Ann’s plan. She said with perfect clarity, if you can’t stack your assets into a bunker and defend them with a rifle, you are not safe.  I sort of went overboard
    Silver                 Check
    Silver bunker     Check check
    Rifles                Check check check check check check check check check  ahh   I can’t count for beans.

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