Animated Metals Update: Bad Economic Data, Gold and Silver Soaring & an Interview with Blythe

In today’s Animated Metals Update we discuss the latest economic data, review the latest Gold and Silver prices, and feature an interview with JP Morgan’s Global Head of Commodities Trading, Ms B.M.



  1. Whoa!  Animated Blythe is WAY better looking than the real Blythe.  :-D

    • That’s also what I was thinking about! I think it’s because the animated version of Blythe doesn’t have a lot of specific details from the real one which is why the animated version of Blythe is way better.

  2. Yeah but the facial expressions when animated said cap it at 35 were downright mean lol

    • Yes, they sure were… and highly appropriate too.  I kept expecting her to scream, “ARRRR, Matey!  Avast and prepare to be boarded!”, as pirates are said to do.

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