An SD Reader’s Free Market Solution to the Silver Manipulation

An SD Reader’s Free Market Solution to the Silver Manipulation

From SD Reader Cleburne61

This Financial Hydra, this entire thing is insanity.

One person.  That’s all it would take. 

One person can take the whole thing down, through a simple business transaction.  One high-profile, billionaire Chinese man(with the backing of his government) can take 5.5 billion U.S. dollars, funnel it through tech funds, and arrange a purchase of the entirety of the Comex silver(and its gold), and take delivery of Comex metal.

To avoid the outcry and backlash, come up with a great excuse for it.  Let it be a new “company policy” that allows its thousands of employees to turn their life pensions into silver with free consent to do so.  In such a way, the individual would avoid blame as acting alone as a “Hunt” or a “Hoarder”.  Say, 20,000 employees taking delivery of an average of about 1,450 ounces of silver each.  That would turn the entire Comex to ashes, blow the lid of the scam, and free humanity instantly.

Hey, Ben Fulford and David Wilcock: why don’t your sources simply buy up all the freaking silver?  Doing so would only take a pittance, an accountant’s rounding error to do so.  Let the silver purchase be the catalyst for a mass cleanup (if such a cleanup is really forthcoming).  Someone go ask Ben or David about a mass silver purchase on a live radio show, as an option.  Forget an army of ninjas, or even pentagon ops….just buy something!  We’re really making this harder than it has to be.

Why doesn’t anyone in China, intent on averting another war, particularly a world war, not just assent to something that would do the trick…for good?  With no violence, whatsoever.  No Persian land intervention.  No override of their key business partnerships. No more threats of SWIFT nonsense.  No more goofy, hypocritical claims of “currency manipulator”.  No more Anglo-American thuggery.  No more New World Order. 

If anyone in the East is reading this, and you have serious funds, and serious leverage, please understand, this isn’t a game.  Don’t be too smart for your own good.  China and the East as a whole, are running out of time.  Take the loss on your U.S. debt instruments, and make up for it by the instantaneous revaluation that your mammoth holdings of gold and silver would experience.

China, remember the Opium Wars.  The West stole your silver, and made you slaves as a thank you.  You’re well aware of this, I know.  The Eastern Mind doesn’t forget, especially injustices forced upon them.  This is so easy, forget military budgets, espionage, and outdoing the banking cabal at their own game.

Put down your chips, and refuse to play that game any longer.  Walk away. Use their own money to end this madness, and forge your own future.


  1. Really good points Cleburne61, good job.

  2. Awww yeah! You know it’s just a matter of time before one of these billionaires wakes up & realizes his fortune will disappear like the dodo when the fiat zeppelin comes a crashing like the Hindenburg.

  3. I will hazard a guess shared by Cle, T and Re.  When the European bond collapse is nigh, an event we will see coming  but one that will be  set up by certain central banks, ancient families and billionaires in Asia, one or more of these groups will take their billions out of Euro bonds, dump them  for nearly any price, collapse the market,  buy silver,  and kick over the western financial system like a hiker kicks over a rotting stump on a trail.

    These people have no love for us. We have been going the east ‘wrong’ for centuries. Ask anyone from India or China what they think of round-eyed gaigin barbarians after we ploughed through their countries on our way to world wide empire building.  They see our corruption and profligate spendthrift ways. They recognize how our faults and problems will harm them in the future.  They also see the vital need to set up a parallel or replacement currency to enter into the marketplace when the dollar as reserve becomes no more.  

    Silver is that Achilles heel to our financial demise. Gold is the backing that makes their currency possible.  And they are buying by the hundreds of billions of dollars  of phyzz to accomplish this.


  4. I Forgot one thing.  We may not have billionaires in our ranks, excepting Eric Sprott, but we have thousands of stackers who can, with our force of numbers, carve out a  place in the market of  the silver purchase paradigm.  There is nothing wrong with coat tailing the bigs on our way to winning this war

  5. Avatar of 17761984 says:

    I think it’s time we change the now tired, “Show me the money” expression to “Show me the metal!”  

    Call your broker and take delivery!
  6. The reason that no one will do it is because they would have to buy a lot of gold at very high prices and they would lose most of their investment.

    The reason they would lose it is because the billionaire move would crash the COMEX and prices would drop like a rock.

    Now if that billionaire was to buy the paper and stand for delivery, he already knows that he is not going to get full delivery because in all likelihood the meat at the COMEX is also leased out to other entities and is encumbered.

    The owners of the registered gold and silver would default and the billionaire would be broke!

  7. You guys its simple. JPMorgan stores massively large amounts of metals around the world in there vaults. They then hedge positions FOR there clients. Manipulation is not part of there business model, its wrong and they wouldn’t do it. The blogosphere has it all wrong.

  8. I think the reason that no rotting tree stumps have been kicked over is because of two reasons:
    1> Just like those of us here at SD, the Chinese are hanging onto their PMs and buying as much as they can at these stupidly low prices relative to fiat confetti.  Sure we’d like to see our investments properly valued, but at the same time, if I can afford even one more ounce today, I’ll take that first.  Tomorrow, the choice may be taken away by someone with less patience.
    2> The impatient kick at the stump will immediately unleash a swarm of angry wasps.  So when considered along with point <1>, who in their right mind would antagonize a bunch of venomous reactionary insects when instead they could continue picking low hanging fruit and pass right by the rot, knowing that the stump will collapse of it’s own accord in short order.

  9. Anyone in there right mind who is gonna take down a market surely wouldn’t buy a bunch of paper contracts in hopes of jamming up the works hoping for delivery of something that doesn’t exist.. That would be plain insane… An as far as the bottom falling out of the price if all the metals were bought up, it wouldn’t last cause the market would then be supply vs demand driven… Us, the silver stacker, would have very little if anything available to buy in the short term if that were to happen so we would have to wait for miners supply to increase and the brain dead people selling there silver goods to make the recycled side of the market… The industrial side on the other hand would still need there steady stream of silver supply for production of any number of products… Medical, electronics, components for various industries, york peppermint pattie wrappers… I feel they would be in line before Us stackers…  But then we would be on a supply and demand pricing… There would be absolutely no way the price could remain anywhere near the current level if anyone wanted supply mined… It just couldn’t be…
    And thats about all I gots to be sayin bout all that….

  10. Oh… BTW… Nice write up and good conversation all… I’m likin the feel of this fresh format… Doc and all involved have done a really nice job putting all this together for our community… GO TEAM!! Hehe…

    An Stack em if you got em!!

  11. Good points, Minnow.  A lot of us who rant and rave about the silver and gold market manipulations sure have no compunction against BTFDs!  Getting a few more ozs. for our fiat while we can is virtually a mantra for all silver and gold stackers.  I agree 100% that at some point this decision will be taken from us by events that unfold with dizzying speed.  In the meantime, however… stacka, stacka, stacka!  :-)

  12. Well that’s one theory, they might force delivery of all the COMEX stock but would also lose a ton in the default. I’m quite happy to keep chugging along each month accumulating and letting the boys and the witch play with their toys whilst increasing my stack month by month.

    Why rush it? We all know that it’ll go down someday and they’re weakening and cracking at a nice steady pace. I’m quite happy to see them succeed and help me out more.

    The time will come when it comes.

    Thanks Doc, my 20 ounces of Silver Circle coins came today!

  13. That is something I have thought about as well. Is it that buying the Comex inventory is not as easy as it may seem? I mean, aside from the cash it would take, are there any “laws” stopping someone or some group from actually taking it all ?

    Surely these governments holding devaluating dollars know what REAL money is. It’s odd to me that this hasn’t at least been attemped.

    Maybe all of JPM’s “clients” wouldn’t approve of it… Masters might have something to say about it as well…

  14. I hope that the manipulation doesn’t end. I can’t afford a lot of silver cause I don’t work because I’m not old enough. My parents don’t give me cash anymore cause they think that me buying silver is a waste of cash. Why can’t people understand the fact that currencies are losing values?

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