Trader and forecaster Rick Ackerman says, “As far as the Fed getting off the easing regimen, it’s not possible . . .You’d kill the system right now. There’s no way out, and although we put off the day of reckoning, it can’t be put off indefinitely.” Obama Care is one of the biggest headwinds facing the economy. Ackerman says, “January 1st, everybody is going to get socked with at least a 30% increase in their insurance premiums . . . Obama Care is the worst bill ever . . . I don’t see how the economy can survive it.” Ackerman does not believe gold prices will skyrocket but contends, “One thing I have always been absolutely confident about is that gold, relative to any other asset you can think of, will hold its purchasing power.” Ackerman fears confiscation of bank deposits and says, “All depositors everywhere should be scared for their money. Cypress should have spooked the whole world, and it did! I think it makes the likelihood of some sort of black swan event even greater.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rick Ackerman.

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    • Since “spelt” is a type of wheat (sometimes used improperly as a form of slang for “spelled” in some countries outside the US), how can you take yourself seriously?
      Personally, I can’t take Grammar/Spelling Nazi’s seriously at all. 

  1. Sadly, all we can do is sit around until the sh*t hits the fan and wait ( and stack I guess ). Lord knows the fed and the able handmaidens of propaganda will tease QE ending, then tune silver and gold to oblivion. Nevermind options expiry, first days notice, days when the overseas markets are closed, jobs reports and a plethora of other days to nuke gold and silver (in an illegal manner) all with impunity.
    There seems to be more and more people learning what’s up, but the hundreds of millions in north america alone which have no clue guarantee we’re not ending this without a major catastrophe, war, or both.

    • Watch eBay.  Although the number of Silver Eagle auctions have risen a bit, the number of coins have decreased.  I bought the last 5 ASE’s from my local coin dealer.  He only has generics left.  Tulving and APMEX have gotten stock back up, but it will soon be gone again.  People are waking up.  And they know the prices they’ll have to pay isn’t going down in proportion to the COMEX price.

    • Sorry, I love Pastor Williams like a brother, but I can’t take listening to him.  I also believe his predictions of last year that he said would be happening very soon, have not panned out.  So he moves down the list.  Just like Clif High, they’re batting average’s are tanking, so off to the minors for them.

  2. I takes an intelligent person to pull money from the casino.  The majority of the population think things will be OK.  They also fear the act of walking into a bank and demanding their money.  It’s a psychosomatic problem that society has taught them, that they would be considered crazy or outcasts.  Who wants their name spread around town about what they did?  I once knew an intelligent guy who would not return a defective product to the local store, for either a refund or exchange.  Fear is a terrible trait to have.
    The FED just sold Treasuries for 0% interest today, and people bought them.  That tells me there will be people who will buy paper that COSTS them their money, next.  They’ll get what they deserve, real soon…

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