Alert From International Banker: Close All Equity Accounts & Exit Markets NOW!

Steve Quayle has released an alert from his international banking contact advising that his sources are informing him a Spanish bank holiday is imminent, and it will spill over to the rest of the PIIGS and even to FRANCE.

His contact also states that Morgan Stanley is the next Lehman Brothers due to its Euro and Facebook exposure, and investors have until December at the latest to close all equity accounts, exit the markets, and acquire gold and silver.

Full alert below:

Steve tell your listeners to ignore ETFs and continue buying Physical SILVER and GOLD no matter what “spot price” is. Please tell them to take cash out NOW!!!! Only keep in bank what you can afford to lose and what you need to pay bills and expenses. Please tell them to get money out NOW!!! They have till December the latest to do so. Be mindful it CAN HAPPEN SOONER. Prices of Metals without manipulation $1000 SILVER $5000 GOLD—Steve Great show Im listening to you right now. 

Here is the latest truth on Spain. The bailout already happened by stealth from very reliable sources. My sources are never wrong. The Bank holiday is going to spill over to Spain, Portugal and France. The Flight to safe harbor now is the UK. From there you will see flights to the US dollar. The main players have moved to Gold. Watch for another shock to SLV and GLD market. This will cause shaky uncommitted hands to dump more SLV and GLD physical.  ETF markets will take massive hit. 

Germany will start to have massive upheaval as their banks Duetche Bank in particular is over exposed to Spanish Flue, solvency crunch will hit Germany, look for Germans to go mad over the fact they can not have access to their funds. 

Evolving….. Dollar only rises with IR Swaps and flight to “safe currency” once derivative market bursts all of this goes parabolic high velocity crash. This is due to the fact that the dollar is exposed as WORTHLESS due to the overleveraged CDS exposure.Very little SILVER left to be mined. It is a precious and Strategic metal. SILVER will be less plentiful than GOLD.Steve Russian economy willl suffer greatly due to EuroCollapse. This is due to the dependency that the Russian economy has with Euro zone energy exports. (GAZPROM) Greek crisis has hurt Russian Natural Gas exports.

Russians are angry at Eurocrats due to their inability to fix the crisis. They are blaming the whole entire western banking system for the recent decline of the Ruble. Steve some of the investors that lost big in Iceland were the Russians and guess what? They are vested in Greece as well. Take to account this along side with recent NATO aggression does not work to help this particular situation.Steve remember Deutsche Bank is #2 only to PNB Paribas the French Banking Giant. The kicker here is that both of their derivative exposure combined is over $125 Trillion!!! You have to be solvent in order to be liquid. This is a solvency crisis. The average joe on the street is duped into thinking it’s liquidity. There is no liquidity.Chinese will back Yuan with Gold. They are stealth dumping US Tbonds. Have not been in any major bond auctions for the last year or so. Will form new banking/ trade system with BRICS—Morgan Stanley is next Lehman bros due to Facebook and Euro exposure. Close all equity accounts and exit markets now.


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  2. lol “His contact also states that Morgan Stanley is the next Lehman Brothers due to its Euro and Facebook exposure”

  3. next step – welcome the Antichrist

  4. Well I guess I must investigate this further!

  5. lol

  6. It’s really happening fast!

    Great read!


  8. GOT FOOD?

  9. i will be taking that one with a large pinch of salt… me thinks

  10. Let the countdown begin…

  11. Yep, got booze?

  12. Will congress be hauling Spain to testify?
    Connedgress – “Yes will you explain why you bought toxic derivatives from US banks and financial institutions?”,
    Honorable Europe muppets reply- “We didn’t fully understand the risk, besides we were told we were doing god’s work by Lord Lloyd blankfein who is now our finance minister.”
    It will be televised from their Greecian villas.

  13. Doc was that just 100 million contracts just bought???

  14. Torpedo in the water, hard to port.

  15. Steve Quayle’s message is you need to get your house in order both financially and spiritually.

  16. December seems like a long time. I feel this will happen sooner. Maybe not to this scale though. we will see.

  17. Well, I’ve already done what he’s talked about, the only thing I can do is try to prepare and convince others to prepare in the same way.  December?  I doubt we’ll have that long, if Bix and Lindsey Williams are right, and so far, they’ve been uncannily precise on the banking fallout timelines…..we’ll doing well to make it to September.

  18. Steve must have read my post on the SD currency control I just put up.  LOL  I read his essay yesterday.  Steve is an optimist. 


    December will be way past the end of this fiasco in Europe.  By that time there  may be a few bodies still standing.  He doesn’t take into account the fear factor of the average Greek, Spainard, Italian,  Frenchman, Brit or Irishman  The banks are closing as we write these posts.  The fire is lit and the storm is upon the Europeans.  The bank runs total  hundred of millions to billions daily.  The banks capital bases are being depleted at light speed and with capital ratios of 30 to 1 their vaults will be empty by the end of June. Most of the bank capital bases in Spain were empty last weekend, hence the reason for the $125 billion bailout.  After that we can only assume that trillion dollar bailouts will be requested to stave off collapse.  Europe is SOL and there is no time left to get out of dodge.

  19. So really, no change from yesterday, the day before, or last week.  It’s gonna keep on keepin’ on, until it doesn’t anymore.

    Nobody knows WHEN it will all fall over, tho there are certainly signs that “it” is starting to pick up some steam of late  (Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Italy soon).  Since nobody knows the future, I have to take these “THE SKY IS FALLING, PULL OUT NOW (or by December, maybe sooner)!” updates from some of these guys.  Everything I’ve ever learned or experienced both in the military and in my civilian life favors those who refrain from panic, and take whatever steps they can to prepare in a measured and careful fashion.  Panic like this just bugs me, since I just feel that it smacks a bit of hucksterism and preying on fear more than anything else. 

    Stay flexible, stay loose, as UglyDog says get your house in order (in all that that means – spiritual, physical and financial), stack when you can, and do whatever is possible and in your means to prepare.  For some that will be more “extreme” than others simply due to the bounds of the fiat world we still live in, but know that ANYTHING you do to be ready for whatever comes is still going to be infinitely more than 99.9% of the “sheeple” out there.  Part of me feels nothing but sorrow for those blind who willingly choose to live in the massive concrete jungles and will find themselves in a completely untenable situation when the collapse finally comes, in whatever form it comes in.  Heck, I’m still too close to a major city and I live about 45min drive out from a “major” city in the midwest… and that has my pucker factor up higher than I’d like when I consider what happens when (not if) it all goes SHTF and all those millions in the city figure out there ain’t no food, water, whatever it is they want… and they look out at the burbs and beyond.

    Of course, that’s why I got a backup plan to head out with the family to the more remote bug out location that the in laws have a couple hours away from here, with PLENTY of lakes and wilderness and farmland and whatnot all around.  ;)

  20. Any stories to the contrary about the ECB, ESM or IMF/FED stopping this hemmorage is MOPE, with one intention. To deceive the average Juan or Maria that everything is just fine and we have the situation well in hand. The only thing you can take is you are being lied to and for one reason:  To give these bastard SOBs at the banks, central governments and central banks time to get their affairs in order so they can exit this cluster bleep of a paradigm with the bank accounts and hides intact.  

     I am as sure that they will buy time to flee as I am sure the people will suffer monstrously due to their ineptitude, greed and lust for power.  Maybe the Europeans will get their Mussolini Moment and hang these SOBs from the city gates upside down with their guts tangled around their ears. 

  21. Just put in an order for more physical silver, every piece of toilet paper i can find is going into silver, screw paying back my loans. will pay them back with much worthless toilet paper over time.

  22. Aragornsos   I agree with you re not panicking.  That will get you killed.  The loud voices drumming on the themes noted in Quayles post have been doing so for 2 years or more.  The situation in Europe is dire and there is no solution to their problems.  Money won’t fix it.  We,  the PM and prepper groups,  have seen this coming for some time and are prepared. 

    On a personal side, I like to review comments like this so I can glean a few bits of relevant data to add to my information stock pile.  It helps me get a sense of timing.  As a military man you know how valuable intel is as you  sift out the parts that help you gain a meaningful picture of the battlefield and the dynamics of the action that allows you to have a good chance of surviving until the next day and winning the war.  

    While I never served in the military I do have a Band of Brothers and we talk about the situations that are developing, particularly those in this country where the government gives all signs of preparing for a war with its own citizenry.   I look at the current world situation as a war with some battles that are hot and some that are developing and could turn hot.  Nations are involved in the currency and financial wars  at this time, marshalling resources,  stockpiling, setting up the battlelines and defensible positions.  We may very well be in one or more wars in short order and some of the worst collateral damage happens to those civilians who are unprepared.  This site is one of the better ones to help us gain perspective on the events that we mayhave to confront in the immediate future.  Whether it’s June 2012, December or some time in the next few years, there will be major conflicts.  There are way too many stupid people with hostile agendas running around the world starting fights that we may end up having to deal with up close and personal

  23. Hmmm. Sinclair, Quayle, Embry, Sprott…… and so on call for the STHF this year. Know what? I agree with aragornsos. Anything you’ve done is more than 99.5% of what the sheople have done. Matter of fact, I’d say all you guys/gals will do just fine. For the last couple of years here at SD’s I’ve watched as you’ve all (most) Stored food, grew garden’s, stacked wood and silver, bought ammo, drilled wells and stored water, discussed medical methods and medicines, field phones and generators, propane/kerosene/gasoline/lamp oil, talked of like mindedness and helping your neighbor, spoke of God and the Constitution, what you believe and how you will stand tall to defend your way of life, when to get out of paper and what hard assets to get into. GOT SILVER?

    Yes my friends, I believe you will do fine. No panic here at SD’s. What a great collective of minds that argue, present facts, opinions, laugh together and support each other when life has been ugly to one of us.
    If the Quayle prediction is right, well then, bring it on ’cause the SD’s are ready. Look out Mad Max, you have competition.
  24. The gig is the system will implement QE3 before any type of major crash happens.  Or they will implement during a crash to temporarily stabilize everything for several months.  Plain and simple!

    I personally consider QE3 the canary in the coal mine.  Because when that happens the river will pick up speed quickly.

  25. He’s not the only one sounding the alarm…give a listen to Lindsey Williams as well…

  26. Never underestimate the ability of politicians to kick the can down the road.  An end-of-the-world scenerio would involve hyperinflation. Important to note there is a distinct difference between extended robust inflation and hyperinflation.  Hyperinflation is a total loss of faith in a currency.  This historically has only been seen after a country loses a war and it’s manufacturing ability has been totally destroyed.  Hopefully, we won’t be dealing with that.  So, prepare for extended robust inflation.  That is the more likely scenario. But, then who really knows.

  27. This is not “EXPEND ALL REMAINING” Hold your ground.

  28. I agree with UglyDog that the can kicking will continue but the only problem is they used to be able to kick the can down the road 5 years, then it was 1 year, now its <6 months. 

    QE3 is what will really kick in the inflation and that’s why they’ve been dragging their feet for so long.  Also, it could cause things to unravel especially if governments start ditching T-Bills and similar dollar related monetary assets.  I think its a very risky move they don’t want to take.

    Anyway, break out the popcorn as we’ll know within a few months as the Euro mess continues to unravel. 

  29. The window for prepping has been open for a while, but, I’m afraid it’s closing rapidly. Don’t know the day or the hour, but, I think warnings like this one are falling on the ears of the few “stragglers” that may wake up mere moments before there’ll be nothing left they CAN do.

  30. Silver Dog  Agreed. this is not the moment to ‘Expend all your Ammunition’  That time might come as might the time when the battalion commander, when told he is completely surround, states “good, then we can shoot in every direction’  Now is the time to acquire quality intel,  stockpile whatever assets you think will serve you best, set up lines of communication and memorize your territory.   We are very fortunate to have some good people with tons of great ideas that allow us to get ready for action while keeping in mind the best plans got to hell upon confrontation with reality.


    FOREX-Euro rises for 2nd day on Greece optimism

    Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:48pm EDT

    By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss
    NEW YORK, Traders cited a report from the Financial Times which
    suggested there may be growing openness among European leaders
    to relax Greece’s bailout terms, which was viewed as a positive
    development for the debt-plagued country.
    In addition, there were also reports that Alexis Tsipras,
    the leader of the anti-bailout group Syriza, has pledged to keep
    Greece within the euro zone
    if his party wins. He was likewise
    amenable to negotiating with European leaders on the bailout
    deal, helping keep a bid on risky assets.<—REMEMBER—TRUST
    “It looks like we have calmed down a little bit on the Greek
    situation,” said Greg Moore, currency strategist at TD
    Securities in Toronto.

    That said, Moore pointed out that the euro was below last
    week’s high of around $1.2671 and very much within the weekly
    range. So the trend, he added, was still to sell the euro into

    The euro, however, remained vulnerable. Spanish 10-year bond
    yields remain at lofty levels even though they have fallen from
    a euro lifetime record high on Tuesday. Some believe the country
    may eventually need a full bailout if a bank rescue, announced
    last weekend, fails to stop the rot.

    And now Italy is back in the headlines. Traders said if Italian
    and Spanish bond yields continued to edge toward perceived unsustainable
    levels of around 7 percent, the euro may well come under more pressure
    in the near term.

    Italy faces a test on Thursday, when it plans to offer up to
    4.5 billion euros ($5.66 billion) of fixed-rate bonds.

    The last published opinion polls showed the conservative New
    Democracy party, which backs the 130-billion-euro ($160 billion)
    bailout that is keeping Greece afloat, running neck-and-neck
    with the leftist Syriza party,
    which wants to cancel the rescue
    “The critical result from this election is not simply which
    party wins the most votes, but whether or not the elected
    parties can form a lasting coalition,” said Andrew Busch, global
    currency and public policy strategist at BMO Capital Markets in
    Chicago. “Despite Syriza’s popular surge, they will still need
    to find coalition partners in order to govern.” READ MORE

  32. Same message different day…

  33. Danno You mean same shit, different shift.

  34. Right on Powerball. The can kicking is about to be over. Personal opinion, 6 months to a year max. The dominoes are falling at a faster speed now and I look for Germany to say “sorry dudes, gotta run.”. We’ll see. For all who missed tiit, go back a few months to AGXIIK’s prediction silver will be in a shortage by August. If you can’t find it, ask him to repeat it. I stopped by my LCS today and found no eagles, maples or Constitutional. The man said it is selling like crazy. Luckily I did get one silver Buffalo. He’s going to hold some back for me because I didn’t get my weekly allotment. Thank you LCS dude.


  36. Fuckin A SB…. Same fuckin shit different fuckin day….

  37. Danno Yeah, that’s more like it. :-)

    P.S. You get to watch your favorite movie twice today.

  38. Avatar of Eddie77 says:

    As in get them out TODAY!

  39. It’s time to collect cash and stop using banks but more important is to get metals,food and guns.(oink)

  40. Well back home now and I can see the world did not implode. Theres 2oz and Danno, SB weighed in along with AG. Jake is hear with his well made presentation. Ugly mug I mean Ugly Dog hear with his grate logic and  Bull Lion wate a minut were is M45. Well I think we need M45 to show up so I know the world is safe. In the mean time hears a little vid.

  41. Gooooooood posts

    COINS for everyone

    time grows very ………..short


    cocked – locked & ready

    to rock

  42. Da yooper thanks

    Back at you with the coin thing ama jig. Nice to see you pop in now we need M45
  43. Welcome back 427. lol Funny little vid with an important lesson. Yep, the world has not implode yet, which means we can continue stackin phyzz.

    Da yooper Thank you and you’re spot on: “stay cocked – locked & ready to rock”

    P.S. Guys, I will check you later. Someone is coming over for training tomorrow, then I’ve got to be as sharp as a needle… Jamie is coming over. lol

  44. Before I go… it is good to have you back M45. You had us worried.

  45. I had no intentions of not coming back 427, I just had to let off some steam. You know all we Viet Nam Vets where spat apoun in the sixties but it won’t happen to me again Never.

  46. I’m Headed to Luckenbach with my silver & guns. Holler when it’s over !!

  47. I have a feeling inside that the Dervitives Market is going to explode pretty shortly myself and when that happens all hellis going to break loose so keep looking for signs, hear that Doc. Keep Us Informed.

  48. M45;

    I will not let it happen ether, no fuckin way. Right along with my Country & Flag. 
    Hi ZINK you have a new avatar nice. Much better than looking at Obama. Whats Luckenbach?
  49. Dang. Hoping I can wake more people up before then.

  50. Luckenbach, TX is way out in the country!  Its about a 2 hour drive from any sizable city and a hole in the wall mainly inhabited by ranchers and farmers.  If the market implodes that probably would be a good place to be for 6 months.

  51. Better buy some food too…

  52. Thanks PB

  53. All this talk about “can kicking” shows what some folks know.  Fact is, guys, it’s not a can.  It’s a grenade.  And all this kicking has loosened the pin.  It WILL fall out at some point and and make a big nasty BOOM!  When, not if, it does a lot of unprepared folks are going to be “surprised”.

  54. Sort of sounds like delayed summary of what Jim Willie and Lindsey Williams have been saying and warning about.

    May we all look to the lord Jesus as ultimate Helper in these coming difficult times. AU/AG will protect against inflation, but a healthy wallet with a troubled soul is putting the cart (which is good) before the horse. May we all put the “horse” first, followed by the “cart.”


  55. “Watch for another shock from the SLV & GLD market.”

    When the money flees to the FRN & PM falls, I am ALL IN!
    Sheep Dog & the SD team standing by…
  56. When the money flees to the Pms, you missed the move.

  57. Shades of Ann Barnhardt: 

    Things are heating up quickly.
  58. Close all eguity accounts and exit markets now!

    Roger that!
    been there done that
  59. Election apocalypse: Greeks hoard canned food

    June 14, 2012 11:40am

    SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras is pledging to tear up the bailout deal, saying that the austerity conditions attached to the money are so catastrophic for the country they must be rejected Greeks are withdrawing up to 800 million euros ($1.01 billion) a day and stocking up on canned food as they fear the country will be forced to leave the eurozone after this Sunday’s election.

    Greek citizens fear the ramifications of a return to the country’s previous currency, the drachma, if the radical left-wing party and strong election contender SYRIZA wins this weekend.

    Bankers said daily withdrawals from the major banks were hitting €500-€800 million ($631.8 million-$1.01 billion), Reuters reported.

    Meanwhile, retailers say consumers are stocking up on non-perishable foods like pasta and canned goods.

    Latest polls showed the conservative New Democracy party, which supports a €130 billion international bailout, is running neck-and-neck with the leftist SYRIZA party.

    If the country renounces its bailout terms, Greece’s international partners could stop providing the rescue loans, which would lead it to default and force it out of the eurozone.

    Reports overnight said that Greece only had about €2 billion euros ($2.52 billion) left in its coffers, which would only last until July 20.

    Greece’s finance minister refused to comment but the country’s labour minister said that Greece should have enough cash to pay pensions at least for July.

    If Greece walked away from the euro, the drachma’s value against other currencies would plunge along with the earnings of Greek workers.

    Cost of living would spike on the back of rises in interest rates and import prices.

  60. Sweet merciful poop on a pizza… WTF…

  61. Excellent, “…another shock to SLV and GLD…”

    Looks like another sale flyer from my favorite self improvement store. I just love a good sale!

  62. I think most of the comments and opinions are very much the same as mine.  I still believe there is much ammunition in TPTB arsenal.

    Intelligence analysts look at the whole  picture to derive some logical pattern.  The pattern has been stall, stall, stall.  Many refer to this as kicking the can.  I think TPTB have decided to deflate monetary systems and have a replacement waiting in the wings to spring upon the world. 

    It just does not make any sense not to be prepared to handle this problem since they are the ones that fomented it. 

    My fear is that they have been playing PM stackers, including other governments.  The new world currency may have a basis in gold and silver but the value will not  be solely derived from those holdings.  They will minimize the value in some way as to retain control and power.  I have not figured out that part yet, but I think that as long as there is  no physical war, they will win. 

  63. Interesting point O Joe. You could be right, but at least you’ll have a stack to sell or convert. Even if it’s not we all want it’ll be better that the pocket lettuce. Of course, if they try to rip us off again, they may find lynch mobs worldwide. I think the people have had enough. LOL.

  64. All this makes sense then why people in Italy are sending bombs to the tax and treasury offices which the MSM reports but doesn’t know why. It is precisely b/c of the ATM stoppages and shortages of cash at banks the gov is imposing over there. 

    Does anyone have ties to someone with a 1st person perspective over there? Blogs ? webcam? anything?

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