Alasdair Macleod: The Gold is Gone, Cornered by China! Could Go Considerably Higher than $2k By the End of 2014!

launch rocket verticalOur friends Alasdair Macleod and Bill Murphy joined Finance & Liberty for a MUST WATCH interview on the metals.
Macleod dropped a bombshell of a prediction regarding his gold outlook for 2014:

I mean the gold is gone- its been cornered by China and it is so miss-priced as to be ridiculous.   I think if there is any surprise, it will be just how high the price of gold goes over the course of this year.  And I think that it could well go considerably higher than the $2,000 price that Bill Murphy just mentioned.

Alasdair Macleod & Bill Murphy’s full MUST WATCH interview is below:



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  1. The cartel is going to hit the wall. Theoretically at some point. Can’t come soon enough.
    For Dickie Elijah to talk about things being “bearish” for Gold.. LOL..

  2. Hi Alasdair Macleod or Bill Murphy,
    What is your thoughts on Marshall Swing evaluation? Please advise.

  3. please send me your FUBAR detector   Mine’s on the fritz

  4. four comments……that should be a sign for bill to take the job at the bingo hall! he jumped the shark along with many others months and months ago. who cares.

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