collapseIt’s time to once again document the collapse with gold expert Alasdair MacLeod. We recount the Friday May 2nd completely bogus jobs report which claims that the unemployment rate in the United States has fallen from 6.7% to 6.3%, despite 800,000 Americans “LEAVING THE WORKFORCE” because they CAN’T find meaningful employment!
It’s just lies on lies compounded by more lies and Alasdair says, “We are beginning to see total systematic collapse” taking shape. We also discuss precious metals: Including the off-the-charts demand for Canadian silver Maples sales, Jeffrey Christian’s latest falsehoods, the dwindling “secret silver stockpile” and much more.

  1. If CME had implemented proposed measures pre-2011, I would have made a LOT of money. Leveraged silver would be such a great avenue of investing if the maximum price drop per session is for instance 1%. Rallies will take longer, and will be more predictable.

  2. No, I am trading silver because I can make it more silver. I’ve done massively well in a dropping market. I am not cost averaging, I am cost adjusting. It’s well possible my average costs has dropped below the lowest price I paid. Ponder that.
    In my experience, silver is an expanding metal. Give met 10oz of my choices costing ~13x spot (12 generic ounces) and 5 years later I’ve made it 20 ouces worth ~28x spot. And I can swap that back to low premium silver to make it 26x spot (24 generic ounces). Doubled potential and realized ounces, not just buying an expensive piece and getting back more cheap silver for it.

  3. An especially good interview. Mr. Macleod’s point about the global electronic factor of today’s financial systems, portending immediate collapse as far more realistic than a ‘scare tactic’, was striking.

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