AGXIIKAGXIIK joins The Doc & Eric Dubin in this MUST LISTEN installment of Metals & Markets to discuss:

  • AGXIIK on why Ukraine is a stare-down contest between the West & Putin, & what is likely to happen when currency wars devolve into hot wars (there is no safe haven except physical gold & silver!)
  • Bitcoin Mt. Gox implosion: isolated event or a warning to Bitcoin holders?
  • First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win: Why Bloomberg’s in-depth coverage on bullion banks manipulating the London fix gold price has substantial implications on how close we are to the END GAME
  • AGXIIK discusses his attempted firearms up-training of 27 federal high security guards: “They looked like a one-legged monkey trying to have sex with a bagpipe” 

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Mt. Gox owner Mark Karpelès intercepted by protestor;  Source: YouTube

Gold and silver are marking time.  Further advances this week were capped.  But as we noted on last week’s show, despite all the volatility gold managed to gain over five bucks on an end-of-week basis, while silver did dip but bounced off its 200 day moving average two times.  This is nothing more than the calm of “managed retreat” capping before the next move higher.  I believe we have very good odds of seeing gold over $1,400 and silver testing $24 by the end of March.  Fundamentals justify it, and while sentiment has improved slightly bears still dominate the landscape — a contrary indicator.




One of the more interesting stories to hit the wires this week was Bloomberg’s coverage of a draft research paper written by New York University’s Stern School of Business Professor Rosa Abrantes-Metz and Albert Metz, a managing director at Moody’s Investors Service.  Albert Metz was not writing on behalf of Moody’s, to be clear.  But this duo are taken seriously by the mainstream.  They determined that unusual trading patterns around 3 p.m. in London have occurred surrounding the time when the London p.m fix is set by five bullion banks. Bloomberg reports:

The structure of the benchmark is certainly conducive to collusion and manipulation, and the empirical data are consistent with price artificiality,” they say in the report, which hasn’t yet been submitted for publication. “It is likely that co-operation between participants may be occurring.” 

While it’s encouraging to see the mainstream US financial media start to take this subject seriously, they’re well over a decade late to party.  The Doc and I speculate on the meaning of the U.S. media’s willingness to touch this subject now after trying their darnedest to ignore it, and then ridicule it over many years.   The story can’t be hidden anymore and the U.S. media will likely seek to get in front of their piss-poor coverage all these years, with a bit more willingness to cover precious metals manipulation going forward.  Arse covering, as it were.  But there’s probably a bit of value letting the broader business community in on the reality of precious metals price suppression if we are indeed moving through the “end game” in the coming months and couple of years.

For your weekend perusal, I highly recommend the latest episode of “Cross Talk” from Russia Television.  This show has become one of the most lucid and objective television programs covering geopolitics.  This episode is no exception.  It includes the analysis of Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity’s Daniel McAdams.  Click here to check it out — your Ukraine “red pill” for the weekend.

Thanks for tuning in,

Eric Dubin


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  1. @AGXIIK Lol I get to call you Craig now seeing your secrets out. Lol Yea things are getting close. All these diversions are just prolonging the inevitable and a huge collapse with a winner take all scenario. As for the Bitcoin thingy, CIA/Govt setup, I need more proof before I could believe that. I might believe they caused the crash. Lol   Keep Stacking we are going to need it.

    • @Marhas45:  It became obvious a powerful group was behind the curtains pulling the strings for Bitcoin.  To be a competing currency I’ve never seen so much “positive” press and “front page news articles” during its moon shot up to $1,200. Remember the weekend that Overstock start accepting Bitcoin and they made a sales record, etc.  It was front page news everywhere with the mainstream media yelling hooray for Bitcoin.  This told me right then and there something was very wrong.  Whenever the mainstream media yells hip-hip-hooray for a competing currency its time to run for the door.
      We may never know who was all involved but it sure is interesting to watch the onion get peeled. 
      If there’s a lesson here it’s what many have said all along, if you can’t hold it then you don’t own it. 

    • Doc blew the lid off that story last year, that AGXIIK’s real life identity is actually BATMAN! 
      I just hope the one-legged monkeys don’t troll SD and/or NSA does not FWD this to DHS :D
      As long as my identity is safe… Don’t tell them AG that I am actually ROBIN, the Boy Wonder   ;)

  2.  Great Job AGXIIK-
    New Iraq currency is being made, what do you think?

    Yet as Golden Jackass States: “…death in progress of the defacto Petro-dollar standard…. the truth is that Iran through its sanctions workarounds, has wrecked the Petro-Dolla & provided a working prototype for the Gold trade settlement.”


    For more ~

    • @Republic:  The Marcus Curtis post was an interesting read.  He states that gold will continue and fall in price especially as tapering slows and interest rates rise.  He notes this will increase the dollar strength but the bullion dealers won’t tell this to their buyers.  The other key points that seemed to jump off the page is that the Central Bank of China is not really stockpiling that much gold.  It’s the citizens of China and not the banks creating the huge imports so he doesn’t see how gold is set to skyrocket up to a price such as $5,000 based off any reset. 
      Any input?

  3. Thanks for getting me into Bitcoin when it was ~$50 dollars doc, has paid off very nicely. I love all the hate it gets. Pretty obvious what people are invested in around here. I’ve got plenty of silver and some gold too, but when you had your articles on bitcoin after Cyprus, it just called to me.
    Many, many thanks.

    • Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme and you just happen to be one of the ones who got in early.  Bitcoin has no intrinsic value and was always doomed to failure.

    • I have thrown at least 25k into silver and am dollar cost averaged at around 29$.  (I don’t make that much so this is a big deal)  Luckily, I can buy super cheap now and lower that 29$ average.
      If it wasn’t for BTC, I would be down a healthy 30 plus percent.  I threw a 1,500 at BTC and bought 10 at 100-200. (I didn’t buy all 10 at once.) 
      Point being, I am pretty much even because of BTC and have not one bad thing to say about them.  I only wish I would have listened to Max Keiser and bought them at 3$ just like when he was pimping silver at 4$.  I have made a 5 fold return on my investment and silver would have to to hit 150 for me to get that…I am looking for $200-$300 b4 I even think about jumping ship.

  4. Republic from Mars.
    It looks like Baby Shrub is going to get his new day job after all.   Just about his speed IMO. LOL.  
    For 1,000 years royalty in Europe would invade a country they considered ‘theirs’  
    It looks HRH Bush III will get his wish.
     I like that currency.
    At least this piece of FIAT tells a bit of truth.  
    Beforeitsnews just noted (unconfirmed) that the entire Ukrainian Navy resigned (or was sacked)  That will be a  real stare down contest
    The gun owners of Connecticut who refused to register their guns and magazines have been informed by the CT law enforcement there will be house to house searches for unregistered guns. (Unconfirmed but the article seemed to be accurate on Slavo’s site  That will be epic if the state follows up on its threat.
    The ammo I described in this interview is Winchester Ranger 40 cal T Series (for LEO) It is a new version of the old Black Talon ammo produced in the 1990′s. If you startpage that particular ammo you will find a few videos describing it’s characteristics. They are stunning.
    Excuse my voice quality When doing podcasts I retreat to my Maxwell Smart phonebooth.

    • CT will be the shot fired that starts the civil war. It will snowballs as gun owners backlash against illegal laws all over the US

    • One question Republic From Mars. How many Crusades does this make in the ME.  Frankly I can’t count that high but it has to be in the dozens.  If I was living in the middle east I’d regard the US as the biggest terrorist nation in the world right now. The 3000 who died in the World Trade attack are a tiny fraction of those who’ve been droned, assassinated and destroyed by our actions.  IMO KLUMMAC is a war criminal of the first rank.   Who’ll lead the New Age Nuremberg trials?

    • Charlie, w/o MONKEY-HAMMERING, I firmly believe we would be on your schedule. 
      Just proves the F’ed Reserve and the MANIP-MANOP banks are watching the 
      SILVER RECLINER REPORT so they know what, when, and where to hit!

    • Good stuff, as always, Charlie.  But I have to disagree with you a little on your comments regarding “the S is gonna hit the fan”.  IMO, it IS hitting the fan.  Remember, a SHTF scenario is not an event but a process and we ARE in that process now.  It will take some time to play out but, believe me, it IS happening.  It’s all around us now, what with dead banksters, disappearing gold, military maneuvers, false flags, lies, damned lies, and statistics, etc.  Just because it is a slow motion train-wreck does not mean that it isn’t happening now because it is.  It’s just slow at the beginning but, believe me, the speed WILL pick up, and when it does it will be REAL obvious to one and all.  
      You’re 100% right about getting some silver and maybe some gold as well.  Both will be life-savers after any kind of economic crash.  We gotta remember the lessons of the Great Depression.  That was a true SHTF scenario and those who suffered the most from it were those who had little to no money.  Goods were available but you had to have MONEY to buy them.  In those days, silver and gold were MONEY, so people needed them to survive and even prosper.  It is possible to prosper during hard times and some people will but it will be because they have MONEY to take advantage of fire-sale prices on real things like food, houses, good businesses, and land.  Hell, maybe even the big cap blue chip stocks will come through it.  They came through the Great Depression; battered and bruised but people with a little money picked up shares at 5-10 cents on the dollar.  Their little money became a LOT of money once the market recovered.  That could happen again but, as with everything else in life, there is no guarantee of it.  
      What IS pretty much guaranteed, though, is that those who go into an economic crash with no forethought, no planning, and no idea of WTH is going on around them will not make it through some very hard times.  They will become extremely dangerous to themselves and to others prior to their demise, however, so be extra careful with them.  I feel sorry for them but not so sorry that I will risk myself or my family for their benefit.

  5. Craig isn’t the only one with the suspicions he expressed in the interview …–Was-the-Fix-In/

    “Was Mt. Gox taken down by the “feds”? The timing once again seems a bit neat. Was Mt. Gox not what it appeared to be from the beginning? Or if there was deliberate criminality, was the timing of what could be a law-enforcement takedown coordinated in some sense?

    Yes, once again, the whole thing reads like a script out of a Hollywood movie. And we shall see how much more progress bitcoin makes and whether it becomes “anointed” as a chosen global currency. That would raise our suspicions even further.”

  6. I’m laughing Charlie   Hope those eggs are non GMO and organic. Let them cool off a bit.  Those charts you showed were really amazing. Perfect patterns. How more obvious can they be.  It is startling how so much of these back room games are now just trotted out in full view.  The US government is like a rogue elephant, totally out of control in a China Shop.  Literally in a China shop.  Everything is getting busted up and we watch with mouths open saying OMG. It really is as bad as people were tinfoilling 2 years ago.   The whole freakin’ Matrix is being revealed in front of us  The Ukraine is symptomatic of a deathly sickness in the world. The virus is the US government and its bankster cabal.   Willnotbeaslave.   Restructure is the better word.  Reset is something you do to a clock when its off
    Bankruptcies, whether individual, corporate of country-based, go through a restructure.  I’ve seen hundreds of BK from 7, 9, 11 and 13.  It’ll be interesting to see when the whole planet files Chapter 15.
    I volunteer to be on the creditor committee.
    Gold and silver will be exempt from seizure, deemed the only fungible  assets of value remaining.
    It will be returned to the people from whom it was stolen.
    One more thing.
    Would the first person droned for their disclosures in the Alt Media please let us know how that works out.  
    We, the collective truthseekers of the world, are putting the truth out there for everyone to see.
     This is not hubris, just a fact.

    • Those charts where the 5min gold and silver charts for Friday that I found not the GOFO charts that the Turd has discovered which are an awesome find. Check them out.

    • Here is Friday’s Gold and Silver 5 Min. Chart. See how closely they resemble each other. I’s amazing and not caused by luck. Keep Stacking

    • Likely caused by traders trading gold and silver off the same signals?  Not necessarily an indication of manipulation, just proof that they are being looked at similarly by big money?
      If true that is ultimately good for silver fans as it is being treated as a monetary metal despite all msm saying it is not.

  7. Here’s a headline
    Mt Gox’s Ox gored to save BTC.
    Inquiring minds want to know
    Was Mt Gox thrown under the bus to conceal massive fraud?
    Or just epic fail by Karpeles, a CIA dupe?
    Film at 11

    • @Ed_B >>>I wonder if Max K had a chunk of Mt. Gox?  Would be interesting to know.
      Let’s hope he did … I hope all his coins were in the Mt Gox Ponzi Cloud!!! POOOOOF!!! …aaaaand it’s gone!
      That’ll teach him to endorse Global Warming propaganda … what a shill!!!

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      I have no doubt that Max is a shill / salesman of various things that bring him a substantial profit.  I have no problem with people doing this as long as they are honest about it.  Those who rant and rage over various things while having a secret agenda, however, really turn me off… so I return the favor.  I watched a couple of Max’s videos but could not get past the ranting and raving.  My thought was that if he had a valid argument, he should present that in a calm and rational manner and not in his usual screaming and foaming-at-the-mouth manner.  It has been my experience that those who are right and know it do not have to shout.  Those who do typically use volume to support their position instead of rational thought.  Men can discuss issues and reach a reasonable consensus, while apes merely scream, pound their chests, and make threatening gestures at each other until one gives up.  ;-)

  8. I had another dream last night and it was clear as day, Silver gapped up 6-7 dollars then fell back 3 dollars then shot up again to close around 33 dollars! As a result I am selling some of my gold and buying Silver while the ratio is still around 60/1

    • Dreams are fascinating.  Could be nothing but then again it could be something.  Worth checking into, anyway.  I am keeping my gold because my personal S/G ounce ratio is >150:1.  I like the diversification that a little gold creates.  But silver is good… real good.

  9. God bless the hundreds of CIA patriots who fight the unseen wars against the West’s enemies.
    And God forgive the CIA bad apples who are in bed with State Department Arabists in their hostility toward Israel in favour of the Islamic world.
    It’s not all black and white. There are hundreds and hundreds of awsome, America-loving patriots in the spook community. God bless those patriots.

    • ‘Thou shalt not kill’ … ‘Turn the other cheek’ … ‘love your enemy’.
      Proverbs1616 = EPIC FAIL!!!
      The CIA works for the Federal Beast who works for the TBTF Banks who work for their Owners, who work for a Dragon spirit of some sort.
      WAKE UP PROVERBS before you are caught sleeping by the Big Fella when his Son returns to meet out judgement. Sleepers are culpable.

  10. “Why Bloomberg’s in-depth coverage on bullion banks manipulating the London fix gold price has substantial implications on how close we are to the END GAME”
    I find it more than a little interesting that Bloomberg is being used as a source of info these days.  Michael Bloomberg, founder of this eponymous company, is no friend of patriotic Americans, IMO.  He is an inner-circle NWO elite disinformation specialist of the highest and best connected order.  We can all bet that if Bloomberg is carrying a story with a specific spin on it, that spin benefits Bloomberg and / or his elite buddies in some way and not us in any way.  The real question here is, “What is it?”.
    “While it’s encouraging to see the mainstream US financial media start to take this subject seriously, they’re well over a decade late to party.”
    Indeed they are.  But perhaps this is a bit like really ugly people coming late to the party in the hope that most there will be well and truly plastered, making them look better through an alcoholic haze.  ;-)
    As to the firearms training, I can sympathize with Craig.  Now that he has been “outed” via this podcast, I won’t need to type in AGXIIK all the time.  lol
    There is a HUGE difference between a man with a gun and a man who becomes as one with a firearm.  The stock becomes an extension of his hands, the sights an extension of his eyes, and when he sends a well-aimed bullet downrange, it is an extension of his fist, applying force at a distance.  This is how a shooter looks at the art and science of firearms construction and use.  I’m not sure how these students look at this sort of thing or if it even registers with them but I am greatly relieved that Craig and the other instructors managed to keep them in hand and not allow anyone to get hurt during that training session.

    • “I find it more than a little interesting that Bloomberg is being used as a source of info these days.  Michael Bloomberg, founder of this eponymous company, is no friend of patriotic Americans, IMO.  He is an inner-circle NWO elite disinformation specialist of the highest and best connected order.  We can all bet that if Bloomberg is carrying a story with a specific spin on it, that spin benefits Bloomberg and / or his elite buddies in some way and not us in any way.  The real question here is, “What is it?”. “
      I will tell you, @Ed_B how I answer this seemingly rhetorical question… 
      Doomberg is tipping off his billionaire buddies and his idiot minions with this article. That is the signal to those “in the know” of their little club. Time to back up the truck, so to speak. “lord DOOM” hath spoken!

    • @undeRGRound
      Actually, this is not a rhetorical question at all but one of considerable consequence.
      I dunno, RGR… maybe.  These guys use fax a lot, so if there is anything that needs to be sent to them, an encrypted fax would be a lot more likely than a published article.  They all have each other on fax speed dial for sending out their missives en masse.
      As to backing up the truck… yep, always!  :-)

    • Ed_B … “These guys use fax a lot”

      Very under-rated tool, the fax. As a ‘Business Development Consultant’. I assembled a huge fax based system to grow a little computer-services company from 50k annual gross to 5 million in 5 years. Toward the end, they were turning down country-wide and multi-national work offers because the partners became daunted by the potential of immensely expanded operational responsibilities. Since they wanted to stay small and local for wives and girlfriends … basically, I worked my way out of a job! Ironically, afterward, none of their competitors believed such success was possible in the fax medium (out-dated, they were all convinced), so I had to ply other un-related skills outside that arena. Very much a ‘stealth-tech’.

    • @PatFields
      Interesting story, Pat.  Thanks for sharing that.  I have one as well.  In the early days of fax our company president did not see the value in it and refused to have one in the company office.  We had an old teletype machine in a closet and that was good enough for him.  After a while, he got tired of customers, government reps, salespeople, and others always asking for our fax number instead of our teletype number.  Virtually everyone switched from old, slow, clunky teletype to fax very quickly.  Those of us who worked in the technical side of the business recognized the fax as a superior way of communicating with written docs.  It had the speed of email with the power of a written document, so was a great combo.  It was great for orders, contracts, research papers, info requests, patents, and much else that businesses need on a routine basis.  So, we finally got our fax machine and it was only a short while before it was busy ALL the time and people started complaining about the long times it took to get a fax to us.  We ended up getting 2 more of them to handle the load.  It wasn’t long before no one could even conceive of doing business without multiple fax machines.  They added considerably to the bottom line, so probably had the greatest ROI of anything our company ever did.  It’s probably different now with email taking over a good part of fax duties but back in the mid to late 1980s, it was a big deal.

  11. To all you bitcon experts, if your “coin” is stolen, isn’t the record of that kept?  So therefore, would it be possible to track the theft?  Sure anonymous accounts and all that…  just seem like this would be easier to track than if someone took cash.

    • It is non-reversible. Even though it can be traced, that brings us to the “he said / she said” scenario. 
      Suppose said thief was well know for stealing BTC. They cannot “steal it back” unless they have his passwords,
      or manage to figure them out. All btc theft is due to inattention by the owner, or custodian, such as the case 
      in MTGOX. The trading platforms were not secure enough to protect the “investors” coins. 

    • Thanks, surely they could identify a handful who came into a bunch of coins in a short time, but since unregulated etc, it is just too bad so sad?

    • As far as the “system” is concerned, Too Bad, So Sad, yes.
      But Legally, I think they would have some recourse. The Blockchain is pretty much infallible as far as back tracking goes, because the current setup is kind of like this (simplified) 
      1. You submit a transaction to another wallet (there is no request feature on BTC yet, AFAIK) 
      2. The submission is sent out several times to the system (replicated in the blockchain) 
      3. The transaction clears once a minimum of 6 verifications come back
      4. The coin(s) go to the receiving wallet.
      As the system grows and speeds up, this 6 verifications can be increased to help security.
      But due to the dispersion of the verify requests 6 is now virtually impossible to have enough
      computing power and distribution to “cheat” the system. The BTC (and competing CC’s)
      total network power far exceeds any government or military or financial system in use.
      Actually, it FAR Exceeds all of these types COMBINED by a huge margin.
      That is calculated by the total Peta-Hash capability versus gubment and all other sources.
      Before BTC spiked at $1.200 the total hash power was 8 times greater than all of these 
      institutional sources combined! I’m sure it is higher now.
      Already anticipating your next question  LOL ;)
      The answer is NO 

  12. It’s funny that I disclosed my first name.  When Turd Furguson revealed his first name to be Craig i figured safety in numbers.  Now it’ll be even more confusing.
    Lynnebee.  thank you for the acknowledgement.
     It might seem strange to say this since I am constantly posting on SD, but I learn 10 times as much as I opine. I read every post and blog, many twice, to get the jist and details of what others say.
    This is a strong educational site so I am happy to contribute my  2 cents worth

    • @AGXIIK
      “This is a strong educational site so I am happy to contribute my  2 cents worth”
      Yes, it is Brother Craig, but your contributions are more like a $20 double eagle than a couple of zincolns.  :-)

    • “I can assure you, that if my first name was Kraig, I’d have you calling me TURD as welll!!!”
      Yes, safety in numbers. If you see a wave of former bank$ter$ and PM pundits & prognosticators named Kraig getting bumped off, LOOK OUT!!! Too Bad you will have to move out of your base of operations on the East Coast @AGXIIK… 

  13. Hey Now
      we may see an interesting test later  tonight   Gold is up $20 an ounce.  If that holds and is not given a kick down, the fear factor safe haven of gold might get some legs.   
    Next week is going to a lulu.  

    • @undeRGRound
      “You, Sir, must be a CYBORG!   “
      Nope… but like me he has a HUGE advantage in life.  He’s married to a terrific lady who puts up with all of his idiosyncrasies!  :-D 

    • Which does not negate her terrific-fantastic-fabulous-ness in any way shape or form. 
      Her only glaring error is the inability to tweak that quirky sense of humor he displays! 
      I suggested she quit trying to modify that, or else the
      one-legged bagpipe humping monkeys would suspect something was amisssssss… ;)

    • @undeRGRound
      “You wouldn’t know it unless he wanted you too.”
      True but the man is without guile, so anyone meeting him gets him full force.  lol
      “And only his wifey has access to his “master reset button”. “
      That COULD be a good thing.  ;-)
      “Which does not negate her terrific-fantastic-fabulous-ness in any way shape or form.”
      Absolutely not.  She’s a real doll.  :-)
      “Her only glaring error is the inability to tweak that quirky sense of humor he displays!”
      She might see that as one of his charms, even if she does have to kick his shins under the table now and then.  lol
      “I suggested she quit trying to modify that, or else the one-legged bagpipe humping monkeys would suspect something was amisssssss… “
      Indeed.  Not sure if I will EVER be rid of THAT image!  lol

    • Nice! 
      The BTC surge lead the Silver Smash by several hours, though. 
      IMO they (PMs and BTC) will march hand-in-hand upwards when the U$D implodes  ;)
      People looking to GTFO of fiat tra$h-ca$h…
      Welcome to SD,  J.D.!

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