A Massive Trade Opportunity In Silver!?

Silver Chart In Multiple CurrenciesSome of the biggest, most profitable trades only come around once every thirty years or so and we think this may be one of them. Why do we think we have spotted a massive trading opportunity?

  1. We believe a thirty three year overhead resistance level may be broken in the near future and the big money is made in the big trends.
  2. We believe a precedent for this breakout has already been set.
  3. We believe there may be an early “buy signal” in the current setup.


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Submitted by Investments Score:

The Precedent: Note the chart and comments below:

Gold Chart Priced In Multiple Currencies

The above chart measures the price of gold in many currencies and indexes; each one at its long term twenty five plus year breakout price indexed to 100. This makes the gold price and breakout point easy to compare when priced in each currency. You will also notice:

  1. A twenty five plus year resistance line is broken by the price of gold in seven out of the eight currencies.
  2. The price tends to explode higher once the long term, twenty five plus year resistance level was broken.
  3. Not all of the indexes broke out at the same point in time.
  4. A few currencies broke through their long term resistance levels earlier than the others including the price of gold in US dollars. These early breaks turned out to be an early warning signal that the price of gold in most currencies were about to follow.

Gold Chart Priced In Multiple Currencies

The above chart simply zooms in on the first chart to help us see:

  1. Each index breaking its long term trend at a different point in time.
  2. Gold priced in the Swedish Kroner breaking out almost two years prior to the Gold/USD. Was the early breakout a signal of what was to come?

Similar Setup: Now let’s look at Silver:

Silver Chart In Multiple Currencies

Let us note the similarities in the Silver chart to the Gold setup:

  1. There is long term resistance ahead of the price of silver except the silver resistance time period is even longer; which may be even more bullish.
  2. The Swedish Kroner and UK Pound indexes have broken resistance ahead of the US index.
  3. The metal priced in US dollars touched resistance and consolidated.
  4. Both metals have been in a major bull market since the early 2000’s.

In other words, the multi decade resistance setup that propelled gold from $850 to $1900 may be setting up the same way for silver. To drive home our point and to crystallize our message, please review the next few charts:

Silver Chart In Multiple Currencies

Note the similarities between the silver chart above and the setup in gold which resulted in a huge price advance (chart below).

Gold Chart In Multiple Currencies

In these charts we can clearly see the metal’s priced in two currencies breaking long term resistance in advance of the US dollar price. Then the metals priced in US dollars hit the long term resistance and bounce off. Eventually the US dollar price of gold follows the others to significantly higher levels.

Gold Chart In Multiple Currencies

In our opinion the silver and gold bull market is alive and well, and silver may be in for an explosion in the coming months / years. If the price of silver were to follow the setup in gold we would see silver rocket well past $50 an ounce.

However it can be difficult to invest long term if an investor gets caught with significant short term losses and ends up selling in fear. At www.investmentscore.com we try to locate big picture trends and then locate appropriate intermediate term swings to average into and out of positions.

We have written other editorials about other long term resistance levels like this. The end result of the setups mentioned in those articles was explosive price action. If you would like to read more articles, sign up for our free newsletter or learn more about our paid services then please visit www.investmentscore.com.


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  1. The market manipulators are going to go out kicking and screaming.  Come on seventeen. 

  2. The price of silver is down over -60% and is approaching the 3 year point from its peak level.   Is this a correction and a tradeable asset, or is the bull market over?     I guess we will find out in the next 6-12 months.

    • Hey there zman government-paid discussion forum troller, it is already well known via a report from the same government that you work for (USGS ’09 report on silver), that silver will be the absolute best tradeable asset on the planet by 2029 when it’s projected for mining extinction.
      Hoarding by banksters and industry will start well in advance (I suspect by 2020, just 6 years out, and 9 years prior to projected extinction), rest assured, as banksters are master chess players planning well in advance. They will not be last-minute buyers. This extinction and the anticipation of such is what will break the government price fixing that you are paid to be here to deny. Indeed they may keep the price at or near average mining costs for several more years. That does truly make these current prices a gift from god, which certainly validates the advice of some posters here who continually say “keep stacking”.

      They will sell as much imaginary paper silver as necessary to keep prices down in order to demoralize investors and potential investors. It’s essentially a psyop, as one prominent writer stated in a commentary several months ago. Given government complicity it is thus equivalent to government price fixing. I expect this to continue for several more years.

      One of the reasons the U.S. government is paying you to be here to convince people to stay away from silver, under the guise that it’s a bad investment, is to steer as many people in the retail buying community away from buying in advance of the extinction event. They will want as much silver as possible, knowing in advance that a skyrocketing price beyond our wildest imagination is inevitable. Can you say E-X-T-I-N-C-T-I-O-N , mr. zman? Of couse you can, but you know it’s not in your government talking-points play book that you’ve been presented with. Don’t say it too loud though, because your government handlers might choose to have you suicided. Perhaps they’ve already suicided the author of the ’09 USGS silver report who wrote about the extinction? Just make sure, if you don’t want to be suicided, that you continue to do your absolute best in making believe that the 2009 USGS silver report on extinction doesn’t exist.

  3. Yawn!  More charts, words, and the cabal rules the roost.  When THEY want it up, it will go UP.  Your/my job is to CONTINUE to stack until that day happens or we croak, whichever comes first!

  4. Do me a favor.  Send your charts into Janet Yellen and have her draw those green dotted lines for us.  Then I’ll know for sure what the price of silver will be in 6 months.

  5. LMAO Keep Stacking

  6. Things are moving so fast at the moment, a little birdie has told me that Silver will be the next thing to take off, strap yourselves in for a massive ride! (Remember that famous line from the movie, Wall Street, (Bluecott Steel loves annacott), correct me if thats incorrect, but the main point is what happened in the markets next! Someone big, sorry BIG is about to LOVE physical Silver! If you think $500 plus Silver is a joke, think again!

    • @whodareswins,
      Certainly no stacker considers $500 silver impossible. It is in short supply relative to potential demand and would only take a few $B in physical offtake to reclaim the $50 high. Govnt and Central bank interference is the only reason the 2011 rally ended else the silver chart could have certainly mirrored bitcoin. Fact is that the current ‘record’ SAE sales remain exceedingly tiny in the context of tthe market; and the present market interference will eventually be overrun as confidence in govnt and fiat declines.
      Less than a few % presently hold > a physical ounce in precious metals! Even a modest, ‘ I should have a few ounces’ per capita realization will propel silver to many multiples of the current price….

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