The global debt glut, plus the related money printing efforts by the world’s central banks to try to stimulate further credit growth at all costs, leads us to conclude that a major currency crisis — actually, multiple major currency crises — are practically inevitable at this point.
To understand better the anatomy of a currency collapse, we talk this week with Philip Haslam, author of the book When Money Destroys Nations. Haslam is an authority on monetary history, and more recently, has spent much time in Zimbabwe collecting dozens of accounts of the experiences real people had as the currency there failed. 
This week, Haslam and Chris Martenson discuss the process by which a hyperinflationary currency collapse occurs:

You know something’s just not right in your country when you see a headline about prisoners forced into gladiatorial combat while incarcerated upon threats of beatings & rape, and the first thing that comes to your mind is, “this reminds me of a similar story from last year.”…

beach ball

With gold successfully capped into a (very slightly) negative number for Q1, now that Q2 is underway, it appears Gold & silver have been let loose by the capping algos, as both metals are spiking this morning, with silver popping to $17, and gold up nearly 2%, spiking back above critical support/resistance at $1200:


Silver is every man’s little potential monopoly – securing a scarce commodity, ethically, without the intention of controlling the price but surviving a securing wealth in preparation for the demise of the greedy.
Physical silver will never go bankrupt. This is the heart precious metals and it needs no dividend because there is not this ultimate risk of complete insolvency. 
Conversely, silver has a potentially infinite upside…


Bloomberg reports that investor short positions are now at the highest levels since 2006.
retail investor short positions on the COMEX, are now larger than their long positions!
Clearly, the gold market window is open, for a violent short covering rally!

HedgeFundBearGrowlsThe Treasury Department, in conjunction with the Fed and its agent bullion banks, has never attempted to push the price of gold lower with as much force as is being exerted currently.  This is because the degree of gold manipulation is directly correlated with the degree that our system faces collapse.
One thing is clear, however, the financial media is doing its part to promote anti-gold terrorism with highly misleading and fraudulent news reports.

Gold Bundesbank

I checked last night the gold inventory levels of foreign deposits at the FRBNY.
The account shows that 9.577 tonnes of gold left its vaults, and there is no doubt that this gold belongs to Germany as they are the only official country so far that has asked for it back and has not already received what was wished.

Over nearly two decades, Melendez has been named as a defendant in a dozen federal lawsuits, accused of planting evidence, wrongfully killing unarmed civilians, falsifying police reports and conducting illegal arrests. Some suits were settled out of court. Others were dismissed.
In 1996, Melendez, who was known in Detroit as “RoboCop”, and his partner shot and killed Lou Adkins. While Adkins was on the ground, several witnesses said the officers shot him 11 times, according to the Detroit Free Press. The case was settled for $1.05m, court records show.

Detroit’s “RoboCop” has gone and done it again, this time sending a 57 year old UNARMED Michigan man with no criminal history to the hospital after beating him to a pulpfor the dastardly crime of running a stop sign: