economic dollar collapse

Deagel has posted an update to its forecast for a coming economic collapse of the United States and the resulting  78% “depopulation” of the US that will occur. 

The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States.
The death toll will be horrible.
The American downfall is set to be far worse than the Soviet Union’s one. A confluence of crisis with a devastating result…


“We should be buying silver…..It’s an amazing story what’s happening……We are on Silver fumes! And people don’t realize it.
In the words of silver and oil expert Steve St. Angelo, come this September…It’s Gonna Get UGLY…


Did you know Blythe Masters is back?
Indeed, and she is conjuring up ruthless demons in crypto currency!
Mark my words, one day a certain crypto currency will completely control buying and selling in all marketplaces:


The rehypothecation of gold reserves threatens the whole shaky edifice neo-liberal capital markets.
This game of musical golden chairs works fine, until the musical economy stops.

When countries start to rack up debt and desire to sell their own gold to pay the bill, and they can’t get it, they get nervous.
Now, if the economy is going south and the price of gold is heading up because of fear, those people holding paper gold in the form of futures or just deposit promises begin to sell off for profit or out of financial need.
So long as it’s a trickle, no problem, but if it becomes a torrent….

the end

How much gold does China’s Central Bank/Government currently own?  How much will they admit to owning when they update their holdings in June?  Estimates of China’s gold holdings range anywhere from 4,000 tonnes to 40,000 tonnes.   No one knows how much gold they will report, but it is highly probable that the number they do report is a number that they want the mainstream world to believe and there’s probably a lot of thought that has gone into masterminding this disclosure.
Will the official updating of China’s gold reserves trigger the beginning of the end for the current financial system?  When the derivatives induced collapse gets rolling, Bix Weir states:

When the bond market collapses it will make the stock market crash look like a day at the beach.


The agenda contracted by Obama in mid-2008 was to kill the USDollar, to wreck the USEconomy, and to install martial law with a lit race war. Mission Accomplished.
The systemic failure discussed for seven years in Jackass analysis has finally come to the fore in ugly glory. The upcoming Currency Reset will knock the nation on its keister.
When the QE goes away with the Great Reset, Gold & Silver will be released like wild rampaging horses.
Gold & Silver will be at the core of the new monetary system.
Following the Global Currency Reset, better named the Return of the Gold Trade Standard, precious metals will prevail once again.


If Breaking Reports of a new gun ‘incident’ involving the Baltimore PD “shooting another black man in the back while he was running away” are confirmed, all hell may be about to break lose in Baltimore…
In the words of bystanders at the 
scene: ‘Oh It’s Gonna Blow Up Tonight‘: 

Bob Quartermain has been one of the most successful resource sector investors of the last 20 years.
He ran Silver Standard, acquiring silver projects and making discoveries during the precious metals bear markets of the early 90’s and early 2000’s.
Rick Rule was involved in financing the company in 1992 when it was a small company. Its current market cap is around $500 million1.
Mr. Quartermain is now the head of Pretivm Resources, one of the largest resource ‘juniors’ in the world, with an advanced-stage exploration project called the Brucejack mine.
Tekoa Da Silva recently sat down with him to ask for his comments on successfully acquiring and developing new mines, and what he believes investors and resource sector leaders need to do in a tough bear market:


One of the major problems in human nature is our deeply flawed perception of risk. We find comfort in crowds, and even in the face of the most obvious data, we adopt a herd mentality.
Right now, most major governments are insolvent, central banks are borderline insolvent, pension funds are nearly insolvent.
Financial markets are in massive bubbles. Banking systems are highly illiquid and in some cases charging their customers negative interest rates.
And yet, people allow themselves to be convinced that everything is just fine.
My neighbor’s not worried, why should I be?

Ron Paul

Most Silver Doctors readers are familiar with Dr. Ron Paul’s work to end the Federal Reserve and restore America’s use of Constitutional money.  In this talk Dr. Paul describes the enabling power the printing press affords the warfare state and the “big picture” related to our fiat-based system.

SD reader Dave writes:

I Purchased $20,000 in gold and $60,000 in silver four years ago.  I was lead to believe they were going way up due to money printing and zero interest rates.  So far I am down nearly 100%.
All the fundamentals are right for higher prices but both metals have gone way down.
Can these prices go up without a complete collapse of the dollar? I figure I only have about 10 years left to live. Will I ever get even?  

Thanks,  Dave.

Doc: All major secular bull markets have major corrections.  As to the bad marking timing of purchasing $80,000 in gold and silver 4 years ago, I believe that ultimately the bull market will forgive bad timing- provided you have the intestinal fortitude to be right and sit tight.