SprottI think about the short position in gold and silver.  We have $87 BILLION dollars in shorts.  A 5% move is a $4 Billion hit.
That’s what’s happening, JUST TODAY.  The shorts Have GOT to be Hurting Here.
Look at the moves in gold prices today: In AUD, Up 8%.  In GBP Up 22%.  In CAD Up 7%.  In Peso Up 8%. In Krona 10%.


dynamiteBLOODBATH Coming Monday?
With Markets in Chaos in the Wake of the BREXIT Vote, Including Historic Moves in Currencies, Stocks, and Gold Prices, Jim Willie Joined Us For Exclusive Coverage, and Issued an URGENT WARNING On Interest Rate Derivatives:
BREXIT Could DETONATE Deutsche Bank!

panicBrexit is being called a six sigma “Black Swan”.  The world will wake up Monday morning to all sorts of margin calls.
You must understand, the “carry trade” is held on very thin margin.
Many “counterparties” were outright blown up today.
The unanimous winner in ALL currencies is gold…

contagionIn a nutshell, Nomura expects the global impact of the Brexit to be more through the financial, confidence and psychology channels than simply through trade. Their warning is do not underestimate the depth and reach of global financial market contagion…

imagesThese manic liberals, one world government and 1% have killed us all, including themselves.  If I was young or a strong 75, I would get out of here while I still could, going to the best location of nobody in the middle of nowhere”…

panicThe victory for the “leave” campaign has triggered a massive shock response, which has only begun to play out for currencies and markets…

BREXITI’m personally shocked.  But from a Jubilee Year 2016 perspective, a British exit from the EU holds up the possibility of MAXIMUM CHAOS.
Could this be the beginning of a real revolution?

end collapse

Legendary Gold Trader Jim Sinclair ended his radio silence last weekend to warn listeners to prepare for a FREE-FALL Financial Reset on the immediate horizon. 
Was Sinclair warned BREXIT was about to SHATTER THE MARKETS?

platinumYou began reading this piece because of the title.  If you love gold, you want to crucify me.  If you hate gold you probably think I’m all wise.  Actually all I wanted to do was point out a high potential investment that is pretty easy to make based on price movements in platinum during all of history.
Why should you dump gold and buy platinum?
Before I answer that question, I need to fill you in with a short history of platinum…

Chinese hot money has taken Vancouver real-estate and now Bitcoin prices to stratospheric highs. 
If a crypto-currency without intrinsic value can muster such popularity, why not speculate on gold and silver?
Particularly silver, as it stands out as a “poor man’s gold”, ideal for action-seeking, trigger-happy Chinese investors.
Signs and investment patterns are indicating that Chinese investors have begun to do just that…