up2With Gold, Silver, & the Miners Continuing to Break Out to the Upside, PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joined the Show, Discussing:

  • Last Ditch Effort” – The Blatant Act of Manipulation That Marked The Bottom
  • Where’s The Pullback?  Will Gold & Silver Give Investors An Opportunity to BTFD, Or Will PMs Simply Continue to Scream Higher?
  • Everyone Waiting On the Sidelines For a Pull Back to Join the New Gold & Silver Bull Rally
  • 2-3 Baggers Since JanuaryJust Getting Started?
  • “This Thing Could Get OUT OF CONTROL to the Upside Quickly!” Doc, Dubin, & Kranzler Break Down All the Action & Discuss What’s Next For Gold & Silver Below:
The 5th Anniversary of the May 1, 2011 “Silver Drive By Shooting” that will hit this Sunday Night (again).
With all the “Silver Guru’s” predicting another Silver Slam at any moment due to the extraordinary setup of Commercial Shorts on the COMEX, Roota may have something else in mind…

gun forcedGoldman Sachs needs more money for their Wall Street gambling houses. They’re coming to you to get it.
And when the whole thing detonates, they’ll simply seize your funds to compensate for their losses…

nuclear dollarWhy is the Fed Chairwoman convening unprecedented and secret emergency meetings with President Obama?  
Just what exactly is in the process of detonating in the financial markets? 
You’d best have already “left the exits” of their financial systems, by the time whatever The Fed is holding Emergency Meetings about occurs.

margin explosionThe desperation is obvious, palpable, incredible, fascinating, and unmistakable. History is being made, as the last ditch is overrun.
The Gold price will find its true value and price over $10,000 per ounce. The Silver price will find its true value and price over $300 per ounce.
Silver will be part of the new asset backed global currency system.

starsAre the Stars finally aligned for a massive revaluation of gold?

no more secrets bankerThis is Just the Beginning…

panic collapseDemand for both physical and paper currencies is through the roof. What’s happening? What has the markets so spooked and why is the canary in the coal mine crying out in pain?   If a banking institution is truly on the brink, then a 2008-style financial collapse could be just around the corner.
Perhaps there is more to this market than meets the eye…

collapseThey’ve created a super-bubble in bonds, a bubble in stocks, and meanwhile commodities have collapsed and are below production costs in many cases.
he economy is going to be very, very bad… It’s the next stage of what I call the Greater Depression: