U.S. Gold Production Jan-May 2015Who needs the barbarous relic anyhow?? 

gun forcedGold is being depressed as Silver is being readied for this week’s kill shot.
Blow by blow of a Commercial Reversal: 

chinaChina has decided to take matters into its own hands…by burying two twin fangs into the US Dollar standard.
Eurasia is ready for this rocket to begin…and to benefit, on their balance sheets, from the gold (and silver) revaluations shortly to take place…

“The victim asked the 40-year-old TSA screener if he checked all passengers, and Oquendo allegedly said yes.
He then allegedly lifted up her shirt, unzipped her pants and fondled her.”

And in what is perhaps just as offensive…

FarageA few years ago, we opined that Bernanke and his ilk created a stock market Frankenstein with their desire to generate ‘the wealth effect.’
We also regularly stated that eventually, markets stage violent revolts against central planning and command control. The revolt has only just begun.
 – The King Report

For some, what is coming will seem like a great time.  For others, who lose everything in the global crash, it will seem like starting over again. 
After the point the precious metal’s dealers literally shut down their phone lines, TRILLIONS of dollars in paper fiat capital is going to roar into the precious metals paper fiat fiasco better known as the New York Commodities Exchange and other fiat futures casinos around the world.

warningWhen economies, stock markets, and bond markets become unstable due to excess leverage and overly optimistic valuations (like now), when people, hedge funds, and institutions become fearful, they want real assets, like gold and silver, not debt based paper that can devalue rapidly.
A trickle of demand for silver and gold can quickly become a FLOOD based on fear and worry.