willieIn his latest interview with Finance and Liberty, Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie reveals that the GREAT RESET HAS BEEN DELAYED 1 YEAR…

cliff“I’m surprised [this dollar crisis] hasn’t happened already.  But I think it’s because the rest of the world has just been so brainwashed by the mainstream media, by the central bankers, by Wall Street, that they just haven’t figured out the problems that the Federal Reserve has created over the last seven years, with three rounds of quantitative easing and zero-percent interest rates. I think the US economy is poised on a much bigger cliff than the one we went over in 2008.” 

collapse crashWith the news of the massive writedowns, losses and other issues at German banking giant, Deutsche Bank, I thought it best to ring up our pal and Fund Manager Dave Kranzler in order to see what he makes of it all.

Those looking for the signs of the End Game in metal manipulation need to look no further than the headlines of the past few weeks: Glencore and Trafigura are at the HEART of the commodity manipulation for over 40 years and they are now on their knees just waiting for the Kill Shot.
This is the End of an Era…but you need to know why these companies are so important so here’s the full story…
It’s all in their history!!

You don’t need me to tell you how disastrous the Obama Administration’s Syria “strategy” has been. After all, he pretty much admitted as much by announcing a pullback earlier today.
While the retreat in itself is garnering all the headlines, with people superficially focused on how “Putin outmaneuvered Obama,” the truth is far more disturbing.

Most of you will have seen Ben Bernanke’s recent crocodile tears regarding how he wished more individuals were held responsible, for you know, destroying the American middle class and handing over the nation to a handful of criminal oligarchs.
As David Dayen notes, he is completely full of sh**.  
As usual:

dollar collapseBrotherJohnF joins the SGTReport to discuss the Glencore grab, mind control and the mass media Dollar deception, as well as the nature of PHYSICAL silver and gold as an asset in ANY BALANCED portfolio – which used to be a standard Wall Street recommendation!
We also discuss Comex fraud, the move by China toward a new global financial system and the coming economic collapse.