One of the most sought after issues in the entire Silver Bullet Silver Shield Series is back in stunning detail in a 5 oz Trivium BU and Proof round!

Trivium 5 oz 2

Available Now at SDBullion!

  1. It’s not cheaper it’s not more expensive.
    If I were in North America I would certainly stack a bunch. It costs the same as 5 stupid Eagles which barely collect a premium over a decade. 
    But for the smaller stackers to which SBSS tends to appeal, this may be too much money for an addition to the collection.
    Yeah I’m jealous. the 2oz I can get affordably, this own would be too expensive to get here. Not necessarily in love with the series or this particular design, but it’s good business to diversify your stack into these. This series and the Zombucks are appealing to a whole new type generation of collectors/stackers. I encounter many who need to wait for a paycheck (we actually just use automated bank transfers exclusively, for decades now) to pick up another ounce.

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